Peugeot 106 1.1 1997 - Do i need this bit for an mot pass - liammcl

Hi again,
Posting here, as it's kinda an mot question rather than a welding "howto" one..

Just wondering, if I could put only one plate on top, as previously there were at least 3 joining there...

this is how it was originally... Now I wish to God that I hadn't gone poking things :D
I should've epoxied the paint down :D
still, a good tinker never harmed no-one !

see the layer on layer on layer ...

now, after grinding , rust free..

I'm wondering if I could just seam weld one 1.5mm piece on top,
and spot weld blobs to cover the bits above,
and grind to make it flush...

See to the right of the red, there is an obvious 2 layered bit.
but my weld would only have one layer...

The most Important one!
Do I even need to weld that fabrication on, as it looks like it's only cosmetic?

If I do, would I have to weld both side of that red piece..

I am only trying a botchit, to get it past the MOT
.. .not to win welder of the year ;)
...nor for it be the MOT man's greatest piece of art work :)

I am going to put covering over it (roof sealant from poundland, which should cover most of my sins)

ps ignore that big hole to the left...I've got that covered :)


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Peugeot 106 1.1 1997 - Do i need this bit for an mot pass - Wackyracer

You could probably just glue it on with a strong epoxy glue and coat it with some underseal for MOT in all honesty. I'm not saying it's right BTW but, they can't do much in the way of checking it.

Most panels in a unibody construction offer some strength to the overall structure but, as it's all rusted away in that area, anything you do won't make it any weaker.

As I said before, 1.5mm sheet is going to be hard to shape for what you want to make and will make it harder for you to weld with your MIG, You'll have to focus most of the heat on the 1.5mm plate or you'll blow holes in the original car panels. I see the chaps on MIG welding have suggested you use a gas MIG welder, I always use argoshield light. It gives a good appearance and cooling of the weld is the added bonus.

Peugeot 106 1.1 1997 - Do i need this bit for an mot pass - liammcl

Many Thanks, Wacky Racer
I do appreciate your comments and I know they are from experience and seeing what works and what doesn't.

The gas is deffo the way to go, no questions
..but , for this, one off. I am trying , maybe foolishly, to keep costs right down.
I'm guessing that at a minimum, the Argoshield light gas (93/5/2) would be £30, and the wire £5... whereas with the gasless, it'd be about £1.

I don't do much welding ,
as I have sparked up the welder about two times last year !
(maybe that'll change as more rust reveals itself)

LoI Just today, I have just, got the £3.25
1.5mm mild steel plate from ebay,
and my first thought was
"flipping heck, that'll take some hammering " :)

I have been practising with some 1.5mm, (which I found in the street)
Maybe it is just because the spare 1.5mm was to hand, so I spent an hour or two welding with it..... maybe if I had've had 1mm handy, I would've seen the difference.

I think I'll ditch the 1.5mm ...

To be honest, that "botchit" plate, I tacked on ,is from a computer case, & must be about 0.6mm , or 0.8mm, and that was real easy to bend and shape..

I was concerned that if the mot guy tapped it with a hammer, the thinner plate would make more of a noise over the hole, than a thicker one..
That's what I was thinking , whether it has any truth in reality , is another matter..

I was thinking of grinding the edges of the 1.5mm down to 1.0-1.2mm for the welding,
but that doesn't fix the bending and shaping issues..

I think I shall get some thinner ,as you advised at the beginning :)
I get there in the end :D

If I am going with gasless, for the time being ...
I'm gonna check what the min thickness is for a noobie..
if it's 1mm, I'll try 1.2mm for learning errors

Many thanks again, Wacky Racer


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Peugeot 106 1.1 1997 - Do i need this bit for an mot pass - liammcl

I picked this up of the pavement, the other week,
thinking it'd do for the welding...
(It's a bonus from living near Trafford Park Industrial Center :) )

and compared to the too thin, and the too thick...

and 1mm... perfekt !

That'll save a tenner, or so, on metal.

I am saving the enviroment :D
..and my beer money ;)

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Peugeot 106 1.1 1997 - Do i need this bit for an mot pass - dadbif
Just looked through your pictures, takes me back a few years, not many people would even try and fix it tgese days, good for you. Like the personalised plate...
Peugeot 106 1.1 1997 - Do i need this bit for an mot pass - Vitesse6

When I found I needed to do some welding on the Vitesse I went and asked at the local small general engineering shop I came out with a load of off cuts from their scrap bin. All it cost was a couple of packets of chocolate biscuits as a thank you. A lot easier than hacking up old boiler casing!

Peugeot 106 1.1 1997 - Do i need this bit for an mot pass - liammcl

Biscuits ! ....did someone mention biscuits :D

Good idea Vitesse6 !
I may well have a look..

ps the boiler case cuts real easy with a jig saw..
and it'll add street cred to my "hot" hatch :)


Peugeot 106 1.1 1997 - Do i need this bit for an mot pass - liammcl

Many thanks Dadbif,

I'll give it a go... as it's a MOT failure as is..
and it'll be another £600 to get another car..

It would be great , if I had a garage , or somewhere to work..
that would make it a lot easier... but , I have to try and weld it down the entry , within a few hours slot, when the neighbours aren't using it !

Proper 1980s technician :)

I have tobe careful tho', as not to take on too much, ie cutting back etc
looking for perfection, as I only want a safe botchit..
(It's not a classic car's probably worth £100...with a full tank of petrol :) )

Cheers for the encouragement

Peugeot 106 1.1 1997 - Do i need this bit for an mot pass - liammcl

ps ,
a boiler case would be a bit posh for my car...
since , the last arch hole , was fixed with the top of a pineapple tin.

I spoil that car !

As a bonus, the car smelt all fresh and tropical for weeks after :D



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