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I had a rear parking sensor fitted almost 3 years ago by a local Auto Electrician and had no problems until last week. I broke down in the City Centre due to an Electrical Fault caused by water pooling in the rear battery compartment. Cabling (of the stop/start) had eroded due to 3" of water which had entered over time through the access hole above the wheel arch. The original grommet (seal) was found on top of the battery which had not been cut or re-fitted by the Auto Electrician after he had fed the rear parking sensor cable. He denies any wrong-doing and claims there is no evidence that work had been done after his install and the grommet was taken out by someone else. I have a bill in excess of £600 (breakdown was 150 miles from home). The repair centre have found the only area of water entry is through this access point. I have the original receipt, the repairers report, photos of the water pooling and the original grommet (thoughlessly left on top of battery)

Does anyone have advice/recommend a course of action to seek compensation for a product which was poorly fitted almost 3 years ago and has led to this electrical failure & breakdown?

Thanks, JPSheffield

BMW 3 Series Touring - Electrical issues caused by Third party Repair - RobJP

There have been a number of issues with these - though more usually with the 5 series touring - where leaks around the tailgate have caused water to pool into the battery compartment. I believe there was a BMW TSB which involved the removal of the grommet - which is then usually left in the battery compartment, so that anyone working in the area in future can see that the grommet has been taken out. Removal of the grommet allowed water to drain away.

Anyway. In your case you'd have to PROVE - virtually to courtroom standards - that the only place for water to access the area is via that grommet hole. Considering the problems with water getting through tailgate area is well known, that's not likely to work. Even if it was accepted ...

You'd then have to PROVE that the standard of the workmanship was very poor, and the fitter was not 'diligent' in his work. The simple fact that the sensors have worked perfectly for 3 years rather kicks that into touch.

Basically, no chance. Forget it.

BMW 3 Series Touring - Electrical issues caused by Third party Repair - Bromptonaut

How old is the 3 series and who else has been involved in maintenance repairs since the sensor was fitted?

Do you ever check low points in your car like battery comparment or spare wheel well for water leaking/gathering?

Were their any clues that water was gathering - obvious one would be excessive internal condensation?

As RobJP says you're never going to prove it.

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BMW 3 Series Touring - Electrical issues caused by Third party Repair - Palcouk

Nearly 3 years ago, so should have had 2 sevices since then, and they found nothing, or did nothing to check that battery compartment?


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