Vauxhall - Genuine car parts? - Josh Brice
Hi all,

After having a local garage fit a cheap replacement mirror on the drivers side , I've had problems with the heating element. The mirror just won't clear and after checking the temperatures of both mirrors, the passenger side gets to around 40 degrees where as my side barely reaches 15. It's slightly irritating and I've decided that I'm going to replace the mirror again.

What's the best place to order a decent/genuine part? I've heard good things about GFS.

Vauxhall - Genuine car parts? - RobJP

Possibly a stupid suggestion, but if you want a genuine Vauxhall part, then possibly go to a Vauxhall dealership ?

Unless you want to run the risk of buying ANOTHER 'copy' part and having the saga again.

Vauxhall - Genuine car parts? - RT

Autovaux is a well-respected supplier of discounted GM parts.

Vauxhall - Genuine car parts? - Josh Brice
I did consider going to Vauxhall but thought I'd see if there was anywhere that could do the same parts cheaper. Previous experience tells me that they'll charge a lot more then anywhere else.
Vauxhall - Genuine car parts? - RobJP

Sometimes dealerships are a fraction more expensive than factors selling 'copy' parts. As in pennies.


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