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I hope you don't mind if I seek your expert opinion on something?

I've got a 2011 Polo (61 plate) which I'm thinking of selling as I really don't use it that much (I have access to 2 other cars). I've used a variety of sites to get a rough idear of what price I would expct to achieve for it. These all fall in the £5,500 to £5,900 range. However, when I look on Autotrader and Ebay at private sales I reckon I should be starting at £6,500 and look to get no less than £6,000.

The car itself is a 2 owner (I'm the second) 1.4 SEL with just under 24k miles. Full VWSH (serviced end of Dec and another free service from VW on a service plan in Dec this year). It's a manual car and in really great condition. Pretty new tyres all round and non of the alloys are kerbed. Car is in dark metallic blue.

What do you reckon it is worth please?

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Volkswagen Polo IV - FAO SLO76 - SLO76
Good wee cars, I run a 2012 1.2 TDi Match as our second car. Not as well made as people expect from VW but generally a good wee car and particularly good at high speed motorway work for a supermini if you choose the right engine. Ideal for us as it was intended as a commuter.

The 1.4 is an old unit and isn't the most desirable engine in the range but the specification on yours is a plus as is the low mileage and full service history which should include a timing belt change at 5yrs. Was this carried out? If not then you're risking a catastrophic engine loss as it's quite common for them to snap on these if belt changes are ignored. The 1.2 petrol is chain driven and while it's certainly slower it misses this £300-£400 bill every 5yrs and is better on fuel.

As far as valuation is concerned assuming it's as nice as you've described, has had a timing belt on schedule, has a full stamped up history (every year), is a 5dr and requires no paint then I'd put it on no higher than £5,995 with a view to taking the arm off anyone who offers £5,500 or above. Dealers have similar cars on between £6.5-£7k and a private sale must offer enough of a saving to make the effort and risk worthwhile. Go above £6k and I just don't see anyone biting. Trade I'd expect it to fetch £4.5-£5k. While there aren't many 1.4 SEL's for sale there's plenty of competition from well equipped SE's and Match models so don't overvalue it as if it's a rare or highly desirable model.

If it needs a timing belt then I'd personally be prepared to discount the cost off and inform the next owner but that's your choice. If it's overdue and you plan on selling and forgetting then don't sell it to someone you know.
Volkswagen Polo IV - FAO SLO76 - csgmart

Thanks - really appreciated. The belt was replaced as part of the deal when I purchased the car.

Volkswagen Polo IV - FAO SLO76 - SLO76
Happy to help even if I'm not always telling you what you want to hear. You might see cars advertised at higher prices but it's unlikely they'll sell for that.

To put it into perspective I paid £7,200 for our 12plate Polo with 37k and a full dealer history a year and a half ago from a dealer and the diesels despite the hysteria about the emissions cheat software still command more money than the normally aspirated petrols.

Best of luck with your car, it sounds like an excellent well maintained used buy for someone. Make sure you mention the dealer history and timing belt change in your advert, most of them at this age won't have had it done as few people will shell out for it before trading in or flogging.

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Volkswagen Polo IV - FAO SLO76 - csgmart

Not at all - I'm a realist and a car is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it. I'd rather offer it for a price that will sell (although I'm not in any rush to sell).

Thanks once again.


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