Ford focus tdci 1,8 Tdci - radio blaupunkt - plhak

Hello a year ago I bought a car in the bazaar. I have a radio in it Blaupunkt. I had to replace the radio autobatery and wants me to code. That I did not, unfortunately, the owner of the bazaar will not help me. BP050033168116 7612300500 O21776 1M5T-18K931-AD-TP170-RNS4 This is information that I copied from the radio in the car. Please help me. My car has a VIN registration code: WF0NXXGCDN3E15185 Manufacturer: FORD WERKE AG, Cologne, FRG Please contakt me here in this email. Have a nice day Mgr. Michal Plhák - Czech republic


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