Ford Fiesta - Radio code 6000cd - 69Stacey
Hi John I have a 6000cd I have a audio guide book it has the code in it for the radio and the instructions for radio but when press number 6 and wait a secound or two it will not let put numbers in it just says code 1 I have pushed number 1 repeatedly and nothing happens can you help
Ford Fiesta - Radio code 6000cd - 69Stacey
I got the car off a neighbour she has owned the from one 1 I have the code for todos it's 6032 the serial number is m016297 and the unit type is FDA 600 a 1
Ford Fiesta - Radio code 6000cd - Galaxy

I'm not too sure from your description what's going on but I'll try to deal with things logically.

First, 6032 is the correct Keycode for the given serial number.

So, from turning the radio on and it displaying code you should:

Press Button #1 Six times

Press Button #2 Ten times

Press Button #3 Three times

Press Button #4 Two times

Finally, in order to enter the code, Press Button #5 Once

Does this solve your problem?

If not then try leaving the radio switched off for a couple of hours and then try again.

If that doesn't help then your radio could be locked from too many previous attempts to enter the code. If this is the case then turning the radio on with Button #6 pressed continuously may possibly give you one last attempt to enter the correct Keycode.

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Ford Fiesta - Radio code 6000cd - 69Stacey
I have tryed all the above information you give me and it has not worked
It has code ---- but them 4 line or flashing I push number 1 and no numbers come up I'm stuck but thanks for all your help
Ford Fiesta - Radio code 6000cd - Galaxy

You can try removing the front button strip and carefully cleaning the contacts, but don't use any liquids or abrasives. Just rub with a piece of clean card or cloth.

Ford Fiesta - Radio code 6000cd - 69Stacey
Will try in morning thanks John you have been very helpful
Ford Fiesta - Radio code 6000cd - 69Stacey
I have cleaned contact on radio still no joy and were would send the radio to thanks stacey
Ford Fiesta - Radio code 6000cd - Galaxy

Sorry to hear that.

Well, it sounds like the radio is locked because someone, at sometime, has attempted to enter codes that were wrong too many times, and this has caused the radio to become locked. If the turning the radio on while pressing Button #6 method hasn't worked then there's nothing more you can do, I'm afraid. Your radio is either locked or it is faulty.

The next step is to take the radio to a Ford Main Dealer or Independent Car Audio Specialist and ask them to unlock it. In real terms both are likely to charge you a fortune for doing this work, so the most practical thing to do, under the circumstances, will probably be to buy yourself another radio on Ebay. If you look you will see that they don't sell for a great deal. Do make sure you get the code, too.

Best of Luck!


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