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I have not purchased a car for myself for over 20 years so am out of practice.
I have seen a car at a local dealer that suits. Its a 1.6 petrol Auris CVT. 2014 and 10k miles. It also has three years of the Toyota warranty left. Its not my first choice but because of my ankle I can no longer drive a car with a clutch.
The dealer has it priced up at £12k. Similar cars (all some distance away on Autotrader) are between £10.5k and £11k. WBAC price it (in a forced sale) is £9k.
I have no PX so how does one go about getting a serious discount on it?


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Toyota Auris - Buying a Used Car - oldroverboy.

Is business so bad that you have to post bad spam.?

Toyota Auris - Buying a Used Car - SLO76
Can't possibly generate any business this crap surely? Kindly stop filling up the forum with this garbage!!!
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I suggest approaching the person who bought your last car 20 years ago for guidance!


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