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Having just read the advice from HJ on setting tyre pressures on a LR Discovery Sport, it was suggested that tyre pressures can be set lower than recommended to improve comfort and take into account the rise in temp/pressure when the car is moving at speed.
Is this for all cars or just for the LR range.
I ask as I am now at the age where the only things that matter to me with driving are reliability and comfort - yes I have reached that stage of my life !!
I do not question the regular excellent advice HJ gives just looking to clarify.
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Tyre pressure recommendations are always for cold pressures - that itself allows for the inevitable rise in temperature - so I wonder if you've read HJ correctly, not thast I've seen it.

Some brands/models do quote two pressures for comfort/normal with an increase for sporty driving and full load pressures are usually given as well - some but not all models have separate figures for towing duty.

The only time I can think of legitimately reducing pressures below normal is for off-road use.

All - Tyre pressure subsequent question - RobJP

The 'official' tyre pressures are also (I believe) part of the NEDC test process. The higher the pressure, the less tyre is in contact with the road, leading to greater fuel efficiency in the test.

So yes, it can make perfect sense to reduce pressures by 5-10% from the 'official' numbers, it can improve handling and comfort levels.

On my new car, the listed pressures are 2.5 bar on rears, 2.2 bar on fronts. The tyres are currently at that, and ride comfort seems fine, so I'll stick with that.

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I set the pressures so that the tyre wears evenly across the tread.

On my landcruiser, the recommended pressure was too low, and the centre wore more slowly than the edges. Raising it a little gave me even wear.

On my MX-5, the recommended pressures seem spot on.


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