freelander 2007 - freelander key - james hargreaves

Freelander key or remote key you plug in dash no actual key is playing up wont always lock unlock the car, dealer is £240 + the vat its way to much anyone know a place near Leeds or York I can get one from


freelander 2007 - freelander key - Energyman
Could well be the rechargeable battery. Few videos on you tube how to change it, will need some basic soldering skills, or could go to local independent computer repair place who would have the ability, battery available on usual auction site. Worth trying at least.
freelander 2007 - freelander key - Falkirk Bairn

Do not know abour Freelander key remotes BUT

I have experience of Toyota & Lexus keys.

Age & use knackered the buttons on remotes on 2 cars - Ebay & bought

new case with blank blade - put the old electronics & old blade in

the new shell + new cell battery & it worked - under £5 all in!

Look on Ebay for adverts & see what is available for Freelander - undoubtedly it will be under £240.

freelander 2007 - freelander key - james hargreaves

Thanks guys managed to sort it out in the end repaired my old key myself with case from Ebay but still a bit iffy can only rely on it to start the car not open lock doors, so have that one as a spare and got a new key for £120 took the lad 10 minutes to do and feel safe having a spare key, used these seemed to be cheapest by far

and after sorting that the b***** thing broken down now and in the garage again I am sick of it ready to trade it in

Thanks for the help


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