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Good morning,

a friends wife requires a new car and there are some brilliant deals on new Suzuki Celerio's from a local dealer with a good reputation.

Has anyone driven one? Been a passenger in one? Own one?

any feedback welcome.

thank you

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It would have to be cheap. It'll be reliable and cheap to run but its ugly top heavy styling will kill used values. It'll be next to worthless after 3-4 years.
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I drove one (SZ3) for a day (my Mazda3 was in for a clutch change and the garage ran out of time, so I was loaned one for the drive home and back to work the next day) and did 35 miles of both town and dual carriageway driving.

I won't bother with comments about the looks, but as the driving/using experience goes:

Not as slow as I was expecting (my previous car was a 1996 1ltr Micra) and the combination of its light weight and 68PS engine was perfectly fine around town, even doing 70 on the dual carriageway was ok, though overtaking and hills needed a bit of thought requiring a drop in a cog or two to build up speed again (5th gear rapidly runs out of puff).

Handling so-so, and I thought the driving position was a bit odd - I seemed to 'perch' on the seat, with a high driving position, having to actually reach down to pull the handbrake - very odd. The gear stick position higher up, like some modern cars, takes a bit of getting used to, and not much feel with the (light) clutch.

A bit noisy, but this was a cheap 'n' cheerful car, probably made worse by it being quite high sided. Again, you aren't going to be concerned about the use of cheap, hard plastics when paying £7k - £8k new. At least it had A/C (it was August at the time and I needed it) - good for the price.

I can't comment about fuel economy as I didn't need (just) to fuel up (my dealership [Mazda/Honda/Suzuki/Nissan/Peugeot]) waved this in recognition of the delay in getting my car back).

I would say if you want a value-for-money new shopping car/town runaround, then this might be suitable, but for longer trips or about 5k miles a year, then I'd give it a miss, especially if you (like me) suffer from back problems and need a car with a good seat/driving position as well as good road manners and more poke. It was the reason I sold my Micra and bought the Mazda3 1.6 petrol.

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I read somewhere recently, that it had been voted the cheapest new car to run in the uk.

Owners seem to get over 60mpg. There was a complaint on early versions that the average mpg meter on the car didn't go high enough as it only went up to 60mpg!

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I wouldn't trust the (or any) trip computer (see HJ's comments on the weekly collumn p1 and 2 and before) - I found when I was loaned the car the 'miles left' dropped from 50 to 35 on the trip home from work on day 1 and dropped like the proverbial stone to zero half way to work the next morning.

I'm sure it does a good mpg though (real mpg ratings say it does), but I would never reply on the trip computer - this one didn't have a 'warning light' for 1 gallon/5ltr fuel left (only approximate) as my Mazda3 does - I was willing the car to not run out of fuel (which it didn't), but it just shows they can't be trusted really.

Given my old 1ltr Micra regularly did 52mpg (brim-to-brim calculation method) with a design from the early 90s, a car with a similar sized engine designed 15+ years later should be easily capable of doing 60+mpg in the right hands: just don't load it up with heavy stuff and people!

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The wife's Celerio AGS has averaged 69.9 mpg from new (over about 4000 miles). This has been calculated from tank fills and odometer readings. On a long trip up North, the Celerio did 534 miles on just 32 litres of petrol (that's a full tank) which worked out at 74.8 mpg!

I ascribe the high mpg numbers to a relatively high 11:1 compression ratio, very thin 0W20 engine oil, light body weight and one very gentle left foot!

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Autocar had one on long-term test and generally liked it. I'd say that it should be perfectly adequate: the Up/Citigo and i10 are better cars but if the deal on a new Celerio makes it a lot cheaper than these, it's worth considering. There aren't that many Suzuki dealers, so if there's a good one near your friend, that's a plus.

Bear in mind that the Celerio may not hold its value as well as the others.

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He can have a basic trim Celerio SZ2 brand new OTR for £5900 if he buys before Christmas


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