Skoda Octavia 1.2 TSI DSG 2011 - Mechatronic Failure - a word of caution - Kevin Stanley

My 2011 1.2 TSI DSG-7 is a car with 41,000 km on the clock. I have only done 7000 km since buying it 13 months ago. It lost all 2nd/4th/Reverse gears, so got it towed into our Skoda dealer. I received a call today to say that the Mechatronic unit was gone (1660 Euro) & that I may also need to have the clutches replaced (1390 Euro). Although just out of warranty, Skoda would not even consider going some way towards the acknowledgement of a problem......even after only 41000 km of driving - ie 'Skoda do not expect a DSG 7-speed to last beyond 41000 km???

My last 1.6 Petrol DSG(6) gave no bother over a 10 yr period - We (family) have all bought Skoda's for YEARS...but no acknowledgement of our custom/loyalty - not looking for a 'freebie', just a goodwill gesture...even a free service!

My family are all changing their cars over the next 24 months ( the plan was 3 Superb, 1 Kodiaq, 1 Octavia & 1 Fabia)...this is not going to happen now. Skoda should be ashamed of themselves - 'Simply Greedy'...not 'Simply Clever'!

Skoda Octavia 1.2 TSI DSG 2011 - Mechatronic Failure - a word of caution - medview

Sorry about your DSG failure but I need to set you straight on your previous 1.6 6 speed; it was NOT a DSG but a lockup torque convertor conventional auto.

It's a real pity that VAG ceased using this transmission around 2010 in Skoda.

The DSG 7 has a history of electrical problems affecting the mechantronic unit due to interaction of pollutants with the synthetic transmission fluid in conjunction with high ambient temperatures. Many DSG's in hot countries had their transmission fluid changed to mineral oil in a recall. Was your car previously used in a big city?

I'm a DSG 7 owner with a Golf 1.4TSI 2011 with 53k miles and I live in fear of DSG problems. I had my clutches changed under warrantee at 34k miles due to juddering and I have a d*****ine warrantee about to expire...

If you proceed with repair I'd recommend getting your clutches changed and the control software updated too.

Good luck


Skoda Octavia 1.2 TSI DSG 2011 - Mechatronic Failure - a word of caution - peter moss

Jeez bring back the old borg warner 35


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