Nissan Qashqai / Ford Kuga - Kuga or Qashqai - Michae_l
I'm thinking of getting a crossover to replace my Mondeo, it has been excellent but I want something slightly smaller but not too small.
Anyone any opinions on Qashqais or Kugas? Qashqai gets good reviews but diesels look underpowered to me? also think they are Renault engines which I had bad experiences with in the past. Kuga looks perhaps less sophisticated but based on Focus should be strong and reliable?
Looking to spend around 20k on something new or nearly new.
Nissan Qashqai / Ford Kuga - Kuga or Qashqai - Avant

You'll just have to test-drive both and see which you prefer. I haven't tried a Kuga (but liked the 2.0 diesel C-Max), but although the Qashqai was comfortable and practical, it was no fun to drive - and this was the 1.6 petrol with 163 bhp. The suspension was on the wallowy side but the main thing that put both SWMBO and me off was the vagueness of the steering. It seemed only marginally connected to the movement of the wheels.

But thousands have bought Qashqais so there must be plenty who disagree with me.

Nissan Qashqai / Ford Kuga - Kuga or Qashqai - Michae_l
Thanks. Also wondering about the Ford powershift semi-auto box. I'll get a test drive and see how they compare ??
Nissan Qashqai / Ford Kuga - Kuga or Qashqai - Jes

I've got the 1.5dci QQ Tekna... Does the job (goes from A 2 B in comfort) . It's not exciting to drive, but then again I didn't buy it for that. Plenty of features, £0 road tax and regularly get 60MPG (had a few 70+ MPG).

Over the last 10,000 it's averaged 58MPG (brim to brim method) on Shell v-Power.

Family love the elevated seating positions when in traffic, but as a downside the cabin space can be a little cramped depending on the size of the passengers!

Nissan Qashqai / Ford Kuga - Kuga or Qashqai - tim10597

I bought a new Kuga in December - 2.0TDCi 180 AWD. It's a great car, certainly has enough power and I'm averaging just over 42mpg, which given the size of the car and that I'm not the most frugal driver in the world, I don't think is too bad. Can't comment on the Powershift gearbox in the Kuga, mine is a manual, but we had a CMAX Powershift until 12 months ago - it was fantastic, very smooth and responsive, only 2mpg less than the manual version we had before that one.

Best advice is to test drive it - our dealer let me have a 24 hour test drive before buying and by using Ford Options we got a sizeable discount on the list price of the car.

The Ford Sync system works well, my car has the Sony audio & sat nav which is proving to be very good. Would I buy another one? Yes, though I would still be tempted to go back to a Galaxy, which is what I downsized from, as I do occasionally miss the boot space!


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