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Nissan Micra - Replacing original head unit on 55 plate - minesapasty

I have removed the original CD/radio from my daughters Micra, which was easy enough after watching the YouTube video, and have fitted a JVC unit in it's place.

What I want to know, is besides the ISO connectors there is also another connector that won't connect to the new unit. The car doesn't have steering wheel controls or multichanger, so was wondering if anyone knows what it is for.

The new unit is working fine, and nothing seems to have stopped working in the car, so I suspect that the wiring is generic, one loom fits all cars, and then some wires are only used for certain higher spec models. Though this extra plug/connector was definitely connected to the original head unit.

Any enlightenment will be greatfully received, the car is heading off with her to uni at the weekend, so it will be out of my reach to sort anything out until the next break.

Nissan Micra - Replacing original head unit on 55 plate - elekie&a/c doctor

AS you say,it is probably for higher spec models ,and not required on your car.If you happy that all is working ok,then play on.

Nissan Micra - Replacing original head unit on 55 plate - TheUrbis

That other connector (3 different colours, joined together if I remember correctly) is for the steering control loom.

You'll have no issues leaving it disconnected.


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