Review: Volkswagen Polo (2000 – 2002)


Facelifted Polo III, still with an upmarket image. Better than pre-facelift and all now have power steering.

Not as reliable or well built as its image might suggest. Appetite for front tyres and front brakes.

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22 November 2015

ABS light reported on 56k mile 2000 Polo Match. Read more

6 July 2002

121,281 Polos and Lupos recalled because tension cracks in vacuum pipe to brake servo may occur. Pipes to be checked and replaced if necessary. Read more

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List Price from £14,240
Buy new from £12,054
Contract hire from £161.68 per month
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Poblem with my petrol float - can you help?

hi John i have a polo classic 2002 1.6i i want to know my petrol gauges never show me the right amount of petrol in my car when i start the cat the needled will show full but then it half while driving the gauges moves up and down must i replace the petrol float or is there something els fauty please need your help thanks
Not an unknown problem with Polos. Probably a perforated float, but highly unwise to open the tank and start fiddling yourself. The slightest spark could send the car and you up in flames. If you ignore this advice, DEFINITELY MAKE SURE YOU DISCONNECT THE CAR BATTERY BEFORE DOING ANYTHING.
Answered by Honest John
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