Volkswagen Polo (2000–2002)

Model History

Still the most status you can buy in a small ordinary hatchback of its age, but silver now the best colour.

Apart from attractive new front and interior, the car looks the same as the previous Polo but is actually 75% new with stiffer shell, tighter shut lines, higher specs (PAS and ABS on all models) and a huge range of engines from 1.0 litre 50 bhp to 1.6 litre 16v with 125 bhp.

New three-cylinder pump injector 1.4 TDI wss amazing, offering 75 bhp and 144lb ft torque which made it quick off the mark as well as very economical, from £11,670 in UK.

Both 1.7 SDI and 1.4 TDI emit 119g/km CO2.

What does a Volkswagen Polo (2000 – 2002) cost?

List Price from £17,030
Buy new from £13,728
Contract hire from £170.95 per month