Volkswagen Golf GTE (2015–)

What's good

Refined hybrid set-up.

Comfortable and practical interior.

Congestion Charge exempt.

Can tow 1,400kg.

What to watch out for

No match for a petrol-powered hot hatch.

Stodgy handling in the corners.

Expensive, even after the £5000 government grant.

Runs out of battery after about 35 miles, then uses more fuel than a conventional car.

17-8-2018: Battery chargers in some (but not all) Golf GTE, e-Golf, Passat GTE and e-Up models have been found to contain a poisonous metal called cadmium, which has been linked to a range of lung conditions that include cancer. The metal was fitted by a third party company, which builds part of the high-voltage charging unit for Volkswagen. Volkswagen is now in the process of investigating how it came to be present. The third party organisation no longer builds components for its plug-in models. Apparently the issue will not cause any harm to the public, owing to the fact that the small amount of cadmium - 0.008 grams per battery charger - is housed within a sealed unit. However, the presence of cadmium could cause problems when the vehicle is scrapped, recycled or dismantled.

7-8-2019: Report of failure of infotainment media screen display of 2015 VW Golf GTE at 57,000 miles. Screen keeps going blank and owner is unable tyo use Bluetooth, etc. VW dealer diagnosed the 5f control unit in the glovebox and quoted £ 2,612.12 to replace (this includes a "goodwill" contribution of £300 from VW UK and the dealer).

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