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Volkswagen Golf R (2014–)

Last updated 3 June 2019


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Kerb weight 1361–1593 kg
Warranty 3 years / 60000 miles
Servicing 18,000 miles

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Thanks to its 300PS power output and 380Nm of torque, the Volkswagen Golf R can get from 0-62mph in under 5.0 seconds with the DSG auto transmission, or 5.1 seconds with the manual. It’s not just rapid from a standing start either – that peak torque figure is available from 1800-5500rpm, so overtaking performance is excellent.

Also setting the Golf R apart from the GTI is the 4Motion permanent all-wheel drive system, which provides excellent traction when accelerating and massive grip through corners. Even in poor weather the Golf R feels incredibly sure-footed, helped by a positive, accurate gear change, strong brakes and well-weighted steering.

That said, the Golf R is less exciting and exhilarating than a Honda Civic Type R or a Ford Focus RS, both of which feel a little more boisterous through corners, plus they both sound better under hard acceleration. But many buyers will appreciate the Golf R for being more mature – in fact it’s very easy to live with day to day.

Around town it’s as refined and easy to drive as any other Golf, plus it has cruise control and a speed limiter to make life on the motorway easier. It isn’t even all that expensive to fuel – official economy is just shy of 40mpg for manual models which isn’t at all bad for a car with 300PS.

The ride quality is firm, but rarely ever harsh or uncomfortable - even on optional 19-inch alloy wheels. Optionally buyers can specify dynamic chassis control which adds variable damping, with Sport, Comfort or Normal settings linked to the selectable driving modes.

The drive modes tailor the car to the situation – so for town driving the Comfort settings is best, since it makes the steering lighter and dampens throttle response. There is an Individual mode, which allows the driver to choose their preferences for each of the settings, including steering, throttle response and the air conditioning.


Engine MPG 0-62 Top speed CO2
2.0 TSI 300 40 mpg 5.1 s 155 mph 165 g/km
2.0 TSI 300 DSG 40–41 mpg 4.9 s 155 mph 159–163 g/km
2.0 TSI 300 DSG Estate 39 mpg - - 164 g/km
2.0 TSI 310 38 mpg 5.1 s 155 mph 180 g/km
2.0 TSI 310 DSG 40–41 mpg 4.6 s 155 mph 160–163 g/km
2.0 TSI 310 DSG Estate 39–40 mpg 4.8–5.1 s 155 mph 164 g/km
List Price from £36,150
Buy new from £30,182
Contract hire from £289.04 per month

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