Volkswagen Golf Plus (2009 – 2014) Review

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Volkswagen Golf Plus (2009 – 2014) At A Glance


+Decent fuel economy across the range. Excellent standard and optional equipment including a self-park system.

-Just a large Golf hatchback and lacks the carry-all capability of the estate.

The Volkswagen Golf Plus sits a little awkwardly in the range. It's marginally larger than the standard Golf hatchback, yet doesn't quite offer the huge space of the estate. Those who are likely to find it most appealing are small families who are looking for practicality in a compact package.

This model is a vastly overhauled version of the Golf Plus that went on sale in 2005. One thing to bear in mind is that despite its looks, it's based on the Mark V Golf (2004-2009) and not the later Mark VI. The biggest changes are obvious, with a new grille and new headlamps and an updated interior. Under the bonnet there are new engines, too, partly reflecting what's available in the standard hatchback range.

One feature, which is also available on other Volkswagens, is Park Assist. At the push of a button, the car will park itself into parallel spaces. All the driver needs to worry about is pushing the accelerator and brake - the car works out distances and does the steering for you.

Looking for a Volkswagen Golf Plus (2009 - 2014)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

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Ask Honest John

Will my Volkswagen Golf Plus pass its MoT without having had the emissions fix done?
"Given the recent complaints of cars breaking down or going into limp mode following the emissions fix, I'm considering not proceeding with my own recall on our 2010 Volkswagen Golf Plus (123,000 miles). Will it pass the MoT?"
The NOx fix has nothing to do with the MoT. But I would be very wary of submitting a car that had done 123,000 miles to a 'fix' approved for used cars in very good condition with modest mileages. What tends to happen is that the worn injectors cannot cope with the more complex injection sequence, the ageing EGR cannot handle the increased soot and the DPF then has to regenerate more frequently to burn off the soot and more rapidly fills up with ash. At 123,000 miles the DPF must be near its capacity for ash anyway.
Answered by Honest John
My 2010 Volkswagen Golf Plus has had the emissions fix - should I keep or sell it to avoid future issues?
"I have a 2010 Volkswagen Golf Plus 1.6 turbodiesel which had its emissions 'fix' done at 43,000 miles. Is it better to get rid of it or should I just wait and see if the DPF lasts for a couple more years?"
If it's running fine then it may continue to do so. Best to run it on Superdiesel through. The first thing that could fail to fail is the EGR, signified by the glowplug light on the dash and the car going into limp home mode.
Answered by Honest John
The EGR valve in my Golf Plus is faulty - should I have the emissions fix anyway?
"My Volkswagen dealer has advised against carrying out the emissions software update on my Golf Plus because they say there is a fault in the exhaust gas recirculation valve. The car drives fine and no warning lights come on. A new EGR valve costs over £1000 so I'm reluctant. Should I insist they go ahead with the update or could there be a risk of damage or malfunction?"
The update relies on properly functioning injectors, an efficient EGR and a properly functioning DPF. So unless you are prepared to replace the EGR (which you will have to do sooner or later anyway) don't have the fix.
Answered by Honest John
Can I request that the Volkswagen emissions fix is not carried out on my car?
"I have a 2009 Volkswagen Golf Plus with the EA189 engine. I have had two letters regarding the recall to reset the engine controls. I had done 40000 miles since new and it is returning 51mpg with no problems, starting and running perfectly. My question is when it goes in for its MoT and service in July, what is the legal position if I request that they do not carry out the recall to the engine management system?"
Entirely up to you. I'm now starting to get a few favourable reports from readers who have had the NOx emissions fix. How well it works seems to depend on how worn the injectors and EGR valve stem have become and it seems to work best when Superdiesel is used.
Answered by Honest John

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