Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 – 2009) Review

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Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 – 2009) At A Glance


+A taller, roomier, more versatile version of the Golf Mk V. Good ride and reasonably tidy handling. The 2.0 TDI 140 DSG is the one to have.

-Slightly thirstier than the equivalent Golf. The 1.6 FSI and 1.9 TDI 105 are unremarkable performers.

Insurance Groups are between 7–19
On average it achieves 91% of the official MPG figure

The Gulf Plus is only 3.75” taller than the Golf. But that’s enough to allow passengers to sit slightly more upright which most find more comfortable. And, since bent legs don’t take up so much length, the designers can offer a choice of more legroom or a longer load-bay. 

To facilitate this the 60/40 split back seats can be slid forward or backward on runners. One or both can be flopped down to form an almost flat luggage deck. The armrest centre section can be folded, allowing long objects like skis to poke through. And the passenger seat can be folded so two people can travel behind each other and alongside a surfboard, for example. On left-hand drive models, that 60/40 split means three can travel beside the surfboard 

VW Golf Plus 2005 Road Test

Looking for a Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 - 2009)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

Real MPG average for a Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 – 2009)


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Average performance


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30–67 mpg

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What's the most economic petrol car I can get to do 20,000 miles per year?
"I currently drive a 2005 Volkswagen Golf Plus 2.0 TDI that has done 182,000 miles. What should I replace it with on a maximum budget of £12,000? I need a workhorse to do 20,000 miles a year (80 per cent motorway driving) but am focused on economy and not being stung by the diesel taxes our government are introducing."
What diesel taxes? So far, no more than a rumour. Effectively modern diesels tax themselves by the emissions equipment they are forced to carry such as EGRs, DPFs and AdBlue SCR systems that clog up, fill with ash or otherwise expensively fail. Your 2005 may not even have a DPF. If you want to go petrol, the best engine I have encountered is PSA's 1.2 Puretech 130 with 6-speed manual box that does 45-50mpg at motorway speeds. You can get it in the 308, DS3, DS4, 2008 and 3008.
Answered by Honest John
Is there another Volkswagen Golf, like the Plus, that is easy to get in and out of?
"My wife has replacement hips and when we bought our last car we opted for the Volkswagen Golf Plus because we find it easier to get in and out. I see that Volkswagen have dropped the Plus option now. Is there anything similar available now that matches for access, and hopefully the other superb Golf assets as it's a super car."
The Golf Plus was replaced by the Golf SV, which is much better, and especially much better looking. See the road test:
Answered by Honest John
What are the real mpg figures for a Volkswagen Golf V?
"Can you provide the real mpg figure for a 2008 1.4 Volkswagen Golf and Golf Plus TSI SE DSG 5-door. The figures on the list don't distinguish between petrol and diesel."
Golf V here: Figures for 1.4 TSI, but not DSG. Golf V Plus here: 1.4 TSI DSG got 41.3mpg. A 1.4 TSI is not a diesel.
Answered by Honest John
What car has a lot of boot space and does good mpg?
"I tour for a living and my Golf Plus 2.0 TDI is about to die. I need something with more boot space than the Volkswagen Golf, but don't know whether to go German again or do what everyone is telling me to do and go Japanese. I want to spend a maximum of £5000, whilst still wanting to get 55+mpg. However, I don't know whether to buy petrol now with the rumours of the government imposing taxes on diesels in built up areas. Any advice would be very much appreciated. "
Japanese and hybrid. You might find a Mk II Prius that hasn't already been snapped up by a taxi driver, but it will have done a fair few miles and the one thing that goes wrong is that the waterpump fails. I wouldn't go for a Japanese diesel import such as a Bongo.
Answered by Honest John

What does a Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 – 2009) cost?