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A taller, roomier, more versatile version of the Golf Mk V. Good ride and reasonably tidy handling. The 2.0 TDI 140 DSG is the one to have.

Slightly thirstier than the equivalent Golf. The 1.6 FSI and 1.9 TDI 105 are unremarkable performers.

Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 – 2009): At A Glance

The Gulf Plus is only 3.75” taller than the Golf. But that’s enough to allow passengers to sit slightly more upright which most find more comfortable. And, since bent legs don’t take up so much length, the designers can offer a choice of more legroom or a longer load-bay. 

To facilitate this the 60/40 split back seats can be slid forward or backward on runners. One or both can be flopped down to form an almost flat luggage deck. The armrest centre section can be folded, allowing long objects like skis to poke through. And the passenger seat can be folded so two people can travel behind each other and alongside a surfboard, for example. On left-hand drive models, that 60/40 split means three can travel beside the surfboard 

VW Golf Plus 2005 Road Test

Looking for a Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 - 2009)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

What does a Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 – 2009) cost?

Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 – 2009): What's It Like Inside?

Length 4204–4206 mm
Width 1759 mm
Height 1580–1651 mm
Wheelbase 2578 mm

Full specifications

There are the usual folding seatback trays with cupholders. Centre console and door cupholders. Even a bottle holder. You don't get cubbyholes in the floor as on a Scenic, but there are a total of up to 43 places to put things, including a flat storage area capable of accommodating most baby buggies between the rear luggage platform and the spacesaver spare.

Having driven to the launch in a C-Max it was immediately apparent that the designers have missed a trick. The front seats have side bolsters, so you can't simply walk into the car as you can into a C-Max. Once there, though there's a massive range of adjustment for the seats and steering wheel and the seats are very comfortable.

As with the Touran, the ‘A' pillar quarterlights are too small to be of much use, so shorter drivers may find their vision impeded by quite a big blindspot. It didn't bother me, but it may bother some people.

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What's the Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 – 2009) like to drive?

Out on the road, the standard car with sensible 65 section tyres rides well with no jarring and handles tidily. It doesn't suffer the ‘roll understeer' of some MPVs so can be hustled along in pretty much the same manner as a hatchback.

We tried the 1.6FSI and the 1.9 TDI 105, both of which performed unremarkably except for a mild tendency for the 105 to come on turbo at about 2,500rpm. Drivers do suffer a slight performance and economy deficit as all figures are slightly down on the lighter Golf.

A month later, I tried the 2.0 TDI 140 DSG and this is definitely the spec to have. You can drive it manually or in full auto mode (and if you forget, it reverts to full auto mode by itself). As with the Touran, the DSG box not only masks the engine's aggressive torque delivery, it also makes best use of it and the car is a real pleasure to drive with bags of front end grip.

So you pay a mere £500 more for a Golf Plus over and above the price of a Golf, and continue to pay a bit more for fuel, which would be stupid if you're the only one in the car most of the time.

But it's not a rep's car, or a business car. It's a family car for one-car families or a school run and shopping car for two-car families. A Germanic Scenic with the status of that all-important Golf badge. And the 2.0 TDI DSG is bags of fun to drive.

Engine MPG 0-62 CO2
1.2 TSI 85 49 mpg 13.4 s 136 g/km
1.4 40–43 mpg 14.9–15.2 s 154–169 g/km
1.4 TSI 42–44 mpg 8.5–10.2 s 153–159 g/km
1.4 TSI DSG 45 mpg 10.2 s 147 g/km
1.6 FSI 40 mpg 11.8 s 169 g/km
1.6 TDI 59–60 mpg 12.1–13.5 s 125–126 g/km
1.6 TDI 105 59 mpg 12.1 s 126 g/km
1.6 TDI BlueMotion Technology 66 mpg 12.1 s 114 g/km
1.6 TDI DSG 58 mpg 12.0 s 129 g/km
1.6 TDI DSG BlueMotion Technology 64 mpg 12.1 s 115 g/km
1.9 TDI 51–52 mpg 12.1–13.5 s 144–146 g/km
1.9 TDI BlueMotion 59 mpg 12.1 s 127 g/km
2.0 TDI 49–55 mpg 9.7–11.6 s 134–153 g/km
2.0 TDI 140 55 mpg 9.8 s 132 g/km
2.0 TDI 140 DSG 51 mpg 9.8 s 144 g/km

Real MPG average for a Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005 – 2009)

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Average performance


Real MPG

30–67 mpg

MPGs submitted


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Ask HJ

What's the most economic petrol car I can get to do 20,000 miles per year?

I currently drive a 2005 Volkswagen Golf Plus 2.0 TDI that has done 182,000 miles. What should I replace it with on a maximum budget of £12,000? I need a workhorse to do 20,000 miles a year (80 per cent motorway driving) but am focused on economy and not being stung by the diesel taxes our government are introducing.
What diesel taxes? So far, no more than a rumour. Effectively modern diesels tax themselves by the emissions equipment they are forced to carry such as EGRs, DPFs and AdBlue SCR systems that clog up, fill with ash or otherwise expensively fail. Your 2005 may not even have a DPF. If you want to go petrol, the best engine I have encountered is PSA's 1.2 Puretech 130 with 6-speed manual box that does 45-50mpg at motorway speeds. You can get it in the 308, DS3, DS4, 2008 and 3008.
Answered by Honest John
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