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Volkswagen Golf V (2004–2008)

Last updated 4 December 2017

What's good

Impressive TSI engines.

High-economy BlueMotion models.

5 Star NCAP occupant safety rating and 3 Stars for pedestrian safety.

What to watch out for

Launch of FSIs delayed in the UK because they depend on petrol which is almost 100% sulphur-free (less than 10 parts per million).

Detail problems: Headlight light sensors over sensitive; wiper rain sensors over sensitive; individual climate controls may not work properly; rattles and squeaks from trim; red door reflectors have replaced lights and they fall off. Rain sensing wipers tend to over-react. Steering wheel paddle shifts were originally a cool £515 extra for the GTi DSG, but standard for 2006MY cars from about July 2005.

GTI Edition 30 seat bolsters force shorter drivers into a round-shouldered posture.

Further warranty problems suffered by Stuart Bates on a Mk V less than 3 years old: ignition coil failures, radio that randomly switching on, door seals hanging off (all four replaced by dealer), radiator fans failing and being replaced, second radio/CD player failing, this time refusing to eject CDs and then randomly switching off.

Severe shortage of 1.4 TSI 120s by February 2008.

With DSGs, protective software can delay the message from brake switch to ECU that brakes have been released, allowing car to enter a junction or roundabout on the fuel in the combustion chambers, then momentarily shut off mid-junction.

A silly problem is that if you r e-set the mileage trip recorder with the ignition key in. the "Service Due" indicator can come on. There is no warning or advice in the owners handbook relating to not having the key in place. The service indicator then needs to be re-set via the OBD II diagostics port.

Dealer-set remote locking option of one press opens all doors or one press opens drivers door only and two presses opens all doors.

Plastic timing belt tensioner pulleys of 1.4 16v timing belt engines now failing regularly, though fortunately the belts are rarely flung off when this happens. Steering rack problems reported. Rear light lenses letting in moisture and fogging over. Reports of "grinding noise from steering rack" when turning left, not cured by replacing rack. On 1.9 TDI 105s both a clutch release bearing fault and a hesitation on running fault with no cure available from VW at 10-10-06.

FSIs are proving to be petrol sensitive. Best run on 99 Ron Shell V-Power Super. Head problems reported at 4 years old if not run on high octane petrol. May also suffer failed lambda probes (two at £200 each) and failed cat converters as a result.

More coils failures usually indicated by the emissions (lambda) light on the dash.

Battery drain caused by radio. If you don't leave a CD in the player, then it randomly thinks you've inserted one, then decides you haven't, and then switches the radio on. You then find the car in the morning either with with the radio blaring or the battery flat. Even if you switch the radio off before switching the ignition off, this can still happen.

One report in June 2007 of a TDI PD 170 running on its sump oil after having been overfilled. So check when cold on a flat surface and be very careful not to overfill.

On all PD diesel engines, if engine lube oil appears to rise, the reason may be that the injectors are leaking fuel oil into the bores. Very important to get this fixed or engine may start running on its lube oil and need to be stalled against the brakes or choked of air to stop. Alternatively it may be the 'Tandem pump" that is at fault and has been leaking diesel into the engine. See Recalls below.

Many niggly faults on delivery. One reader's story:- "I bought a VW Golf Mark 5 in December 2004. When I went to collect the car, the doors didn't fit properly, nor did they close properly either. There were a few other little things, but the doors were the main problem. The dealership, said that they would take the car in and try to fix it. After 3 days, the car came back and the doors were still massively out of alignment. The VW garage, said they would get me another car. In March, the new one came. Initially, there was a problem with the centre console cover, which was badly marked. I pointed this out to the salesman, who offered to replace the part, straight away, with a second hand part out of another car. I refused and waited three weeks for a new part. Then the Alarm failed, due to a faulty siren. This was fixed, however a week after it being fixed, a new fault appeared. Every time I went over a bump, the was a vibration and rattle, which progressively got worse. This took 5 times in the garage to find, and it was diagnosed as a faulty bracket behind the dashboard, which had incorrectly fitted during manufacture. Whilst it was in the garage, they also found that the CV joint was leaking grease heavily and had to be replaced. About a month ago, during the good weather, I noticed some discoloration in the paintwork on the passenger door. It was like the black, was slightly grey. I thought it was dirt, but polishing and washing has had no effect. It is only noticeable, when the sunlight is on the car. About two weeks ago, the alarm failed again. It has been diagnosed as the Alarm siren again. This was the last straw. I have gone back to VW to demand my money back. I paid £17,000 for the car and I am absolutely fed up with it and I have no confidence in the car. Its fine to drive, but it keeps going wrong. Now, there appears to be a squeak in the front suspension as well, when I go over a speed hump."

Some 2006/2007 build cars with 6-speed boxes suffered from a planetary gear fault due to incorrect assembly. Cars fixed quickly by TSB when in dealers for servicing or other problems. Fairly high incidence of exploding manual transmissions due to this fault and puncturing transmission casing. Same fault also occurs on the Audi A3 and SEAT Leon. If not VAG serviced then the fault may not have been fixed by TSB.

As with Golf Mk IV, 5-speed manual transmissions of 1.4s and 1.6s prone to failure due to corrosion and cracking of the casing, but VW has still contributed up to 70% of of the cost for cars up to 5 years old. Not always, though. By November 2010 complaints were mounting that VW was not helping even with four and a half year old cars despite full VW dealer service history. Same applies to A3s, Leons and Octavias.

Door seal failures seem to be a common problem.

Failure of Zexel or Valeo a/c compressors is common, usually a year or two out of warranty and dealers can quote £1,304 for new compressor, condensor and expansion valve. Sometimes goodwill of about £300 offered. But cheaper to buy a new Sanden compressor for £287 and have it fitted by an independent a/c specialist for about £150. Internet forums, particularly in USA are full of postings concerning failures of Zexel and Valeo compressors, seems a case of "when not if".

Quite a lot of turbo oil seal failures soon after the 3 year warranty expires. Cost of new turbo, intercooler and exhaust manifold £2,700. So best to buy an extended warranty that covers you for this before the manufacturer warranty ends.

Hiccuping on 2008 1.9TDI 105s cured by a flash dealer download to the ECU.

Problems emerging with the 1.4TSI and 7-speed DSG: jerking at low speeds, losing drive, etc. One owner had the transmission replaced, then the entire car replaced, only to be faced with the same problems. VW later acknowledged a problem that is completely fixed by a software download.

Steering racks give trouble. VW has replaced a lot of steering racks on 04 - 06 Mk5 Golfs because of rubbing, creaking noises when turning left. New rack was released late 2006-early 2007 but no safety recall was not done.

On TDIs a starting problem may be due to a faulty relay under the dashboard. As this relay also controls the fuel cut-off valve, it means that, even with the engine hot, the engine will not start no matter how much it is churned over. However, if the glow-plug light comes on, however briefly, the engine will start immediately. Replacing the relay solves the problem.

ECUs can be damaged by moisture due to water ingress to the passenger compartment via the pollen filter. Same old VAG problem: The water is coming from the vent well in the bulkhead and in through the pollen filter. The reasons might be blocked vent well drains leaving rainwater nowhere else to go except into the car. Or a failed pollen filter seal. Or a broken or misfitted pollen filter cover. This is a typically terrible piece of German engine-erring and is so difficult to replace accurately that most fitters give up in the time they are allocated for the job. So if the leak followed a service that included a pollen filter change the reason is that the garage did not fit the cover properly and is fully responsible for all the damage cause by this.

Check 2.0TDIs regularly for coolant loss. VW has become aware of a problem with the alloy used to make the cylinder head, causing the head to become porous allowing coolant to leak in to the engine. Means a new head at a cost of £1,700 plus labour at VAG franchise rates. By July 2009, cylinder head failures of 1.9 and 2.0 diesels were becoming increasingly common.

Minor problems with hestitation when pulling away and car very prone to stalling.

On 6-speed twin shaft manuals the gearchange from 1st to 2nd can become stiff. First stage dealer cure is to replace the transmission oil. If that fails, it needs a synchro ring replacing. So if your box stiffens up, make sure it is attended to before the warranty expires.

Lack of grease on bonnet catches on later production allows them to corrode and jam. Something you can check and attend to yourself before the catch jams.

Another reader's catalogue of disaster, received 25-10-2009: "I purchased a Mark V GT 1.4 TSI DSG new with 07 plate. The car was delivered with body faults that cost £600 to correct. The steering rack has been replaced, drumming in the nearside front (have rotated tyres etc.), several trips to dealer to correct lurching at low speeds and dropping out with a clunk when coming to halt. Garage have updated engine software and now recently installed a new Mechatronics unit specially built by factory. Slow speed lurching cured but dropping out with a clunk still noticeable. Small cooling fan recently replaced. The car is riddled with irritating rattles which the garage fix and subsequently return (VW does not seem to have learned from the Mark IV which I owned and seem identical, eg. air vent system, parcel shelf); most recently the stereo system has started cutting out intermittently on one side of the car. The car is very noisy even at reasonable speed."

Failures of Mechatronics units of DSGs reported at 30 months old. See USA Recall below.

ESP warning light can indicate Fault Code "Boost Pressure Sensor G201". This is embedded inside ATE Teves Mk 60 ABS systems and VW originally said it required replacement of the entire ABS control unit/pump, asking owners to email volkswagencustomercare@volkswagen.co.uk . However, by January 2011 the company was becoming more generous and changed its policy to replacing just the hydraulic element of the module which has the G201 sensor permanently embedded, as BMW had done all along. The fault seems to be age-related, occurring mainly in 3 - 5 year old cars. Does not necessarily lead to an MoT failure. More on the problem and independent rebuilds of the unit at: BBA Reman or ECU Testing . In the photo of the ABS unit it is the alloy hydraulic section in the centre that is now replaced. WARNING: Dodgy dealers and unscrupulous private vendors have been unplugging the ECU as no warning then shows on the dash. Replace the plug and the light 'ECU off' appears permanently whether you switch it on or off.

13-1-2010: Typical scenario: "I own a 55 plate VW GTI with 22,428 miles on the clock. At around the 21,500 mark the ESP light came on. Called local service technician (ex VW tech) to undertake a diagnostics check which confirmed ABS unit was at fault. So to start the ball rolling for some goodwill from VW, I took the car to a local Manchester VW dealership for another diagnostics check. Wrote to Customer Care at Milton Keynes early December. On 15th Dec received a courtesy call from Customer Care. They informed me that a case worker would be phoning me in due course. On 18th and 23rd Dec 2009 the case worker called. VW required all service records with genuine VW parts used to be listed. All relevant information sent to the VW case worker at VW Passenger Cars, Selectapost, Sheffield. On 12th January 2010 the case worker contacted me to inform me that VW was not prepared to offer any goodwill for the following reasons: vehicle was purchased from a independent dealer, vehicle not serviced at a VW dealership, vehicle not serviced in the last 12 months. My reply was that the vehicle has only done 8,117 miles since its last service (at 14,311 miles on the 8th May 2008). Also the ABS unit is becoming a common fault within VAG. The reply was, VW might offer 10% towards a replacement unit if the vehicle has the 24,000 mile service undertaken at a VW dealership. After some haggling I managed to get a 30% discount off the unit and agreed to the 24,000 mile service, work to commence early February 2010. Cost of replacement ABS unit was quoted at £1,067.04p. Deduct the 30% and the unit comes to £746.93p. The service cost is £128.77p." VOSA (tel: 0117 954 3300 0117 954 3300 ) originally took the view that, since a warning light indicates a problem, the driver is not in imminent danger particularly since this does not stop the primary function of the braking system: ie only view recall action necessary where there is a complete component failure to which a driver would be placed in immediate danger. VOSA is well aware of this issue with VAG and that this would constitute an MOT failure. By 2012 it seemed that a 'gentleman's agreement' had been reached whereby VAG dealers would fix the problem FOC in most cases where the car had been consistently VW delaer serviced.

On 200PS 2.0T GTI, one end of the return spring on the throttle butterfly can become detached, and partially unwinds itself, in the process stopping the butterfly from closing properly (a potential safety concern). Yet for the sake of a £2 spring the whole £400 throttle body is junked and replaced.

2.0 TFSI GTI can suffer severe, uneven rear tyre wear, finishing off a pair in 10,000 miles.

Mechatronic unit problems with DSG/S-tronic can case an initial delay when setting off followed by a sudden surge. A replacement Mechatronic unit cures this. See www.DSGwoes.co.uk . In the USA, VAG has been forced to increase the warranty on the DSG/S-tronic to 10 years.

Very useful information from FBE659 in The Backroom. VAG diesels will run to starship mileages if you buy the right one and maintain it properly. Doing both of these things is not as easy as it might seem. The pre-PD diesels were reliable but are all getting too old now. The economy was excellent but they lack the power of the PD units. The best PD units are mid-period 1.9s with solenoid injectors. Avoid the later piezo injector engines. The earliest 2.0 PD engines had a rather complex and flaky fuel cooling system which is also better avoided. (Apparently not subject to oil pump drive problems because it used a simplified oil pump drive design, without the known troublesome balance shaft module setup that afflicted many 2.0 PD Passats, Superbs, A4s etc., with north south engine installations.) The best vintage PD is probably an '04 1.9 130 (AWX) - the 150 HP units are not as reliable and don't actually go much better. All PD engines require oil to VAG spec. 505.01 (fixed servicing) or 507.00 (variable). Camshaft wear will be the result of variations from this spec. - although the fully-synth 507.00 is fine for both, but a little more expensive. There is a general consensus, which I share, that variable servicing is not good for engine wear unless operated under the most favourable conditions - which few are. I change the 507.00 oil in my AWX every 7k miles. So far, very good. The latest CR engines run very nicely and are smoother than the PDs (but without the "shove") but I am beginning to hear of far too many (piezo again) injector failures and HP pump failures. Best avoided for now unless under warranty. The beauty of the PD system is that the highly stressed pump plunger followers are oil rather than fuel lubricated. It makes a considerable difference.>> (ends FBE659's contribution)

Reports of 1.4TSI 160s (supercharged and turbocharged) developing cracked pistons.

2.0TFSIs suffering "coil pack failures", but the fault appears secondary to oil leakage into the packs. More at: www.seatcupra.net

22-1-2011: One report of as radiator failure on a 4 year old Mk V (though in fairness to VW this could happen to any car).

22-1-2011: If ESP/ABS amber warning light comes on intermittently and will not re-set, you might not actually have the ATE Teves Mk 60 ABS/ESP problem. First check circuits and start at the ABS fuse and holder (no 9 on a Golf, on scuttle edge by driver door). Pull it out, have a look and if okay replace it. The warning light may then go out. Sometimes they slip out a bit and become wobbly, which is enough to set off the warning.

26-1-2011: From January 2011 VAG has elected to repair the ABS modulators (electronics/hydraulics combined). See photo. The hydraulic element (which has the G201 sensor permanently attached) is the silver section sandwiched in the middle. It is this section that is being replaced rather than the whole module, as was the case previously.

3-3-2011: Report of timing chain tensioner sprocket failure on a 1.4TSI.

14-3-2011: Digital LED display can be corrupted by below zero temperatures. £830 for a new instrument cluster (including the speedo and rev counter). ‘Cluster Repairs’ at www.Clusterrepairsuk.co.uk. quote £180 to fit a new LED unit to the existing cluster. Instrument cluster removal is a DIY job using the Haynes manual. Existing data; mileage, fuel consumption data etc. is preserved intact.

5-4-2011: It is ESSENTIAL that the microfilter of the DSG is replaced at 40k miles the same time as the fluid otherwise failure of the DSG is quite likely. This is a widespread, well-known problem due to the failure of VAG dealers to replace this filter when it is supposed to be replaced. If the dealer fails to replace the filter at the same tme as the scheduled fluid change, then, because of the dealer's negligence, the dealer is liable for the failure of the transmission and is liable to repair or replace it FOC to the car owner. A DSG fluid and microfilter change costs around £180 at a VW dealer.

20-4-2011: Another report of complete engine failure of a 1.4TSI, thought by an independent specialist to be the result of the crankshaft failing/siezing and a cam rod bursting through the engine block.

28-5-2011: There seems to be a problem of "tinkling noises" from 1.4TSI engines. Google <1.4tsi engine failure>, but the posts date back to 2008. One failure was at 80,000km. Others have heard tinklings at as little as 3,000 miles. Some owners who have had their cars chipped by Revo to 226PS are having problems, but that isn't really surprising, is it? As far as I can gather it's a timing chain / timing chain tensioner problem. The chains stretch, probably because they are not being properly lubricated, and that's probably because owners are not changing the engine oil and filters frequently enough.

24-6-2011: Autodimming door mirror glass progressively turns a murky brown after having been subjected to very low temperatures. Cost £200 each to replace.

26-6-2011: One instance of turbo failure reported on a 2007 1.4 TSI 170. Seems to have been bearing failure. The impeller broke away from the shaft.

1-7-2011: Latest on PD170 injector problem here PD 170 Injector Probem . Apparently after action from VOSA, VAG is offering full compensation to owners who have suffered this failure.

7-7-2011: Ticking noise from dashboard may be that ventilation flaps are only partially moving into position and are being struck by the fanblades. Reprogramming their position costs about £40.

13-7-2011: Engine mounting bolt of VW maintained 2006 GTI sheared, landing owner with £3,250 bill.

15-7-2011: Rate of diesel turbo failures seems to be increasing.

21-7-2011: 'Knocking' noises reported in 1.4TSI twincharger engines (supercharged and turbocharrged). Seems that the knock sensors have been incorrectly calibrated for the prevalent fuel, which VAG says should be at least 95Ron. Recalibrating may work, but numbers of engines have suffered piston failures both in the UK and in Europe.

29-7-2011: Dealer price of ESP pressure sensor repair using repair kit now reduced to as little as £432 inc.

24-8-2011: Bonnet catches require extra regular greasing or can seize up.

31-8-2011: Check for corrosion around the wheelarches. Seems that movement of the plastic wheelarch protectors rubs the paint off, then they harbour moisture.

28-1-2012: Manufacturer recall to replace Siemens Piezoelectric injectors of 2006 - 2009 2.0 TDI BMN engines. All the injectors from the the 2.0 TDI PD engines that use piezoelectric Siemens injectors and Siemens ECUs are affected by this problem. The most problems are on the Passat BKD 2.0 TDI 140HP. No problem from 2009 and the introduction of the common rail 2.0 TDI engine (CEGA).

13-3-2012: 3 year old, 32,000 mile Volkswagen Golf Estate 2.0TDi with DSG automatic transmission. S tarted making a noise a couple of weeks before, then reader was told by the dealer it needed a new gearbox. After various calls to Volkswagen were 'offered' 70% off the price of a new gear box, and 50% off the cost of fixing it, which left over £1,300 to pay.

11-4-2012: Golf 1.4 GT TSI 170 purchased new in July 2006. In July 2011 ay 58,736 miles the timing chain needed to be replaced (VW paid half the cost). In April 2012 at 64,280, lack of compression on number four cylinder diagnosed.

18-4-2012: Another report of timing chain failure on 1.4TSI. Could be due to insufficiently frequent oil changes, or the wrong oil.

6-5-2012: Timing chain issue with Golf V 1.4TSIs. (See 18-4-2012, 11-4-2012, 28-5-2011.) During the preceding two weeks journalists from Auto Bild in Germany met with VW to discuss the extent of a chain failure. In the meeting, VW managers admitted that they have identified a problem with a defective component supplied by a third party company. The engines affected have been identified by VW but there is no general recall. Journalists from Autoweek have also started to investigate the extent of the problem in the Netherlands. Clarification of which engines are affected is urgently needed but has not so far been forthcoming. VAG is the most profitable automaker in the World, having posted an annual profit of $21.5 billion. Timing Chain Failure Video No evidence that this is a problem with the same engine in later cars such as the Golf VI.

20-6-2012: Reports of dealers fixing the ESP pressure sensor fault FoC in cases where the car had been fully VW dealer serviced.

28-6-2012: Another DSG bearing failure reported on 1.4TSI, this one 3 years 8 months old and 30k miles. Quoted £7,500 for complete new box or £3,500 for exchange box + fitting. VW agreed to pay 80% of the costs.

30-7-2012: Siemens Piezoelectric injector recall on 2006 - 2009 2.0 TDI BMN engines seems to be causing problems with DPFs. Several reports of this .

6-8-2012: " I love the 1.4 TSI 122 engine in my 2008 Golf and it is by far the most reliable part of it! So far, 38,000 miles of fun. However, the rest of the car appears to be falling apart. So far this year I've had to replace one of the radiator fans (poor design allows dust into the bearings causing it to seize), the door lock has gone on one of the rear doors, I seem to be losing synchromesh on second gear (only second gear mind and presumably that's because it the most fun gear to use/overuse) and I've never had to replace a clutch let along worry about the gearbox in the past 20 years of motoring. This is before any of the known issues with ESP or air-conditioning compressors have appeared."

2-9-2012: Can be a persistent problem with the door locks.

30-9-2012: Check carefully for rust beginning to spread across the surface of the inner wheelarches as a result of abrasion from the sound deadening material that gets wet during normal use of the car. If unchecked, this can result in paint bubbling as it gradually spreads to the visible surfaces at the top edge of the wheel arches. It is not covered by the perforation warranty.

12-10-2012: Another DSG failure, this time on a 2008/58 1.4TSI at 41,000 miles. First noticed asd a whistling sound. Eventually VW agreed to pay half the costs levaing the owner with a bill of £1,989.60. These transmissions do require a change of fluid and microfilter every 3 years at a cost of around £200.

29-12-2012: Yet another Mechatronics failure in 22k mile 4 year old 1.4TSI DSG. Cost £1,600, but VAG paid 60%.

5-1-2013: 69,000 mile 2005 VW Golf Plus DSG developed alarming jolts and jerks usually at slow speeds. On one ocasion the engine revved up highly when the gearbox was in drive mode ie. in midst of traffic my car lost forward drive and slowed down despite foot pressure on accelerator. Reader took car to local VW garage who diagnose gearbox fault -oil contamination in gearbox wiring loom-TP reference2022248/4 requiring replacement of internal gearbox looms. Their quotation for this repair is £ 814-70.

11-1-2013: Warranty on 7-speed dry clutch DSG extended to 5 years or 150,000 kilometres in Russia and China. Followed by recalls in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Problem is with the Mechatronics unit , replaced in the Singapore/Malaysia recall. The transmission reportedly makes strange noises heard inside the car when shifting from 4th to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st. Outside the car the noise is a metallic and repetitive sound, made when the car goes over speed-bumps. www.autoevolution.com reports that an angry group of French VW owners claim that Seat, Skoda and Audi drivers are also reporting the same problems.

15-3-2013: E ngine block bolts of a 7 year old 63k mile VW Golf Mk5 sheared off causing the engine to drop, cut the cambelt and stop the engine, all whilst vehicle was in motion. VW dealer told reader they've never heard of this happening before (but see above), that it's not 'driver error' but there's nothing they can do and want pretty much what the vehicle is worth to repair the 'bottom half of the engine' and probably double that if there's resultant damage to the head.

16-4-2013: Report of timing chain jumping on 2007/57 GT Sport 1.4 TSI 140 resulting in damage to all four pistons and 8 valves requiring £1,400 of work to rectify. More on this in Golf Mk VI What's Bad.

16-5-2013: Backroom reliability story of wet clutch 6 speed DSG: "I have 05 Golf V with wet 6 speed DSG; 138,000 miles so far without problem. Gear box oil and filter changed every 40,000 miles (about £180 at main dealer)."

31-5-2013: Another report of a failed 7-speed DSG on a 32k mile 2008/58 Golf 1.4TSI. Both clutches were failing and the differential bearing had failed. Replacement quoted at £4,500, but goodwill contribution of £1,000 expected from VW. Hopefully more.

11-6-2013: Problem with 54k mile 2007/57 1.4 TSI Twincharger 140 reported. Owner stalled the car making an emergency stop, leading to overfuelling indicated by lamda probe exhaust warning light. Turbo recirculation valve replaced to no effect. Coil packs replaced to no effect. Dealer did not know how to fix it.

22-7-2013: Intermittent left indicator fault reported (but seems to be confined to the one car).

29-7-2013: Another timing chain failure reported, this on a 2007 1.4TSI, £1,000 cost fortunately covered by extended warranty.

22-8-2013: Front wings prone to rust perforation if moisture retaining foam pads have not been removed by the VW dealer soon enough. TSB 2007396/15 of 6th November 2009 advises dealers what to do to stop rusting occurring around the wings. If this has not been done VW is claiming exemption from 12 year no perforation warranty and only offering a 50% contribution to the cost of replacing the front wings.

16-9-2013: DSG of 2008 Golf V 1.4TSI needed new clutch pack in June 2013. VW contributed 50% and reader had to pay £1,100. DSG caused car to stop dead in August 2013. New transmission required at £1,800 contribution from reader.

29-9-2013: Mechatronic unit failure on 5 year old Golf DSG at 30k miles. Quoted £1,800+ (plus a delay of 10 days before the main dealer could obtain a replacement unit). Extended warranty paid most of cost leaving reader with a bill of £300. The warning of imminent DSG failure is a spanner icon that alternates with the 'current gear' indicator at the top right of the multifunction display between the tach and speedo.

18-10-2013: EGR of 1.6TSI (chain cam petrol) failed at 120,000 miles despite having been cleaned ever 40,000 miles. The inside is plastic, not repairable, obviously not intended to last indefinitely.

1-12-2013: Rod through block reported on 85k mile 5 year old Golf 1.9TDI BXE engine.

5-1-2014: Mk V GTI 2.0TSI can develop the same cylinder head problems as 1.6TSI if not run on at least 98Ron Superunleaded. The reason is that The GTI is direct-injection, so instead of fuel passing over the valves and cleaning them, it goes straight into the cylinder. This can lead to the back of the valves getting coked up, stopping the valve stems from sealing properly, which, in turn, can lead to high oil consumption.

25-1-2014: On 2.0 TDIs the timing belt tensioner stud can finally shear , so a replacement tensioner stud has been included in official VAG timing belt replacement kits from August 2013. Important to use the full kit and not save money by just replacing the belt.

1-2-2014: PAS became stiff on a 2008 Golf TDI.

31-3-2014: Another perforated front wing reported on a Golf Mk V due to moisture retaining pads beneath the wings.

4-5-2014: Report that VW replaced both rusted front wings of a 150k mile 10 year old Golf SDI free of charge under warranty.

13-5-2014: On 103k mile 2007 VW Golf TDI, a PD injector seal failed causing severe wear to camshaft lobe. All injector seats found to be damages beyond repair so new cylinder head was needed and total bill ran up to £1,737.81. Parts alone were £1,112.42 + VAT.

15-6-2014: Another 2008 VW Golf 1.9TDI BXE dropped a rod at 82k miles.

8-7-2014: Grilles now available to protect Golf Mk V a/c condensers from stone damage. From VW dealers for just £7.95.

10-7-2014: Short circuit in Mechatronics unit of 33k mile 2008/58 Golf 1.4 TSI DSG requiring replacement of Mechatronics.

25-7-2014: History received of 38,000 mile 2008 VW Golf 1.6FSI Match. First breakdown in Bracknell, VW Assist attended and replaced two ignition coils which caused misfiring. Technician advised they were of Turkish origin and that VW had known quality problem. Second breakdown on way back home from routine service at VW Windrush Maidenhead, called out VW Assist again – same problem. Also changed plugs. Third breakdown – can't remember details. Breaking up of catalytic converter diagnosed, replaced and work done by Citygate. Breaking up of catalytic converter diagnosed again, replaced and work done by Citygate. 23-7-2014: Radiator replaced by Martins of Camberley. £659 to replace. Martins diagnose bearing failing on aircon compressor. £1,326 to replace.

17-11-2014: ABS/ESP light came on in 45k mile 2005/55 Golf 2.0GTI 3-dr. Standard brake pressure sensor failure inside ATE Teves Mk 690 ABS/ESP module. recommended to send module to ECUtesting.com. Will cost about £600 including removing and re-fitting of module.

6-1-2015: Sequence of problems with 41k mile 2008 Golf 1.4TSi DSG: In 2011 VW had to replace the gearbox under warranty due to a problem that existed at the time, so the gearbox has only been in the car for 3 years. VW recall on the car in 2014 for the gearbox oil. Then in January 2015, selected Drive and the car would not move. Smoke came from under the bonnet, smelling like burned clutches. Managed to select gears manually and get it to the VW dealer who thinks it might be the Mechatronics but can't confirm until dismantled. New Mechatronics will be £1,500, but might need entire new transmission.

7-1-2015: Another VW 1.4TSI timing chain failure, this time on a 44,000 mile 2008 Golf. Reader quoted £1,000 to replace it.

8-1-2015: Owner of 45k mile 2005/55 Golf 2.0FSI that suffered Fault Code 1435 Brake Pressure Sensor 1 (G201) had the sensor replaced FoC by his dealer, Western VW in Edinburgh from which he bought the car in 2012. Hats off to Western VW.

15-1-2015: Crankshaft snapped on Golf 1.9TDI BXE at 70,000 miles.

15-5-2015: All you need to know about VAG EA288 TDI DPFs: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/DPF-Adblue-FAQ-VW-Audi.htm

16-5-2015: VW dealer reported DPF of 2009 Golf 1.9 Bluemotion blocked at 43,000 miles and replacement cost of £2,500. 50% of the car's running has been on motorways, shortest 25 mies; most others on A roads. Recommended Ceramex cleaning of ash from DPF at around £300.

3-7-2015: Problems with Mechatronics of 6-speed wet clutch DSG on 2007 Golf 2.0TDI. Diagnosis for gearbox fault £99. Mechatronics unit for gearbox including oil and filter and sealing ring £2,081.10. Labour for fitting £270. Total cost for repair £2,450.10. All prices include VAT and parts and labour have an unlimited millage and 2 year warranty.

5-8-2015: ESP light reported on 2006 Golf. Usual recommendation to have module removed and sent to ecutesting for repair, then re-fitted.

31-12-2015: Report that another cause of the global windows dropping is corrosion in the electrics in the hatchback caused by the rear screen washer tube popping off. This can send a false signal to the windows ECU in the driver's door to lower all the windows.

21-1-2016: Report that VW's free or dealer contributed fix of the ATE Teves Mk 60 ABS/ESP module failure has ended in August 2015 because the cars were all then more than 6 years old. Fault discovered by VW dealer on Golf GTI Edition 30 in November 2015 and reader forced to pay, since when the reader has been attempting to get a contribution to the fix. By 26-1-2016, VW agreed to meet this claim in full.

13-2-2016: 2008 VW Golf with 7-speed dry clutch DSG had its transmission fluid replaced in 2015. Mechatronics have now failed and dealer is quoting a generous £1,767 to replace the transmission.

12-3-2016: High pitched screeching sound reported from engine of 65,000 mile 2007/57 VW Golf GTI turbo. Eventually traced to breather valve on the crankshaft cover. It had split and was letting air in. A new valve was £32 and the gasket was £22.

23-3-2016: ABS/ESP light flashing on 2010 VW Golf estate. Supplying dealer told reader that VW had stopped repairing these FoC or at discounted rates and wanted £1,400 for the repair. We advised that as the car is still less than 6 years old he may be able to claim against the supplying dealer. Otherwise a case of sewnding the ABS/ESP module to ECU Testing for the brake pressure sensor to be replaced. Total cost should not be more than £600.

17-5-2016: Report of DSG transmission of 2005 Volkswagen Golf failing at 130,000 kilometres, possibly due to lack of maintenance.

23-6-2016: ATE Teves Mk 60 ESP brake pressure sensor failure reported on 2007 VW Golf 2.0TDI. VW dealer offered to fix for £520. Explained that 'free fix' ended in August 2015. Customer pushed VW Customer Services and managed to secure a generous 33% discount on the job on what is now a 7 year old car. He had quoted: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/caradvice/honestjohn/7053551/VW-Golf-ABS-failure.html/ but this dates back to January 2010 when his 2007 car would have been 3 years old.

9-9-2016: Problems with passenger seat occupancy sensor of 2009 Golf 1.9TDI causing airbag warning light to come on. Repaired sevceral times byt problem returns.

9-12-2016: Report of ESP light on in 2008 VW Golf V at 68k miles. Most likely to be usual ATE Teves Mk 60 ABS/ESP module. Needs the brake pressure sensor replacing. Can be done by http://www.ecutesting.com for about £400.

23-1-2017: Report of ESP light on dash of 2007 Golf V. recommended http://www.ecutesting.com

27-2-2017: Report of 2007 VW Golf Mk 5 Sport 1.4 TSI blowing up at an inner city multi storey Car Park, 7 minutes after being parked. Insurance paid out the book price and possessions but owner was deemed 'at fault.' Car had every service per the book, mainly by VW, apart from the last two. VW said it could not have been a manufacturer's fault, owing to the age of the car.

19-5-2017: Report of 2008 Vollswagen Golf 1.4TSI 140 suffering a misfire and engine management light on. Owner had coils, spark plugs and injector seals replaced. Management light still came on. Had the inlet manifold and head replaced with new parts. Car still has a intermittent misfire and fault shows manifold flap fault.

27-5-2017: Report of Mechatronics of 6-speed wet-clutch DSG failing in 2007 VW Golf 2.0TSi at 18,500 miles despite full VW service history. Dealer estimated replacement cost at £2,871.

30-10-2017: Report of problem with 2007 VW Golf 1.9TDI. 6 weeks ago it cut out whilst driving as if it had stalled. It would then not re start. Engine was cranking but would not fire - completely dead. Owner had it towed to a garage, they told him that the seals on the injectors had failed and oil had got into the fuel system (showed him a bottle of blue/black fuel they drained). They replaced the fuel seals, oil filter, fuel filter, new rocker cover gasket, new oil and drained/flushed the fuel tank and added fuel cleaner to the system. Last night exactly the same failure repeated. Started car, drove about 5 miles and it just cut out mid drive and will not start again, no warning signs or juddering just cut out. We think that the extremely oil sensitive Pumpe Duse injectors have packed up and that the engine probably needs a new set. Expensive.

1-12-2017: Rusting reported in front wheelarches of 2008 VW Golf.

4-12-2017: Report of 2008 VW Golf V being recalled in August 2017 for a software update to resolve a fault with the braking system. When the software update failed to fix the fault, VW replaced the full ABS braking system. The work cost £2,500 but owner did not pay the costs. The brakes then failed last week fully locking on, sending the car into a skid and locking the steering. VW has now repaired the fault at a cost of £1,100 excluding labour.

4-12-2017: Another report of VW Golf V recalled for ABS/ESP in August 2017 and taken to Bristol Heritage having had no previous problems with the car. Owner told after an hour a lot of warning lights appeared after the update and the dealer needed to keep the car. Since then it has had the abs control module, pads, discs, master cylinder, hydraulic control unit replaced in search for the problem. Part way through the car was returned to owner apparently fixed and had a serious brake failure on the M5 narrowly avoiding serious accident. The car was sent back to the dealer who has now had it for the past 15 weeks. Owner asked to test drive the car today and the gear lever was so stiff he could barely select the correct gear.

81 dated faults reported since January 2011. (Because this is now an older model, by October 2010 complaints had more or less dried up.)

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3-3-2005 on LUPO,POLO,GOLF,BORA, TOURAN,NEW BEETLE,PASSAT AND SHARAN (WITH 2 PUMP INJECTOR ENGINE) built 1-3-04 to 31-8-04 bolts on tandem fuel pump may break.

30-12-2008 Recall/TSB on 2006 Golf GT TDI ( 140 ) is being for an ECU software update. More details TBA.

Volkswagen Group of America announced it would initiate a new customer service program to address concerns raised by its customers with certain Direct Shift Gearboxes (DSG/S-Tronic) in Volkswagen and Audi models, and to affirm its confidence in the sophisticated technology represented by those components. This new comprehensive service program affects a limited number of model years 2007-2009 Volkswagens and Audis. Covered models are the Volkswagen R32, Jetta, Jetta SportWagen (UK Golf estate), GTI, Eos, as well as Audi A3 and TT.

Some customers have reported transmission performance issues under certain driving conditions. This was due to a faulty component inside the Mechatronic unit within a limited production range. VWGoA will repair or replace the components in the transmissions of approximately 43,000 Volkswagens and 10,300 Audis at no charge to the vehicles' owners. Additionally, VWGoA will reimburse customers who have had this repaired at their own expense.

The company has begun increasing the parts supply to expedite this customer service program. As the parts become available, owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted to schedule an appointment at their dealer. The company will make loaner vehicles available at no charge. This new customer service program is unrelated to a voluntary safety recall that VWGoA announced August 20. Under that recall, VWGoA is replacing a faulty temperature sensor in a separate and smaller group of vehicles. (The earlier action addresses a potential for a faulty temperature sensor to cause the transmission to shift into neutral while the vehicle is being driven.)

6-11-2009: TSB 2007396/15 advises dealers to remove moisture retaining foam pads under the front wings otherwise serious rsuting czn occur in that area. This TSB was only carried out to cars regularly serviced by VW dealers. Many Mk Vs out there on which the foam pads have not been removed.

14-12-2009: Official VOSA recall R/2009/110/37E8 of VAG cars with 6-speed dual wet clutch DSG transmission built 1-9-2008 to 31-8-2009 because "In rare cases an incorrect interpretation of the clutch temperature can occur which results in the clutch opening unexpectedly with loss of drive." Remedial action was to update/reprogramme gearbox Mechatronic control unit.

28-9-2011: VOSA Confirmation of Injectors Recall. Following detailed negotiations between VOSA and the vehicle manufacturer, VW-Audi Group (VAG) has agreed to replace all the injectors originally fitted to VAG group vehicles. If any of the original injectors has already been replaced, VAG will reimburse customers who have paid for this work themselves even if thework was completed outside of their authorised network. If your vehilce is within the range of vehilces affected then all fourinjectors will be replaced free of charge.

29-10-2011: Reader report of Ice Damage to Front Doors of early build Mk Vs in very low temperatures due to failure of doors to drain water. TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) 57 07 05 issued by VW to address "Front Door Deformed by Ice". Newer cars have some form of additional panel (with some PVC foam) installed at this point.

31-12-2011: Apparently, all VAG models with the 2.0TDI engine from around 2005 fitted with Siemens peizo injectors are subject to a recall which involves replacing all the injectors FOC. Job takes around 3 hours. A short circuit within the injectors causes the fuel system to shut down and engine cuts out.

28-1-2012: Manufacturer recall to replace Siemens Piezoelectric injectors of 2006 - 2009 2.0 TDI BMN engines. All the injectors from the the 2.0 TDI PD engines that use piezoelectric Siemens injectors and Siemens ECUs are affected by this problem. The most problems are on the Passat BKD 2.0 TDI 140HP. No problem from 2009 and the introduction of the common rail 2.0 TDI engine (CEGA).

31-5-2012: According to VW, 1.9TDIs are not fitted with diesel particulate filters.

12-6-2013: Australian VW DSG Recall

and Australian VW DSG You Tube Video

Due to electrolysis, the DSG 7-speed transmissions are susceptible to conductive deposits forming in the gearbox control units, possibly causing the gearbox fuse to blow. Should this happen, the clutch will fully open due to power supply failure, causing the vehicle to roll to a stop if in motion. In the majority of cases, the fault occurs when the engine is started with the vehicle stationary. If the fuse blows while the vehicle is in motion, however, a sudden loss of power at the wheels could in certain circumstances occur while the vehicle is being driven. This may pose a hazard to the vehicle occupants and other road users. All other functions of the vehicle (steering, braking, etc.) remain fully active.

20-6-2017: R/2017/189: VW Golf Mk V and VI: ABS/ESC SYSTEM MAY FAIL On vehicles with ABS/ESC the earth connection may be interrupted. This may cause failure of the ABS/ESC system. On affected vehicles install new software. Where necessary a new ABS/ESC control unit will be fitted. Build dates: 2-6-2008 to 1-6-2010. VINS: WVGZZZ1TZ8W133012 to WVGZZZ1TZ8W133012; WVWZZZ1FZ9V000045 to WVWZZZ1FZAW561502; WVWZZZ1KZ5W113505 to WVWZZZ1KZAW561502; WVWZZZ13Z9V001329 to WVWZZZ13ZAV417077. .


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