Vauxhall Monaro (2004–2007)

Model History

April 2004

Monaro rebadged and sold in the UK as a Vauxhall

Vauxhall badged Holden Monaro. Australian built RHD Omega sized coupe (4,798mm x 1,841mm) originally with 302bhp 5,665cc V8 that also pumps out a useful 339 lb ft torque at 4,400rpm. Comes with six speed Tremac manual from Corvette, or four speed autobox. 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds, tops out at 153mph, yet cruising can manage 23.2mpg. 18" wheels with 235/40 R18 tyres.

For 2004, 5.7 V8 had 328bhp and put out 347 lb ft torque, does 160mph and 0-60mph in 6 seconds. UK spec for 300 Vauxhall badged imports includes leather six-way electric seats, now 19" alloys with 245/35 R19 tyres, climate control, 6CD autochanger, standard traction control with an off switch. Prices from £28,650, to rival MGZT 260.

August 2004

Higher powered VXR launched

380bhp factory version VXR at £35,595 from summer 2004. Standard car got power upgrade to 345bhp with 500Nm (353lb ft) torque from 10th March 2005 listed at £29,895. Got brakes from Corvette C6.

March 2005

VXR power boosted

6.0 litre 404PS 400bhp Corvettle LS2 powered Monaro VXR on sale in UK from March 2005 (silver car in pics). 530Nm torque. 180mph top speed. So faster even than Lotus Carlton and 'fastest ever' car with a Vauxhall badge.

January 2007

Limited edition VXR500 added to the range

For 2007, limited-edition VXR500 is based on the standard 6.0-litre Monaro VXR, but uses supercharged forced induction to take the power from 403 to 500PS and torque up from 530Nm to a massive 677Nm. In addition to the positive displacement supercharger, the conversion also includes an upgraded fuel system, clutch revisions and bespoke engine tune. Sub five second 0-60 time and top speed in excess of 180mph, yet surprisingly relaxing to drive, as most of the torque is available low down in the engine’s rev range. £35,995 on-the-road.

What does a Vauxhall Monaro (2004 – 2007) cost?