Vauxhall Antara (2007–2015)

What's good

Decent amount of space and footroom for passengers in 6th and 7th seats.

What to watch out for

Not as good to drive on or off road as Outlander/C Crosser/4007.

The hatchback handle/number plate light assembly cuts through the paint and allowing surface corrosion to start.

Never offered in the UK with seven seats.

Diesels seem to suffer from DPF regeneration problems.

Feedback from owner of Vauxhall Antara 2.0 SDE Manual. Bluetooth Unit Failed, Boot Lock Failed, Fuel Economy nowhere near the published figures no matter how carefully driven: this seems to be a major complaint on forums, Annoying kick when I put your foot back on the pedal between 45 and 60 mph. This has now been attended to; I am told it is a recall item and something electric has now been changed out. Car certainly smoother now.

10-8-2010: Strange intermittent problem on some 2009 diesel automatics. ESP lights come on and throttle becomes unresponsive. Dealer reported problem with throttle pedal sensor. After replacing and rewiring problems can re-occur requiring a more extensive fix.

24-7-2014: 2007 Vauxhall Antara least reliable new 4x4/SUV in 2014 Which? Car Survey with reliability rating of 75.8%.

24-7-2016: Report of leaking sump of 2014 Vauxhall Antara at 22,900 miles. Dealer kept car for three days, removed both sump pans, re-sealed them and re-tested them. This came to £593.64, not covered by the Lifetime Warranty.

26-1-2017: Report of 2 012 Vauxhall Antara 2.2 diesel CDTI with 29,000 in limp mode with error codes that link to the injectors.

6-3-2017: Report of transfer box of Antara exploding because of disparity in tyre sizes. " The Transfer Box on My Vauxhall Antara 4 x4 Reg J4KJC requires replaced as the bearing exploded and cracked open the casing , Arnold Clark garage have informed me that although all my tyres are well above the legal limit and it has passed its MOT only 3 weeks ago that one of them has more wear on it and this can put pressure on the transfer box , I also have lifetime warranty or 100,000 miles but they are saying i cannot claim against this and have to pay £4,100 for a new one.

3-8-2017: Report that engine of 2013 Vauxhall Antara 2.2CDTI "blew up" and that dealer wants £5,600 to replace the engine. This disaster matches a similar report of the same engine of the identical Chevrolet Captiva throwing a rod through the block when a big end cap bolt failed. See: Chevrolet Captiva faults

14-8-2018: Report of transfer box of 2012/62 Vauxhall Antara "blowing up". Owner quoted £2,500 to replace it.

7-9-2018: Report of main bearing of transmission of 2012 Vauxhall Antara failing at 50,000 miles resulting in need of new transmission box, clutch and flywheel. This is a commonly occurring reported fault. The car has only done 50k.

7-11-2018: Report of code P200A showing on diagnostics reader when applied to a Vauxhall Antara 2.2 diesel. Vauxhall dealer says never come across it before. Dealership proposes ordering a new manifold (£1,100) and then dismantling the engine.

5-1-2019: Report that 2012 Vauxhall Antara 2.2TD automatic bought used in August with 40k miles turned out to be a lot of trouble. Within a week had a gearbox issue when for a moment on the motorway whilst in cruise control it lost drive while the revs went up to 5k. Driver quickly cancelled cruise and ECO mode and car resumed as normal. Owner took it back to the supplier the same day where they diagnosed a transmission solenoid valve issue. They cleared the code and as it didn't come back told me him to keep an eye on it. Fault resumed over Christmas 2018, transmission struggling to decide which gear to be in before losing drive. Revs shot up again and when driver stopped and then pulled off again the car went into limp mode. The RAC diagnosed the solenoid valve issue again and towed the car to the supplier. Owner also suspects auto AWD is not working properly because front n/s wheel was spinning. Supplier changing transmission oil in hope that will fix it. Fuel economy only 20-25mpg.

8-2-2019: Report of still gearchange from 2nd, 4th and 6th gear on a 2 2cdti 4x4 Vauxhall Antara.


2009: Apparent TSB to cure "kick" from diesel automatic between 45 and 60mph.

24-10-2011: reports that GM Korea is recalling almost 100,000 cars worldwide to repair a potentially faulty fuel hose, the South Korean Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs said. The problem could cause fuel leaks and could result in the vehicle coming to an abrupt halt. The recall includes 32,618 vehicles in South Korea. The vehicles are 23,795 units of the Winstorm (Chevrolet Captiva/Vauxhall Antara) 2.0 diesel and 3,141 units of the Winstorm Max 2.0 produced between 11 February 2008 and 2 January 2011.

Vauxhall Antara Built 03/11/2010-26/05/2015 Number of cars involved 22,373 Manufacturer reference 15-C-068 Problem Diesel particulate filter (DPF) system can overheat and lead to a fire at the lower engine compartment cover. Solution Recall cars, discard cover and replace when parts are available.

13-01-2017: R/2016/264: Possibility of fire: Vehicles equipped with stop/start system might have a starter motor failure while driving, due to thermal damage of the starter cable. Fix: Authorised Repairers will Rework the starter motor cable. If necessary replace the starter, the starter cable and the starter cable nut. VIN: W0LLH6EH0EB001456 to W0LLV6EHXFB066695; Build dates 01-11-2013 to 09-06-2015

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