Tesla Model S (2014–)

Model History

August 2014

Tesla Model S goes on sale

Sleek, 5-door hatchback 4,970mm long, 2,187mm wide (1,964mm mirrors folded), 1,445mm high. Wheelbase 2,960mm.

All models are VED-free and London Congestion Charge exempt.

3 basic options:

Model S 60kWh, 440Nm torque, 0-60 5.8 seconds, top speed 120mph, range 242 miles £49,900

Model S 85kWh, 440Nm torque, 0-60 5.4 seconds, top speed 125mph, range 312 miles £68,700

Model S 85 kWh Performance Plus, 600Nm torque, 0-60 4.2 seconds, top speed 130mph, range 312 miles £74,200

All have an 8 year unlimited mileage drivetrain and battery warranty.

The underflloor battery pack can be removed and replaced in 2 minutes.

Additional options:

Black solid paint: FoC

All glass panoramic roof: £2,100

21" grey turbine wheels, 245/35 xR21 tyres front, 265/35 tyres rear: £3,800

Black 'Performance' leather seats: £2,100

Carbon fibre decor: £700

Matching yacht floor: £700

Carbon fibre spoiler: FoC

Dual Chargers: £1,250

'Super-Charger' enabled: Foc

Tech Package (allowing Internet browsing on the move): £3,200

Smart suspension, self-rising, self-leveling: £1,900

Parking sensors: £400

Ultra High Fidelity sound system: £2,100

Extended Nappa Leather trim: £2,100

Alcantara headliner: FoC

Premium interior lighting: £850

Sub-Zerp Weather Package: £650

Security Package: £350

Parcel shelf: FoC

Red brake calipers: £FoC

Standard charger 11kW: £FoC

The 'Super-Charger' enables the battery pack to be charged with 120kWh of power in 30 minutes. This is sufficient to travel 170 miles.

Most charging stations in the UK require a Type 2 to Type 2 connector and Model S comes with this as standard.

Home installation is straight forward with the recommended charging provider Chargemaster. Utilising the OLEV subsidy for the installation of a home Type 2 charging unit, means preparing your home for the arrival of your Model S is hassle free and affordable.

The most convenient time to charge is often at night, when your car is parked in your garage. Simply plug in when you arrive home. Model S will charge right away or at the time you’ve scheduled using the Touchscreen or a smart phone. Long before morning, your car will be charged and ready.

February 2015

Announcement that Tesla Model S P85D coming to the UK at a price of £79,080. Has two electric motors, one rated at 220PS driving the front wheels and the other at 470PS driving the rears. Combined power 690PS. Combined torque 934Nm. That's why it out-dragged the other cars.

April 2015

2WD Tesla Model S 60 replaced by 4WD Model S 70 with more powerful 70kWh motor. 514HP combined. 140mph. 0-60 in 5.2. 240 mile range. Price $75k (including Supercharger) in the USA.

October 2015

Apparently the Tesla Model S P85D now has 762PS.

November 2019

Survey reveals Model S will lose just one per cent of battery capacity a year

Full report here.

What does a Tesla Model S (2014) cost?