Tesla Model 3 (2019–)

What's good

Spacious, minimalist interior.

Relatively affordable for a high-performance electric car.

Range of up to 348 miles.

Fun to drive.

Five star Euro NCAP safety rating: 96% adult protection, 86% child protection, 74% pedestrian protection and 94% safety assist.

Standard Range Plus and Long Range models can tow up to 910kg with factory-fitted tow hitch. Performance rated to 500kg.

What to watch out for

Build quality lacking compared to mainstream rivals.

14-8-2019: Report from owner who just took delivery of a new Tesla Model 3: "I placed £1k deposit some 3 years ago. Finally got car last week. On collection was left unhappy as car had several scratches and these were pointed out to them and recorded; also some paint blemishes. Was told if didn’t take car my name would return to bottom of list. Sent email of Complaint listed all included pictures, etc. Over weekend had fault on car 'brake fluid light' after 120 miles. Couldn’t use car. Helpline number not answered, etc. Later tired again and warning light cleared. Received email from sale manager agreed exchange following telephone conversation. Now saying if rejected can’t have another and policy doesn’t allow, etc. etc. Have to deliver car tomorrow. Also had charge point fitted £700 and can’t use now either. If they touched up all panels the. Paint will look crap. Also brand new car should be faultless? £60k"

3-12-2019: Report of Tesla Model 3 delivered in August 2019 "with a myriad of body work issues, twisted seat belts and a few squeaks. Day 5 of driving the car, it failed to start. The screen was blank and would not engage reverse or drive. After an hour, the car came back to life. This happened 3 times before lessee decided to take the car into the service centre. He was was provided with a courtesy car which also broke down. 3 weeks later the Model 3 was back with the paintwork issues resolved and claimed to be fixed via a software update. One month after the service visit it happened again: twice. The car was towed to the service centre and a petrol car was provided as a courtesy car. After spending 4 weeks in the service centre the car was returned to lessee with very little empathy, with the claim a loose connection had been causing the fault. Lessee discovered they had not replaced half the trim in the front boot (which was promptly resolved). 4 days after having my car back the fault occurred again.The fault was reported to Tesla at 8am on 3-12-2019, and, at 6pm 3-12-2019, the car is still sitting on lessee's driveway with no courtesy car in sight. Lessee spoke to lessor who has not cvome back to him regarding replacing the car and Tesla has refused to replace it." Lessee says: The car is brilliant when it works, but he can't play a daily lottery of it not starting and regardless what they do to the car he will never have any trust in it."

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