Renault Scenic XMOD (2013–2016)

Model History

March 2013

Launched at Geneva Motor Shows Renault’s Scenic XMOD bridges the gap between an MPV and a crossover SUV.

Based on the Scenic people carrier it sports chunkier styling, complete with a much larger Renault emblem on its nose, new wheels and silver brush guards. It’s set to premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March before going on sale in the UK as a replacement for the regular Scenic.

Unlike the earlier Mk 1 Scenic RX4, it’s still front-drive only, but comes fitted with Grip Xtend, Renault version of PSA's 'Grip Control' - an all-new traction control system that helps maintain grip over loose or slippery surfaces. Depending on the road conditions, drivers can choose from three settings on a dial in the cabin – ‘Expert,’ which takes control of the braking system, ‘Road,’ for regular driving and ‘Loose Ground.’

All of the key features of the Scenic are carried over, including folding and removable seats, a generous load are and plenty of storage space in the cabin. There are some improvements, too, like a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia system. Additionally the TCe 130 engine has been improved, with fuel economy up 15% over the old version.

What does a Renault Scenic XMOD (2013 – 2016) cost?