Peugeot 308 (2007–2014)

Model History

August 2007

308 hatchback launched

Replacec 307 hatchback. Built in France, at Sochaux and Mulhouse.

4,276mm long x 1,815mm wide x 1,498mm high, so longer and wider but also lower than 307.

1.6HDI 90 originally 120g/km.

Offered with:-

1.4 VTi 95PS chain-cam petrol engine with 5-speed manual
1.6 VTi 120PS chain-cam petrol engine with 5-speed manual
1.6 VTi 120PS chain-cam petrol engine with 4-speed auto
1.6 THP 150PS chain-cam petrol engine with 5-speed manual
1.6 THP 140PS chain-cam petrol engine with 4-speed auto

1.6 HDI 90PS belt-cam diesel engine with 5-speed manual
1.6 HDI 110PS belt-cam diesel engine with 5-speed manual
1.6 HDI 110PS belt-cam diesel engine with 6-speed automated manual
2.0 HDI 136PS belt-cam diesel engine with 6-speed manual
2.0 HDI 136PS belt-cam diesel engine with 6-speed automated manual

Has new Michelin Energy Saver tyres that reduce CO2 emissions by almost 4 grams per kilometre and generate fuel savings of nearly 0.2 litres per 100 kilometres (almost 2mpg) on the combined cycle.

1.6 HDI 110PS belt-cam diesel engine with 6-speed automated manual is under 121g/km so qualifies for £35pa tax and Congestion Tax exemption.

September 2007

308 Goes On Sale

Five trim levels: Urban, S, Sport, SE and GT. Replaces Peugeot 307 hatchback range with introduction of five-door model in September and the three-door model in December 2007.

*HDi 90 versions produce only 120g/km of CO2
*Michelin Energy Saver tyres save 1 tonne of CO2 over the life of the vehicle
*Powered by six engine options
*Five trim levels – Urban, S, Sport, SE and GT
*Range starts from only £11,995 on-the-road

Petrol engines

*1.4 litre VTi 95 bhp 5-speed manual gearbox
*1.6 litre VTi 120 bhp 5-speed manual gearbox
*1.6 litre THP 150 bhp 5-speed manual gearbox

HDi Diesel engines

*1.6 litre HDi 90 bhp 5-speed manual gearbox
*1.6 litre HDi 110 bhp 5-speed manual gearbox
*2.0 litre HDi 136 bhp 6-speed manual gearbox

All engines meet the current Euro 4 emission standards and both the HDi 110 and HDi 136 diesel engines are fitted with a diesel particulate filter system (DPFS).

December 2007

308 three door range from December 2007, available in Urban, S, Sport and GT trim levels. Five door automatics will also be launched December 2007. 1.6 litre VTi 120 bhp petrol with a four speed auto adaptive automatic gearbox, with Tiptronic sequential manual control in 308 S 5 door model. 308 SE THP 140 has a new version of the 1.6 litre THP turbo-charged petrol engine, previously producing 150 bhp but, now retuned to produce 140 bhp and 180 lb ft of torque from only 1400 rpm. The gearbox is the same as fitted to the VTi 120 model.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Prices

S 1.6 VTi 120 Auto 174g/km CO2 £15,095 0-60 12.3, top speed 118, 38.7mpg

SE 1.6 THP 140 Auto 188g/km CO2 £17,895 0-60 9.0, tops speed 126, 35.7mpg

Peugeot 308 HDi 90 only emits 120g/km of CO2, so qualifies for £35pa tax and no London congestion tax from February 2008. Prices from £11,995 on-the-road. The 308 HDi 90 is available in both three and five door versions and in two trim levels. It is powered by a 1.6 litre HDi diesel engine which produces a maximum power of 90 bhp and a maximum torque of 161 lb ft at only 1400 rpm. This state of the art diesel engine combines both great driveability with low fuel consumption (74.34 mpg – Extra Urban drive cycle) and very low CO2 emissions of 120g/km.

March 2008

308 THP 175 GT 3-dr launched Geneva Motor Show. 1.6 litre turbo-charged THP 175 bhp engine and 6-speed manual gearbox. On sale in the UK in April 2008.

Designed in co-operation with the BMW Group, the 1.6 litre turbo-charged petrol engine develops a maximum power of 175 bhp at 6000 rpm but is characterised mainly by its generous torque output. With a maximum torque output of 180 lb ft (or 195 lb ft with overboost) at only 1600 rpm, the engine provides excellent in-gear acceleration and levels of driveability normally associated with a larger capacity engine.

Combined fuel consumption 37.1 mpg and CO2 emissions of 180 g/km. 308 GT THP 175. 0 to 1000m 28.8secs. 0 to 60 mph 8.0 seconds. 140mph. THP 150 with optional 17" wheels and 225/54 tyres steers, rides and handles better than a Focus and is huge fun to drive. 36mpg, too.

March 2008

Range refreshed and extended late March 2008. New manual and electronically automated six-speed gearboxes, including diesel. Seven models all emitting only 120 g/km of CO2
Hatchback range starts from £12,295 on-the-road.

This new 6-speed gearbox has been designed in-house and compared to the original five-speed manual gearbox, under certain driving conditions not only optimises fuel consumption but also enhances the 308’s already impressive interior comfort levels. When fitted with 15" or 16" Michelin Energy Saver tyres, 308 models fitted with the new gearbox have a combined fuel consumption of 62.7 mpg and CO2 emissions of 129 g/km.

Second new gearbox: six-speed EGC gearbox (Electronic Gearbox Control). This electronically controlled manual gearbox, which removes the need for a clutch pedal, provides a lower emission alternativer to a torque converter auto. The use of electronic control of the gear changes enables models fitted with this gearbox to become the second model in the 308 range, after those fitted with the 1.6 litre HDi 90 diesel engine, to emit 120 g/km of CO2 and have a combined fuel consumption of 62.7 mpg.

This gearbox is available in the S and SE HDi 110 models only. Final new gearbox is a six-speed torque converter AW automatic fitted to the 2.0 litre HDi 136 diesel engine. This gearbox first appeared on the V6 petrol and HDi engines of the 607 and 407 and will top the diesel range of the 308. Available only as a five door model in SE trim.

Performance Data

VTi 95 114mph, 0-60 14.3, 43.46mpg comb, 155g/km CO2.

HDi 90 113mph, 0-60 14.1, 62.77mpg comb, 120g/km C02.

HDi 110 EGC 117mph, 0-60 12.5, 62.70mpg comb, 120g/km C02.

HDi 110 6-Spd 119mph, 0-60 12.7, 57.60mpg comb, 129g/km C02.

HDi 136 Auto 127 mph, 0-60 10.3, 41.50mpg comb, 180g/km C02.

March 2008

1.6 HDI 110 with new 6-speed manual and with 6-speed EGC automated manual down to 120g/km. Costs £300 extra. 308 diesels with FAPs can run on up to 30% (B30) Biodiesel.

May 2008

A standard Peugeot 308 HDi 110 hatchback equipped with Michelin Energy saving tyres sets two new world records

* Travelling 1,192 miles on just 60 litres of diesel fuel
* Completing 9,062 miles at an average of 90.75 mpg

May 2008

Peugeot 308 available as a front-line police car, following the completion of the first equipped conversions by Peugeot’s Special Vehicle Operation (PSVO), based in Coventry. 308 also available as a ‘one stop shop’ vehicle purchase for all Police Forces.

January 2010

Upgrades for 2010: ESP fitted as standard on all 308 SW and hatchback
models, except the Urban; Peugeot Connect USB & Bluetooth fitted as standard to Verve, Sport and SE models; New EU5 HDi 140 diesel engine replaces current EU4 HDi 136 bhp engine. Introduced in January 2010.

May 2010

Launch of Millesim 200 edition Peugeot 308s to celebrate Peugeot's 200th anniversary. There will be four models available powered by Peugeot’s efficient VTi petrol and HDi diesel engines. All models are based on the five-door S hatchback version but with extra standard specification of: fully body coloured exterior, 16” alloy wheels, Sports front grille, Sports rear bumper, Peugeot Connect USB & Bluetooth and unique Millesim 200 badging.

Model Range

On-the-road Price Combined MPG CO 2 Emissions
308 Millesim 1.4 VTi 98 £16,245.00 43.46 149
308 Millesim 1.6 VTi 120 £16,745.00 43.46 155
308 Millesim HDi 90 £17,495.00 62.70 120
308 Millesim HDi 110 £18,245.00 62.70 120

All models also benefit from the comprehensive standard specification of the 308 which includes: ABS, electronic brake force distribution (EBFD), emergency brake assist (EBA), driver airbag, passenger airbag, side airbags, curtain airbags, electronic stability programme (ESP), remote control central locking with deadlocks, electric front and rear windows, radio / single CD player, air-conditioning, front fog lights….

With the 308 Millisem, owners will also be able to play all their latest music by simply connecting a portable MP3 player or iPod directly to the car. The Peugeot Connect USB & Bluetooth consists of a USB or jack plug socket to connect a portable music player and full Bluetooth phone connectivity. Therefore, the driver can make and receive phone calls completely hands-free on any Bluetooth compatible phone. Controls on the steering column also allow the driver to operate both a Bluetooth phone and portable music player without taking hands off the steering wheel.

For the petrol versions, the 308 Millesim is equipped with Peugeot’s class leading VTi petrol engines. Two engine options are available, a new Euro 5 1.4 litre 98 bhp, or a 1.6 litre 120 bhp version. Both engines benefit from Peugeot’s particularly innovative VTi technology which improves the engine’s overall efficiency, significantly reducing fuel consumption (particularly in phases of partial load) and, therefore, CO 2 emissions.

For HDi diesel versions, the 308 Millesim is powered by Peugeot’s 1.6 litre 90 and 110 bhp engines, both acknowledged for their driveability, performance and low running costs (62.7 mpg in the combined cycle and zero vehicle excise duty). An additive based diesel particulate filter system (FAP) is fitted as standard on the HDi 110 bhp engine.

Inside, the 308 Millesim interior is perfectly in keeping with the exterior styling. The inclined design of the fascia panel helps to accentuate the feeling of space and the use of high quality materials (both to look at and to touch) creates an impression of quality seldom encountered in this level of vehicle.

The 308 Millesim benefits from Peugeot’s extensive experience and the latest technological advances to ensure safety of the highest order at all levels. A five star EuroNCAP rating is combined with the standard fitment of: ESP, six airbags, five three-point inertia reel seat belts with a “fasten seat belt” warning system, front and rear head restraints designed to limit whiplash, three Isofix mountings to accommodate a child seat – one at the front and two in the rear outer seats and an electrically operated child safety system which simply and safely locks the rear doors and disables the electric rear windows.

The 308 Millesim is launched in the UK in June priced from £16,245.00 on-the-road for the 1.4 VTi 98 version. All models ordered in June also come with a free Nokia 5230 smartphone with inbuilt satellite navigation with free future updates and an in-car mounting kit.

February 2011

Announcement of May 2011 facelift and 98g/km Congestion Charge exempt diesel from Summer 2011. New look at the front with the latest LED headlamps and daytime running lights. More efficient engines introduced.

Peugeot’s micro-hybrid e-HDi Stop & Start technology is the latest generation technology and combined with Peugeot’s class leading 1.6 litre HDi FAP 112 Euro 5 diesel engine reduces CO 2 emissions to 98 g/km. This engine option will also be available with either a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed electronically controlled manual gearbox (EGC). This will give the New Peugeot 308 the lowest emissions in its segment.

All 2011 facelift Peugeot 308s feature air conditioning, ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), ABS, EBFD, EBA, front and rear electric windows with child security, remote control central door locking with deadlocks and six SMART safety airbags.

To ensure the New Peugeot 308 is as environmentally efficient as possible all factors affecting CO 2 emissions have been optimised;

  • Overall weight reduced by 25 kg on average on all models
  • Fitment of new 16” ultra low rolling resistance tyres
  • Optimisation of all engine options (VTi, THP petrol and HDi diesel engines to Euro5)
  • Cx of 0.28 for the low consumption models – Record for this segment

This also enabled the New Peugeot 308 HDi FAP 92 model, fitted with a five-speed manual gearbox, to emit CO 2 emissions of only 110 g/km.

At launch four petrol and four diesel engines will be available.

Euro 5 Petrol Engines
1.4 litre VTi 98
  • 5-Speed Manual Gearbox
1.6 litre VTi 120
  • 5-Speed Manual Gearbox
  • Automatic Gearbox
1.6 litre THP 156
  • 6-Speed Manual Gearbox
  • Automatic Gearbox
1.6 litre THP 200 (GT Hatchback & CC models only)
  • 6-Speed Manual Gearbox
Euro 5 HDi Diesel Engines
1.6 litre HDi FAP 92
  • 5-Speed Manual Gearbox
1.6 litre e-HDi FAP 112
  • 6-Speed Manual Gearbox
  • 6-Speed Electronically Controlled Manual Gearbox
2.0 litre HDi FAP 150
  • 6-Speed Manual Gearbox
2.0 litre HDi FAP 163
  • 6-Speed Manual Gearbox (CC)
  • Automatic Gearbox

The facelifted Peugeot 308 was launched at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and went on sale in the UK in May 2011. The new range started from £15,245 on-the-road with an improved standard specification to the current model. The 98 g/km308 1.6 litre e-HDi FAP 112 model was class leading in its segment, available from summer 2011.

What does a Peugeot 308 (2007 – 2014) cost?

List Price from £22,060
Buy new from £17,019
Contract hire from £205.70 per month