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Nissan Micra C+C (2005–2011)

Last updated 4 September 2018

Kerb weight 1183–1198 kg
Warranty 3 years
Servicing 12,500 miles

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First surprise was the way it rode the metre-square speed cushions. Whereas the SLK had shuddered and creaked, the little Micra took them better than any other small car I can remember. Absorbed them completely. Even one wheel over the centre, one on the flat, fingers in the door-shut, it didn't seem to twist at all. Its sensible 175/60 R15 tyres had something to do with this. But the fact it didn't shake like a wet dog is great credit to the people who designed and built it.

With only 88bhp feeding through the front wheels, the steering and handling felt perfectly adequate, too. And it looked good. Not out of proportion at all. Just a quirky yet actually quite sensible little car. And at a price less than a third of the flash Mercedes.


Engine MPG 0-62 Top speed CO2
1.4 16V 43 mpg 12.8 s 108 mph 158 g/km
1.6 16V 42 mpg 10.6 s 118 mph 159–160 g/km

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