Mitsubishi Shogun (1999–2007)

Model History

January 1999

New generation Mitsubishi Shogun launched

New '4M41' 3.2 litre 16-valve direct injected diesel also used in Cantor truck replaced underpowered old 2.8, offering 173 bhp and 282 lb ft torque. 217 bhp/257 lb ft. 3.5 litre GDI V6 replaces thirsty old 24v V6. Suspension now independent both front and rear which improves on road ride comfort and handling enormously. Improved water pump on V6 to help prevent engine failures.

October 2000

New lower priced variation launched

Cut price Classic model from October 2000 with 3.2 DI-D engine and 3-door or 5-door bodies from £22,995.

January 2005

Shogun Field goes on sale

Special edition Shogun Field for 2005, priced at £22,999 for SWB manual, £26,999 for LWB 7-seater with manual and £28,499 for LWB auto.

Has Mitsubishi’s 158bhp 3.2 DI-D Turbo Diesel engine, Standard Mitsubishi Active Stability and Traction Control, switchable two and four wheel drive together with high and low ratios with lockable differentials.

For towing and load carrying capability, the seven-seat long-wheel-base Shogun Field can pull up to 3.3 tonnes or carry 1,700 litres of cargo. SWB has 1,293 litres of load-space and can tow 2.8 tonnes. Have electric sunroof, CD/Radio and climate control plus leather seats (for easy cleaning) and traditional wood-effect dash panel.

"Free" power upgrade from 158bhp to 182bhp for all 3.2 diesels from May 2006. £2,000 discounts bring 3.2 DI-D Classic SWB down to £19,544 and 3.2 DI-D Field LWB down to £26,044 (including satnav).

January 2007

Range facelifted

Facelift for 2007 with EU4 compliant 3.2 diesels: 160PS and 383Nm torque for manual and 170PS and 373Nm torque for auto.

What does a Mitsubishi Shogun (1999 – 2007) cost?