Mitsubishi Shogun (1999 – 2007) Review

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Mitsubishi Shogun (1999 – 2007) At A Glance


+Excellent tow car and rugged off-roader. Better ride quality than the previous Shogun.

-Still comparatively unsophisticated to drive on the road. Beware of stolen imports masquerading as UK cars.

On average it achieves 104% of the official MPG figure

Still obviously a Shogun, but now more rounded looking with monocoque shell.

Looking for a Mitsubishi Shogun (1999 - 2007)?
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Real MPG average for a Mitsubishi Shogun (1999 – 2007)


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20–31 mpg

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Why does the temperature gauge on my car barely move?
"My temperature gauge barely moves even after a good run. My Mitsubishi Shogun is a 2000 GLS 3.2 DI-D. Is this common?. Also my heating is only lukewarm is this connected?"
It's 19 years old so unless the cooling system has been flushed a few times during its lifetime there will be a lot of sludge in there. First job: a flush and reverse flush using radiator cleaner. Buy a replacement bottom hose so you can take the old one off and drain it properly. Then fill with plain water and see if you still have a problem. Do the fans come on when the engine gets hot or do they come on immediately? You may have to replace the temp sensor/sender switch. Is the coolant actually flowing through the heater matrix? Once it's all working properly, drain off the plain water and re-fill with the correct coolant, running the engine with the expansion tank cap off in order to purge any airlocks.
Answered by Honest John
Mitsubishi Shogun won't change gear
"My 2001 Mitsubishi Shogun has developed a gearbox fault. It started as a small glitch when changing gears, but now the car won't move. It changes gears fine, but won't engage. I managed to get it towed home and thought was it was the gear linkage, but cannot find info for this anywhere. It all sounds fine until I go to drive off, but then it just wont go forwards. Any ideas? "
Given your description, we would think that the most likely reason is the failure of the DMF (Dual mass flywheel). Other than that it may be the gearbox main output shaft splines and the transfer box input gear worn in that they slip past each other resulting in no drive. A gearbox removal will enable a closer inspection and decision.
Answered by Alan Ross
Mitsubishi Shogun water leak
"I own a Mitsubishi Shogun. It has two occasional seats that fold into the boot floor. However, the recess into which they fold down fills with water after driving in heavy rain. Mitsubishi can't help. Any ideas?"
Probably coming in through the one-way cabin vents situated between the carpeted sides of the load well and the rear bumper extensions. They are only one-way until they break.
Answered by Honest John
Mitsubishi Shogun - is there a problem with catalytic converters?
"I am looking to buy a Shogun but am getting confused as to the model change from 2006. Some dealers say go for a 2007 onwards but one has just told me that after 2006 there is a problem with catalytic converters. I have about £10-£12k and the car needs to tow a horse trailer as well as motorway mileage - so therefore needs full reliability. I would be replacing my ford Explorer workhorse."
What he means is that from 2006 they had to be fitted with diesel particulate filters to meet EU4 and these are an expensive maintenance item. The Shogun diesel went down in power from 173PS to 158PS in 2005. It then went up to 182PS from May 2006. It was facelifted for 2007 when it got saddled with a DPF for EU4 and power was pulled back to 160PS.
Answered by Honest John

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