Maserati Levante (2016–)

What's good

If you want something sophisticated and stylish that stands out from other SUVs, the Levante fits the bill.

Incredibly comfortable on the move thanks to air suspension.

Sport mode gives the diesel engine a more aggressive tone.

The big boot comes with an electric tailgate as standard.

What to watch out for

Gear lever is clunky when shifting so it's very easy to select P rather than R when trying to reverse.

The steering is heavy at low speeds but lacks feel in corners, feeling somewhat artificial.

Brakes are fine in everyday driving, but could do with more stopping power if you're going to drive your Levante with gusto.

22-2-2019: Report of buying a Maserati Levante in December 2017, and reporting a knocking from the nearside rear within a week. Initially buyer was told it was a known fault / a characteristic of the vehicle and that all Levantes have this. Buyer also been told that Maserati is not prioritising this as an issue to resolve, as it is not a safety fault and does not affect how the vehicle drives. Buyer kept persisting, firstly with the dealership service department (several times), then submitting a formal complaint in June 2018. At this point buyer was told they would rectify the knocking. Buyer then experienced several problems, such as no courtesy car available so had to rearrange, then them not collecting the car at the agreed time so rearranging again. Finally they changed the shock absorbers in 29th October 2018. Owner ran the car for a further month, and reported the fault was still there 2nd Dec 2018. No reply from dealership service department (the person assigned to resolve our complaint). On 6th January owner then escalated to the person to who he submitted the original complaint to, and said that he is at a point where he feels he has no alternative but to reject the car. Again, no response.

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