Review: Land Rover Range Rover Evoque (2011 – 2019)


Very fashionable and desirable. Sleek looks. High-quality interior. Available as a five-door or three-door coupe.

Top models are pricey. Question marks over reliability. Engine oil contamination from DPF regens after short runs.

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29 September 2019

Account received of May 2017 Range Rover Evoque Ok for the first year until first servie in May 2018 whe a software update was carried out. 2 weeks later problems sytarted with the DPF failing to regenerate.... Read more

29 September 2019 R/2019/046:

Vehicle failed to achieve the required level of CO2 emissions. Fix: solutions include hardware and software changes. VINs: SALVB2CN2GH050454 to SALVB2DN0JH321467. Build dates: 13-03-2015 to 12-06-2018.... Read more

19 September 2019

Another report steering rack problem on a 2014 Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4. The alloy bolts that hold the electric motor to the steering rack sheared and the motor came off the rack. After the motor was... Read more

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque (2011 – 2019): At A Glance

The Evoque has been a massive hit for Land Rover. As soon as it was launched, demand for the stylish SUV with concept car looks outstripped supply and a waiting list built up. Yet despite that, it seems that we’re seeing the Evoque everywhere and good British design on our roads is back in fashion.

It's certainly hugely desirable but it’s also a premium-priced product. Thankfully, the £28K entry level model looks as good as its fully-optioned £50K counterpart and potential buyers won’t feel shortchanged at the kerbside. Certainly, the Evoque turns heads, which is quite an achievement considering it’s been around a while now.

But the arresting style that’s created by exquisite detailing and that daring roofline and windscreen rake has yet to be copied by the opposition, meaning it’s a car without rivals. And that’s the thing with the Evoque. If you judge it dispassionately on its merits, you could come away feeling a little unmoved by it.

It’s not ballistic-fast, nor does it boast sporting handling. It’s not that roomy either, and those with narrow garages will find it a tight fit. It’s also more expensive than the roomier car it’s based on. And yet, just like the original 1970 Range Rover – but for very different reasons – the Evoque is brilliant. Brilliant in its desirability.

You’ll either love or hate the Evoque, but you’ll not be able to ignore it. If you want practical or value for money, shop elsewhere. If you want to feel and look good, buy an Evoque. And right now, it looks like rather a lot of you are.

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What does a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque (2011 – 2019) cost?

List Price from £31,615
Buy new from £29,052
Contract hire from £253.60 per month
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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque (2011 – 2019): What's It Like Inside?

Length 4355–4370 mm
Width 1965–2090 mm
Height 1605–1640 mm
Wheelbase 2660 mm

Full specifications

Luckily the interior more than lives up to the high standards the exterior sets out. Jump in and you’re greeted with a wonderful mix of almond and nutmeg seat and dash shading, contrasted by brushed aluminium trim. The dashboard plastics are nicely textured, while the seat fabric – redolent of Alcantara – is tough and feels nice to touch.

Being so light, it’s hard to imagine it staying clean for very long, but as it’s more likely to be ploughing boutique alley than the farmyard, this is unlikely to be too much of an issue. Finally, the design and architecture of the interior is fantastic – from the reclined car-like driving position to the way the centre console swoops through the main dash structure, it’s clear that the Evoque has been styled thoroughly inside as well as out.

Ergonomically, it’s good, but not perfect. The electronic parking brake and start/stop button are oddly positioned (which you would get used to), but the access to the rear seat is hampered by the laughably slow electric motor that pushes the seat forward into the tilting position.

Of course if you need regular access to the rear, you’ll be buying the five-door. And as for visibility, the lofty driving position means a nice view forward. But the view behind is poor, especially at the rear three-quarters. The huge door mirrors also do a fair bit of view-blocking on corners, so take care and buy the rearward facing camera for parking.

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What's the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque (2011 – 2019) like to drive?

Go for an entry-level model and you'll still be spending around £30k and with options like the £1900 Tech Pack (which includes the Meridian media system), £300 rear view camera and £790 panoramic roof it's far from being a value proposition.

But at least it feels like you’re buying something special for your money – it sits on 19 inch alloys and has LED running lights, which give it that ‘premium’ feel without looking flash or pretentious. And that’s what good design is all about.

Once underway, the 150PS turbodiesel just gets on with the job quietly and disappears into the background. And offers far more usability than the bare figures would have you believe. The 0-62mph time of 10 seconds is more than adequate, even if you’ll not be bragging about the 112mph top speed.

In reality, it feels punchy in cut and thrust driving and has a nice, wide power band. The gearchange is light and accurate, if not especially direct feeling and the steering is quick and well-weighted, although it can feel sticky and oddly-weighted around the centre.

Push harder and the Evoque reveals its off-road roots. It rolls more than a similarly priced executive saloon might and if you’re really cracking on, the back end can start feel a little bit light in quicker bends. But overall, it’s mechanically hushed, long legged, and rides reasonably well, with just a little jitter on broken road surfaces.

There is some wind and tyre noise at motorway speed, but that’s probably exacerbated by the quietness of the engine once in its long-striding sixth gear. It excels in cossetting the driver, and is also a wonderful lesson in good design.

Engine MPG 0-62 CO2
2.0 eD4 48–49 mpg 11.2 s 113 g/km
2.0 eD4 Coupe 67 mpg 11.2 s 109 g/km
2.0 SD4 Automatic 49 mpg 7.3 s 153 g/km
2.0 SD4 Coupe Automatic 49 mpg 7.3 s 153 g/km
2.0 Si4 240 Automatic 39 mpg 7.3 s 165 g/km
2.0 Si4 290 Automatic 34–37 mpg 6.4–7.2 s 173–196 g/km
2.0 Si4 290 Coupe Automatic 37 mpg 6.3 s 173 g/km
2.0 Si4 Automatic 36 mpg 7.1–7.6 s 181 g/km
2.0 Si4 Coupe Automatic 33–36 mpg 7.1–7.6 s 181–199 g/km
2.0 TD4 46 mpg 10.0 s 125 g/km
2.0 TD4 Automatic 44–55 mpg 9.0 s 134 g/km
2.0 TD4 Coupe Automatic 58 mpg 9.0 s 129 g/km
2.2 eD4 57 mpg 10.6 s 133 g/km
2.2 eD4 Coupe 58 mpg 10.6–11.2 s 129 g/km
2.2 SD4 50 mpg 9.5 s 149 g/km
2.2 SD4 Automatic 47 mpg 8.0 s 159 g/km
2.2 SD4 Coupe 50 mpg 9.5–10.0 s 149 g/km
2.2 SD4 Coupe Automatic 44–49 mpg 8.0–8.5 s 153–169 g/km
2.2 TD4 50 mpg 10.8 s 149 g/km
2.2 TD4 Coupe 50 mpg 10.8 s 149 g/km

Real MPG average for a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque (2011 – 2019)

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19–51 mpg

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What have we been asked about the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque (2011 – 2019)?

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Ask HJ

Can I reject a car after three months because of a DPF issue?

My Land Rover Evoque has 2000 miles and is three months old. It has developed DPF engine management light failure. Can I reject the car and get my money back or swap for another product? I have read various threads where this is a known problem not accepted by Land Rover. I believe I may be blamed for not driving enough miles everyday. If this is the case I believe the car was mis-sold to me as they knew I did low mileage before I purchased the car. It was both explained to them and confirmed on the paperwork for the potential trade in if my old car.
This is a standard problem with the Ingenium diesel engine in the Evoque because the DPF is located too far from the engine to passively regenerate. The car has now been re-designed and hopefully this fault will have been eliminated. In theory you have a case to reject the car as "not of satisfactory quality" and "not fit for the purpose you told the dealer you wanted to use it for". That's the theory. Law here: History of the problem with the Evoque here: But if the dealer does not accept your rejection, your case will have to go to the full County Court and you could be in for significant legal and court costs that, even if a ruling is made in your favour, you might not be able to recover.
Answered by Honest John
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