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KIA Rio (2005–2011)

Last updated 1 May 2018

Roomy, well equipped and keen value. Diesel is easy on the fuel. Four-star crash test rating.
Cabin finish is pretty average.
Updated 28 July 2012

Report of 'pilling' of front seat fabric on 1,500 mile 3 year old Rio.

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The biggest problem the new Kia Rio has it you've heard it all before.

Family car at baby car price. Lots of extras at a stripped out price. 1.4 engine for the price of a 1.2. All that kind of stuff. And even though the old Rio was a lot of car for the money, it wasn't really much of a car.

All that has now changed beyond belief. I got into the new Rio diesel a bit irritated because I'd arrived late after a dental appointment. Then I tried to cut short the route and went the wrong way. Then I hit traffic. So it wasn't until I was half way through the test run that I began to realise what a good car I was driving.

KIA Rio III 2005 Range Road Test

Owners' reviews

The Rio is a rather good car.
Reliable economical transport
Practical, well engineered & reliable to date - a perfect short length commuter car
No nonsense, does what it says on the tin
Diesel is Best
List Price from £12,470
Buy new from £10,388
Contract hire from £140.66 per month

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