Jeep Compass (2007–2009)

Model History

May 2007

New all-wheel drive system is a key feature on the Jeep Compass as it offers on-road refinement with the performance, handling and fuel economy of a family car. The AWD system offers a full-time setting and will offer the driver tangible benefits in every day driving conditions such as wet and icy tarmac.

In the UK the Jeep Compass Limited model launched May 2007 with Volkswagen-sourced 2.0-litre diesel engine with 6-speed manual and 2.4-litre petrol engine with a five-speed manual or a CVT automatic gearbox. Jeep Patriot shares the Compass platform and engines, but has a more traditional Jeep look and design. The Jeep Patriot Sport and Jeep Patriot Limited models launch in July 2007 and will be the new entry-level price point for the Jeep brand. The Jeep Compass will be priced from £17,990.

What does a Jeep Compass (2007 – 2009) cost?

List Price from £26,105
Buy new from £20,995
Contract hire from £232.69 per month