Jaguar XK (2006–2015)

What's good

04-12-2009: Jaguar and Land Rover brands achieved the 1st and 5th highest scores among Luxury brands in J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) StudySM. The study is a comprehensive analysis of the new vehicle purchase experience and is based on responses from over 48,000 owners and lessees of new vehicles registered in May and June of 2009. Overall customer satisfaction is measured based on five factors: dealership facility, salesperson, paperwork/finance process, delivery process and vehicle price.

What to watch out for

2007/8 facelift with improved interior that also replaces rear wing aerial with boot lid spoiler aerial was delayed because of high stock levels of pre-facelift cars.

Poor radio reception from the boot lid spoiler aerial of the facelift model.

One owner's faults found in nine months of ownership were: three flat batteries, a door that no longer meets the rest of the bodywork, a bulging rear brake light, an inoperative convertible top, a blown in front grille and a bent radio aerial.

On 2006 cars the aluminium doors can oxidise at the bottom.

31-5-2011: Water in footwell can be due to pinched drain from the a/c condenser, but space is so tight it cannot be rectified without removing the transmission.

9-6-2012: Report of total instrument cluster screen failure on a 22,000 mile 2006 XK 4.2. Quoted £1,600 to repair, but Jaguar stepped in and paid half.

18-6-2014: Another report of touch screen failure, this on a 30,000 mile Jaguar XK. Quoted £800 for an exchange screen or £1,200 for a new one, plus £400 labour to fit (final bill with VAT was £1,400).

5-5-2015: Battery drains on XKs and XFs can be caused by the electric parking brake not being properly applied as well as the interior light delay and the Blueooth searching for a paired phone if the car has not been double locked.

5-11-2016: 'Catastrophic' failure of fuel injection system of 40k mile 2011 Jaguar XK 5.0 V8 convertible. Independent specialist diagnosed the failure with consequential damage to both catalytic converters. Owner filed a report with VOSA (which did not issue a recall due to not being safety related) and feels that this is a common fault, but JLR would not help because the repair had been carried out independently.

12-1-2018: Report of 2010 Jaguar XK 5.0 Supercharged V8 R suffering failed injectors at 22,974 while driving at 70mph on the M3.. The car had been regularly serviced by a Jaguar dealer. Could be from running it on ordinary unleaded fuel and leaving it unused for extended periods, but see 5-11-2016. Repair bill for all 8 injectors £5,000.

8-12-2018: Warning light for headlights and offside indicators in 2006 Jaguar XK turned out to be a failed earth to one of the headlights.

16-3-2019: Report of a/c condenser leaking water into passenger footwell of Jaguar XKR 4.2 Supercharged because 'duckbill' drain has rusted/broken off. The part costs £20, but fitting by a Jaguar dealer involves time-consuming dismantlng the dash and a labour charge of £1,400.

6-6-2019: Report of fault developing with 2010 Jaguar XK X150 5.0 V8 at 101,000 miles that had been subject to extended dealer service intervals. Yellow engine warning light on dash and restricted performance. OBD revealed code P0016: crank-cam position correlation fault. Jaguar dealer diagnosed that the engine was running rough on cold with timing fully advancing on driver's side bank to counter a timing problem. Suspected that timing chain has become slack due to premature wear on tensioners and guides. Replacement of timing chain involves dismantling front end of car: a 13 hour job (at Jaguar dealer prices - best part of £2k). Parts (timing chain kit and crank/cam sprockets) come to £2,600 which will be the same regardless of where it's being repaired as they must be Jaguar sourced. Full quote from Jaguar dealer £4,300. Recommended to change spark plugs, water pump and coolant at same time at a slight additional cost. Several independent Jag specialists consulted. Most won't attempt the job. Some had already had to do this a couple of times using specialist tools. Those that have had agreed that this is likely due to low viscosity 5W20 oil not providing sufficient lifetime protection. All suspect that this is going to become an emergent problem with the 5.0 V8 unit as cars approach higher mileages.

7-1-2020: Report of misfire caused failure of four of the eight injectors on a 2014 Jaguar XK8 Signature at 27,000 miles, always run on Shell V-Power. Dealer recommended replacing all eight injectors at a cost of £3,000 and warned of possible damage to the catalytic converters. (Two previous reports of this on 5-11-2016 and 12-1-2018.)


01-11-2010: Jaguar recalled 69 XJs when it was discovered that the wiper arm was insufficiently secured on some vehicles.

31-3-2011: JAGUAR Australia has issued a safety recall on 211 of its XF and XK petrol cars over a potential power steering fluid leak. The recall notice published by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) yesterday said: “After an extended period of time, corrosion of the Power Assisted Steering (PAS) pipes will occur. “This may lead to pin-holing of the pipe and could allow pressurised PAS fluid to leak into the engine bay area. “Loss of PAS fluid will cause PAS system noise and loss of power assisted steering, steering control is fully maintained in an unassisted state. It is also possible that the PAS fluid may ignite if it comes into contact with an ignition source or a surface at sufficiently high enough temperature.” The notice says that the zinc-nickel plating on the pipes does not meet the corrosion protection requirements of Jaguar’s engineering specification. The recall affects 2010 XK models within the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) range of B34722 to B38302 and 2010 XF models in the VIN range of R57917 to R78765.

28-4-2014: reports: JLR in the USA is recalling 297 2013-2014 XJ, XF and XK because the toe links, used to control the alignment of the rear wheels, can separate from the rear subframe. Dealers will replace a nut and washer assembly.

27-1-2015: reports: NHTSA Campaign Number: 15V038000 Component(s): EXTERIOR LIGHTING Potential Number of Units Affected: 4,787 Manufacturer: Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC SUMMARY: Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC (Jaguar) is recalling certain model year 2012-2015 Jaguar XK vehicles manufactured March 4, 2011, to March 20, 2014. In the affected vehicles, the front side lamps (parking lamps) may turn off after approximately 5 minutes. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 108, "Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment." CONSEQUENCE: If the parking lamps turn off, the vehicle will have reduced conspicuity, increasing the risk of a crash. REMEDY: Jaguar will notify owners, and dealers will update software that controls the front side lamps, free of charge.

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