Hyundai Santa Fe (2006–2012)

What's good

5-speed diesel auto of 2006-2009 model was better than 5-speed manual because of gap between 2d and 3rd in 5-speed manual.

6-speed diesel manual from 2010 (R-Type) engine better than 6-speed auto and has higher 2,500kg towing weight.

Spacious interior.

Judged the ‘Best Value 4x4 of the Year ’by a panel of judges from the Caravan and Camping Club and
from magazines What Car? and Practical Caravan 2010.

What to watch out for

V6 petrol is nothing special. Old fashioned 4-speed auto.

South Korean fit radio, with MP3 entertainment system not too good, Reception can be extremely poor, there is no automatic station search and no RDS.

One report of a clutch and DMF problem on a manual.

One report of failure of air conditioning system, said to be due to drive belt tensioner, that immobilised the car. Subsequent failure of a/c pump clutch causing parts to fall off and again immobilising the car.

Multiple reports of intermittent failure of the cruise control on 2010MY R-Type 2.2 diesels.

Underslung full size spare wheel is vulnerable to theft.

21-1-2013: Reports of 'high pressure fuel pumps' springing leaks on original 2006 - 2009 2.2 diesel.

9-6-2013: Mystery problem causing lack of power and dropping into limp home mode on 2010 R-Type auto after long periods spent idling or queuing in traffic in high ambient temperatures. Turned out to caused by a gummed up Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve.

2-7-2013: Report of two spare wheel thefts in 4 days. The spare continues to be suspended in a cage under the rear of the vehicle and no one seems to offer a lsecure locking system. The cost of replacing a wheel is £330, plus tyre, plus cable mechanism, plus labour.

9-9-2013: Report of injector seal failure on 80k mile September 2006 Santa Fe leading to carbon build up and engine failure. Quoted £10,000 to repair (which must have been for a new engine).

18-9-2013: DPF on 2007 2.2 CRDI failed after mostly motorway driving. No mileage given.

8-10-2013: Reader complaint that the parking brake of his 2008 Santa Fe automatic failed its first MoT at 12,000 miles because of an ineffective parking brake. He now has a 2011 Santa Fe automatic and on that, too, the parking brake only just holds the car on a minor slope. The 'Park' setting of the transmission does, of course, hold the car.

1-12-2013: Clutch master cylinder failure on 47k mile 2010/10 reg 2.2 R-Type manual that regularly tows a 500kg trailer.

25-4-2014: Report of regular screen breakages. Screens seem to be prone to stones chips at the edges setting off stress cracks across.

29-7-2014: Report of fuel system problems with 34k mile 2010 Hyundai Samta Fe R-Type 2.2 diesel. First time a blocked fuel filter. Second time, metal swarf in the fuel in the filter, thought to be from the low pressure fuel tank sender pump starting to break up. Reader's neighbour had the same problem with the same model Santa Fe.

2-3-2015: Occasional severe jolt felt from rear axle of 3-year old Santa-Fe.

1-4-2015: Numerous problems reported with 2006 Santa Fe 2.2CRDI Auto bought in May 2011. Two replacement alternators required, oned rear self-levelling unit, several balljoints. Timing belt replaced at 60k miles. Then at 94k miles oil pressure light came on, tappety noise, told by garage it needs a new engine. Could be that oil strainer became blocked. Vital that oil is drained via the sump plug rather than siphoned out of the engine because thar can leave a residue of tar in the sump. (But see 9-9-2013.)

21-4-2015: Front suspension lower arm bushes of April 2011 Santa Fe failed and began to knock at 56k miles just after 4th service. Finally diagnosed at 61k miles. Dealer and Hyundai said not a warranty repair and charged £800.

15-11-2015: Report of fuel tank of 2011/61 Hyundai Santa Fe de-laminating after filling with Tesco diesel that was found to contain a high 15.8% proportion of biodiesel. Hit with a bill of £6,000 for new fuel tank and fuel system repairs.

16-1-2016: Report of underslung spare wheel being stolen and great difficulty in finding a 2nd hand replacement.

14-4-2016: Report of fumes in the engine compartment of 2009 pre R-Type Hyundai Santa Fe belt-can 2.2 diesel. Caused by a problem with the EGR that was cured by a little known software upgrade.

18-4-2016: Timing belt engine of 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe failed at 88k miles. Probably timing belt failure.

10-5-2016: Another report of historical clutch failure on a 2011/60 reg Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 R-Type manual. Seems to have been the clutch master cylinder (as 1-12-2013). A lot of fluid discharged over a car park. Happened in Swizerland and problems in obtaining replacement part. Eventually fixed in Switzerland after 10 days and owner able to drive it back to the UK.

17-5-2016: Report of failure of crankshaft damping pulley on 2011 Hyunda Santa Fe 2.2CRDI R-Type engine immediately after purchase from used car dealer.

31-10-2016: Loss of power reported from 2010m Hyunda Santa Fe R-Type 2.2 194PS. Suspect carbed up turbo bearing oil feed and oil return pipes.

2-12-2016: Report of 2010/60 reg Hyundai Santa Fe failing MoT due to rusted engine subframe. Initially quoted £1,700 to replace. M echanic said it should of not happened and not enough protection was applied during manufacture. Appealed to Hyundai who claimed it was the first case they had heard of.

27-2-2017: Report of engine block and head failure of 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 R-Type in 2015 at around 94,000 miles. Then a 2nd failure in February 2017 at 125,000 miles. Hyundai dealer's explanation: "The engine was replaced due to a head gasket leak. Upon removing the cylinder head we found the cylinder head and engine block had slight pitting. As this model cannot have the cylinder head or the engine block skimmed it was authorised to replace both parts. The failed part on the 2nd occasion is the engine oil cooler which acts as a small radiator keeping the engine oil cool. It appears the internal seal has blown allowing the oil to be pumped straight into the coolant system creating complete oil loss and filling the coolant and heating systems with oil. This was an original part that was transferred from the original engine along with all other auxiliary parts, 31,000 miles ago. This caused the engine to run without sufficient lubrication causing crankshaft and camshaft damage and all bearings related. In addition the engine got very hot possibly causing damage to other components."

15-2-2018: Fault between the remote key and immobiliser/receiver in 2010 Hyunda Santa Fe R-Type diesel. Difficult to start when hot. Sometimes it will just turn over on the key without firing. If owner takes the key out, locks the fob whilst sitting in the driver’s seat, unlocks it immediately and puts the key back in, it starts straightaway. Separately, sometimes the remote will not lock the car and he is forced to use the key in the driver’s door. Most times it locks perfectly at a distance. The batteries have been changed. Hyundai dealers can find "no fault" after electronic interrogation.

22-3-2018: Report of driveshaft failure on 2011 Hyundai Santa fe manual; quoted £1,100 for replacement including labout. Didn't say which driveshaft.

25-7-2018: Report of front and rear nearside door locks of 2011 Hyundai Santa fe failing in May 2017. Owner had to pay £600 for replacements. The replacements then failed in November 2017 and were replaced free of charge under the 2 year parts warranty. The 2nd replacements then failed in July 2018 and owner was asked to pay £600 for 3rd replacements because he had not paid for the 2nd replacements.

27-5-2019: Report of timing chain jumping in 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI at 75,000 miles. Local garage plans to do a compression check to test for valve damage.

25 dated faults reported since January 2011

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