Honda CR-Z (2010–2015)

What's good

Report of 2010 CRZ reaching 100,000 miles without any problems owned and run by Renewable Solutions UK.  

What to watch out for

12-8-2011: Unlike a Toyota, the CR-Z can be jump started if a prescribed procedure is followed precisely. This is on page 440 of the manual and shows the sequence in which the booster battery has to be connected to the CR-Z. This must never be attempted in extreme cold.

10-1-2018: Incurable leak reported to rear passenger footwell of Honda CR-Z bought used in August 2017. Rear windows re-sealed but leak continues.


7-10-2011: Reader reported: I have received a recall letter dated 04 October 2011 re my Honda CR-Z, Honda Ref: 5SF, VOSA Ref: R/2011/126. "Due to computer software error within the IMA system it is possible that under certain circumstances, if the engine is inadvertently stalled, the IMA electric motor may turn the engine in the opposite direction causing an unexpected movement of the vehicle." "An example of the conditions required for this to occur following an engine stall is if the IMA battery was in a low state of charge. If the indicated state of charge is greater than 40% it is impossible for this symptom to occur." The letter states there have been no incidents or complaints but in USA there was a recall last year of the manual transmission version.

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