Honda Civic Type R (2001 – 2006) Review

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Honda Civic Type R (2001 – 2006) At A Glance


+Fast, VTEC engine is addictive.

-It's thirsty and lacks steering feel.

I tested the new, British-built Honda Civic 5-door model last November, praising its useful, clever, practical MPV-like interior. It has an excellent NCAP 4-Star crash safety score and offers the best pedestrian safety of any car yet tested. It's been a roaring success, second only in the UK sales figures to the Ford Focus. And, of course, this is not only good for Honda, it's good for Britain.

But the 5-door Civic is a wholly practical, sensible car, ideal for families and in particular for mums with young children. Its transmission-tunnel-free flat floor gives easy access to the back seats or the nearside kerb. To appeal to younger 'Dual Income No Kids' customers, Honda needed something more sporty.

So the company cut nearly six inches out of the Civic's length and two inches from its height and came up with a really attractive, different-looking 3-door hatchback. Some of the practicality of the 5-door vanished with the appearance of a console extending from the bulkhead to the back of the front seats, so no more easily sliding across to get out of the passenger door or nipping between the seats to the back to attend to the little darlings. This is a car for couples who aren't even married yet, let alone proud parents. The console isn't altogether pointless, however. It has a useful lidded gubbins compartment which contains a sliding second pair of drink-can holders (the main one pops out of the dash by the driver's right hand).

Honda Civic Type R and 3-door 2002 Road Test

Looking for a Honda Civic Type R (2001 - 2006)?
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What is the engine Euro emission rating of my car?
"How can I check the engine Euro emission rating of my car? I own a 2005 Honda Civic Type R and it is on the margin date wise. Is there an easy way to check?"
It should be on on the V5C logbook. It should also be stamped on a plate on or near the door frame.
Answered by Dan Powell
Why is my Honda Type R so noisy at slow speeds?
"I have a 2002 Honda Civic Type R with 62k miles on the clock, which I have owned since new. Over the past year or so it has developed a rumbling thunder type noise when driving at low speeds. I recently changed the drop-links and the ARB bushes on the front and a local garage couldn't find anything wrong. Any ideas what it could be? My suspicion is that suspension bushes may be worn, but like I say the garage didn't think so. Any ideas? "
Probably the tyres. When low profile tyre get down to 2/3 to 3/4 worn, more surface area is in contact with the road and noise increases. Could also be wheel bearings, of course, but movement on the hubs can be felt when the car is up on a hoist.
Answered by Honest John
Buying a used Honda Civic Type R - what should I look out for?
"My son is looking to purchase a used Honda Civic Type R. His budget is about £5000; he is looking at 55 plate model with 50-70k on the clock. What are the dangers here? Should he just avoid this type of car because of what it is?"
Mainly repaired crash damage and duff aftermarket tuning parts. OEM exhaust systems are particularly expensive.
Answered by Honest John
Where should I sell my Honda Civic Type R?
"I own November 2005 Honda Civic Type R (original shape) in good condition with just 30,000 miles. I love it but I am reluctantly considering selling it as, for various reasons, I need a car with five doors and better access. Where should I sell/advertise it as I guess its part exchange value is low, even though my local Honda garage raves about it?"
Someone in the Type R Club ( will give you the best money for a perfect condition low mileage original Type R. An excellent 5-door substitute is the same-shape Honda Civic Type S that had a detuned 160PS version of the Type R 2.0-litre engine.
Answered by Honest John

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