Ford Ka (2008–2016)

What's good

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EURO NCAP 4 stars passenger protection, 3 stars child protection, 2 stars pedestrian protection.

What to watch out for

Sold as a small premium car, like a FIAT 500, not as a simple, basic car, though prices started at just £5,995 when a scrapper was part-exchanged for one.

See FIAT 500

Wipers of early production can tangle. TSB modification to solve this.

15-6-2014: 2013/63 KA Titanium suffering from oscillating revs for 8 months. Probably a fault with the mass airflow sensor. Ford dealer offered to buy the car back less an allowance for the 8 months use.

31-3-2015: 2012 Ford KA failed its first MoT due to damaged rear seatbelts, both damaged near to the point where they enter the inertia reels.

1-6-2015: 2015 Ka reported as having the same EU6 fault as FIAT 500s. Difficult to do hill starts, having to rev over 3000 rpm and then slip clutch otherwise car feels as if about to stall. FIAT dealers now have a software fix for this, so if Ford dealers haven't, take it to a FIAT dealer and dump the cost on the supplying dealer. Also be sure to run it on Shell V-Power Nitro Plus petrol to maximise torque at low revs.

24-7-2015: August 2014 Ford KA 1.2 cut out and stopped while driving and would not re-start. AA daid electrical fault. KA taken to Ford dealer who spent two days "investigating". Suggested the dealer contact a FIAT dealer and maybe take the KA there to get the EU6 problem software patch.

29-7-2015: Timing belt failure reported in engine of 11 month old Ford Ka resulting in two bent valves.

28-4-2016: Complaint of Ford KA bought new in March 2016 being difficult to drive off smoothly from a standstill. Either the car would judder or the engine would race. Once the car was on the move everything was fine. Dealer could find no problem with it, but later admitted that the garage was waiting for Ford to come up with a software update. This is very peculiar because FIAT 500 1,242cc EU6 engines with this problem were fixed by summer 2015.

10-12-2017: Report of gears of 2010 Ford Ka completely stuck in first. Suggested to check linkage first, then clutch, then box itself. RAC came out and found that due to minus 9 centigrade temperature the gear linkage had frozen. Applied some warm water. Defrested it. Then it worked perfectly.


TSB to solve problem of wipers of early production cars tangling. (Not a problem with the FIAT 500, which is basically the same car.)

Ford Recalls by VIN: Ford Recalls

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