Ford Galaxy (2006–2015)

What's good

  • 14-2-2011: The best place to find a used Galaxy for sensible money is Addison Lee corner of Hampstead Road and Granby Terrace, just South of Greater London House, London, tel 0207 3889799. They have a fleet of more than 3,000, all diesel automatics. Very positive reports from readers who have bought high mileage Galaxys in this way. Seems that Addison Lee is very upfront about service histories. Changes the oil every 5,000 miles. 4 year old Galaxy Edge diesel automatics with over 100,000 miles from around £6,500.
  • Ford Galaxy had proper, "plug and play" connection for a trailer or caravan present in the boot for all the towbar wiring.

What's bad

  • No spare tyre and nowhere to store one. Only a tyre sealant and re-inflation kit that cannot seal and re-inflate a shredded tyre. Some councils will not certificate Galaxys as mini cabs because they have no spare wheel and cannot be fitted with one. Remedied from 2010MY by standard tyre pressure monitoring system and optional runflat tyres.
  • The flaps to fill in the gaps in the floor when the seats are folded are a bit fiddly and weak looking.
  • ECU mapping fault on 2.2 diesel apparently to be cured by the end of June 2008.

What to watch out for

Same ABS braking problems on diesels as on S-Max.

Quality grumbles include bits of trim falling off. Sidelights failing. Info system saying alarm needs servicing. Failure of brake vacuum pump on 2.0 TDCI has been reported by several readers. Electric windows sporadically either will not operate at all or close and then immediately re-open by themselves. However, Addison Lee runs about 2,000 Galaxy 2.0TDCI automatics as private hire cars in the London area and has very little trouble.

'Engine Malfunction' light comes of for same reason as 'Depolltion System Failure' on this engine in Peugeots. Suffers a 30% – 40% drop in power. The reason can be repeated cold starting of the engine without letting it get to running temperature or prolonged idling in traffic. This gums up the EGR valve. Stopping, then re-starting resets the ECU and it will then run properly. The cure is to take it for a healthy 20 mile blast down the motorway at 2,000 - 3,000rpm.

Report of gear lever selector mechanism problem engaging 1st instead of reverse and vice versa.

21-2-2011: Touch screen control panels for satnav, entertainment, heating and airconditioning system failing and in short supply.

13-7-2011: One report of the oil pump drive chain of a 17,500 mile 2007 2.0TDCI failing prematurely leading to seizing of the engine.

1-2-2012: Mixed metal pressure sensing tyre valves prone to corrosion.

17-8-2012: When buying a high mileage Galaxy diesel, Addison Lee advises to look for wear and tear to seats as that can be expensive to rectify, the cooling fans are electrically driven on that model of Galaxy and can wear out, the cambelt pulleys can become noisy well before cambelt replacement is due.

22-8-2012: On 2.0TDCI, camshaft oil seal can fail so oil seals and timing belts routinely replaced at around 65,000 miles.

26-8-2012: Unconfirmed suggestion that 6-speed Aisin Warner torque converter autos fitted from 2007 - 2009 can become troublesome after around 70,000 miles.

16-9-2012: Powershift dual clutch automatic transmission requires fresh fluid every 3 years at a cost of £250.

26-1-2013: Genk factory output spasmodic due to actions of outside suppliers over closure.

7-10-2013: First complaint of judder from a Powershift transmission - on a 2011 Galaxy. Dealer changed fluid and filters but no better. Later transpired that dual oil clutches needed to be replaced because the scheduled transmission oil change had not been carried out. Vendor (Hertz) picked up the tab. Beware of ex-rental Galaxy Powershifts kept on minimum maintenance.

4-12-2013: Ford Galaxy 1.6 EcoBoosts with stop/start upgraded at some time in past 3-6 months with a more powerful battery, enhanced starter motor, neutral sensor in gearbox, clutch cylinder sensor.

14-11-2014: Ford Galaxy Powershift requires and oil and microfilter change for the transmission at 37,500 miles or 3 years at an additional service cost of £270.

18-4-2015: Failure of clutches of Powershift transmission reported on 2010 Galaxy and, though clutches were replaced, a problem occured with the reprogramming of the ECU. Software apparently unavailable.

8-7-2015: Problem reported with clutch pack of 2010 Galaxy Powershift. " Juddering during driving a bit like misfiring. No "fix" available. Feels like it is going to stall at pull off, reverses in bunny hops and when in drive with foot break at traffic lights, rocks back and forth like it is fighting against the foot brake." Coild be caused by failure to change the ATF every 3 years.

15-8-2015: Powershift of ex-Addison Lee Galaxy 2.0TDCI failed at 109k miles. £900 to replace. Running beautifully at 149k miles, with 40k miles clocked up in 6 months.

22-5-2016: Problems starting might not be due to failure of the fuel tank lifter pump. Might be that trigger voltage of the crankshaft positioning sensor is too low and it needs to be replaced with a later modified version, available for just £15. Diagnostics doesn't pinpoint this or failure of sender pump; only a problem with the fuel supply.

17-7-2016: Cure for problems with Ford diesels: Focus at about 45,000 miles had started giving problems eg 1) Impossible to start from cold in cold weather 2) At 70mph on a motorway power would drop right off to a tick over only - no throttle response and sometimes this was accompanied by a massive smoke screen billowing from the exhaust. No faults showed on my code reader and I could get going again simply by turning the ignition off then on - it was just like re-booting a computer. Changed various sensors to no avail then noticed a large multi-pin plug sitting just behind the rocker cover - held together by a 10mm bolt. Took the bolt out and pulled the plug apart and pushed it back in 2 or 3 times - result 5,000 miles of trouble free motoring. Guess that after 8 years some form of oxides had formed on the pins in the plug preventing electrical flow.

11-3-2017: Owner of 2011 Galaxy 2.0TDCI 163 Powershift told he needs a new Powershift transmission at a cost of £4,200 + VAT.

23-5-2018: Report of problems with Powershift transmission of 2013/63 Ford Galaxy at 66,000 miles recorded. (Car had been purchased for £8,500 in August 2017.) Ford dealer tried changing the transmission fluid at a cost of £400, but 3 days later the transmission failed and owner was quoted £4,000 for a new transmission. However, the extremely low price and the fact that most Galaxys are initially used for private hire suggest that this one could have been clocked as well as missing its essential transmission fluid and filter change at 3 years and 38,000 miles.

7-9-2018: Report of Getrag Powershift transmission of 2014 Ford Galaxy failing despite having had the presribed fluid change.

18-12-2018: Report of transmission of 34,000 mile 2012 Ford Galaxy 2.0SCTI Powershift befoming jerky a week after used purchase in October 2018. Dealer agreed to owner taking it into his local Ford dealer for a Transmission oil and filter change. This did not cure the problem. "Sometimes the wheels spin as you gently press the accelerator when pulling away on gravel or a damp road and it is very jerky just like a learner driver as you move through slow traffic." Could be that the transmission oil and filter had never been changed in the car's past.

10-3-2019: Report of various failures with a 2013/63 Ford Galaxy. Firstly, cutting out, fixed by replacing the starter button at £883 + VAT. Then a BCM/wiring problem. Then a Mechatronics failure. Quoted variously £2,151 to £2,600 to replace. Some doubt about whether it had ever had a transmission fluid and filter change.

6-5-2019: Report of 2014 Ford Galaxy off the road for 5 months wheile Ford dealer tries to solve BCM issue. The power-train control module (PCM) was diagnosed as faulty by the Ford dealer after the car randomly cut out whilst driving one day. However, the new PCM that the dealer fitted will not communicate with the rest of the electronics in the car. It seems they can’t reprogram it correctly, so it just comes up with immobilised on the dashboard. They have tried with a different PCM, but it is the same problem. They have involved the regional field engineer and a remote specialist based in Dublin I believe, but they are getting nowhere. At the moment Ford is footing 90% of the bill due to the car only being 1 year out of warranty, but after 5 months my patience has worn out.

13-8-2019: Report of engine of 2012 Ford Galaxy 1.6 Ecoboost failing on French autoroute (probably cylinder head cracking issue). Owner quoted by Ford dealer £8,600 for replacement engine plus £1,200 for replacement turbo. Even though this is a known issue, a 2012 is more than 6 years old so out of Sale of Goods "reasonable" liability. However the USA and UK recalls over the issue may give the owner rights to claim.

28-9-2019: Report of problems with Powershift transmission of 2015 old model Ford Galaxy 2.0TDCI. "Suddenly sign transmission mulnification comes on dashboard. Car stops in gear. Becomes like neutral. Then off the start and again ignition on, then put gear. Then its runs like before." (We think the reason for this is a neglected transmission oil and filter change at 3 years or 30,000 miles.)

22-1-2020: Report of coolant loss from 2011 Ford Galaxy 1.6TDCI. Car was recalled under 17S09 - 1.6L GTDI COOLING SYSTEM. (Problem with the 1.6 engines leaking and causing fires). Dealer changed a sensor , replaced the wiring, new coolant tank. After that it continued losing coolant, there were no signs anywhere of a leak. Then owner found some emulsified oil on the oil cap but, when he checked it again it had disappeared. Then the engine kept smoking so he thought it must be the head gasket and decided to put some K-seal into the coolant tank. For 2 months and 1000 miles the engine stopped smoking and there were no leaks. Then he heard a loud bang and when he checked there is a pool of coolant on the floor and everywhere under the bonnet. See Recalls 08-01-2018: R/2018/008.

16-03-2020: Report of PowerShift auto gearbox failure. Reader quoted £2500 to get fixed by Ford dealer.


Ford Recalls by VIN: Ford Recalls

08-01-2018: R/2018/008: THE ENGINE CYLINDER HEAD MAY CRACK. Localized overheating of the engine cylinder head may cause the cylinder head to crack.This may cause a pressurized oil leak which in extreme circumstances could result in a fire in the engine compartment. Fix: On affected vehicles Inspect engine and cooling system. Replace affected components and fit a Coolant Level Sensor along with associated software to provide and audible and visual warning to the driver. On affected vehicles Inspect engine and cooling system. Replace affected components and fit a Coolant Level Sensor along with associated software to provide and audible and visual warning to the driver. VINs: WF0AXXWPMACS52904 to WF0UXXWPGUEA27692; WF0AXXWPMACS52904 to WF0UXXWPGUEA27692; WF0AXXWPMACS52904 to WF0UXXWPGUEA27692; WF0AXXWPMACS52904 to WF0UXXWPGUEA27692. Build dates: 03-06-2010 to 20-12-2014.

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