Ford Fusion (2002–2012)

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What to watch out for

No hatch latch on the hatch itself. You have to open it remotely.

Early complaints of poor build quality.

Only 88% of cars up to 2 years old breakdown-free over previous 12 months in 2004 Which? survey.

I.4TDCIs suffered bout of broken fuel pipes in Spring 2004 and shortage of replacement parts. Not the big seller Ford had hoped. Percentage residual values lower than Fiesta. Water ingress to engine compartment causes damage to plugs, leads and coil pack.

'Whirring whine' from 1.4TDCI may be failing timing belt tensioner, which is a roller bearing device like the idler pulley, but with a reddish rubber/nylon damper. Gates cambelt kits include this part. Wise also to replace waterpump which it driven by the timing belt.

End of plastic dipstick of 1.6 TDCI engine can break and drop into sump requiring removal of sump to retrieve it.

ASM Module and gear actuators of 1.4 'Durashift' automated manual prone to failure after 4 - 5 years and replacement likely to cost £1,500.

Widespread problem with EAC (electronic accelerator control) failures on 1.25 and 1.4 petrol engines. Diagnostics identify a a throttle position sensor ratio error as the problem. May be due to corrosion in one of the connectors. Updated throttle bodies on back order in Novemmber 2009, not expected until January 2010.

Old Fiesta problem of the pins that hold the foot pedals in place may fall out, leaving the driver unable to brake or declutch. Apparent clutch failure may be due to nothing more than a spring washer on the shaft behind the clutch pedal coming loose. This pushes on. Ford dealers usually have the part in stock and it's a quick fix.

Front coil spring failure became extremely common by 2008/2009 on cars as young as 42 months old.

10-8-2011: On 1.6TDCI, reports of oil feed pipe blockages to the turbo resulting in repeated failed turbos.

21-11-2013: Injector failure on 47k mile 2009 Fusion 1.4TDCI first manifested by "juddering at 40mph". This is common on the 1.4TDCI in the Fusion, Mazda 2, Fiesta and Citroen C3. Cost £1,000 to replace.

25-1-2015: Common Ford speed sensor fault showed up on 2005 Fusion 1.6 auto. Transmission fluid got past the seal and set off numerous can bus problems including poor starting and cutting out at junctions.

19-3-2018: Report of injector failure on 2008 Ford Fusion diesel (not specified if 1.4TDCI or 1.6TDCI).


7/3/2003: The weld seam securing the brake unit mounting plate to the rear axle may not be to specification on a small number of vehicles. Check the production date code and replace the axle where necessary.

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