Review: Dacia Nova and Solenza (1995 – 2004)

Tidy hatchback, smaller than an Escort, bigger than a Fiesta.

Only a few made it to the UK

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1 January 2004 Effectively replaced by the Logan
1 January 2003 Facelifted again and rebadged Solenza

4,083mm long x 1,664mm wide x 1,379mm high 1,390cc SOHC MPI Renault engine: 75PS and 114Nm torque. 5-speed manual gearbox. Top speed 106mph, 0-60 12.8 seconds. 60mpg combined. Kerb weight... Read more

1 January 1999 Facelifted and rebadged SupeRNova

. 4,031mm long x 1,641mm wide x 1,389mm high Now with 1,390cc MPI Renault engine: 74PS and 114Nm torque. 5-speed manual gearbox. Top speed 101mph, 0-60 12.7 seconds. 47mpg combined. Kerb weight... Read more

Dacia Nova and Solenza (1995 – 2004): At A Glance

I saw this yellow thing driving around in 2012 and wondered what it was. Eventually spotted the badges: Dacia Solenza. The Solenza was the last incarnation of the Nova, that started life as an in-house Dacia designed 3-box 5-door hatchback slightly bigger than a Fiesta and smaller than an Escort.

Transverse Renault engines (basically Renault 9/14/Clio).

After Renault bought Automobile Dacia in 1999, the Nova was rebadged SupeRNova and gained fuel injection. It was facelifted again in 2003 when it became the Solenza, then replaced by the Logan in 2004.

What does a Dacia Nova and Solenza (1995 – 2004) cost?

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