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Dacia Logan MCV (2013–)

Last updated 11 May 2019

Britain's cheapest estate car from £7295. Diesel from £9395. 1.0 3-cylinder engine replaced 1.2 engine from 2017.
Prices starting to creep up to Fiat Tipo levels.
Updated 10 May 2019

Dacia Logan 1.0SCe (998cc) purchased 17th April 2019 turned out to be faulty and apparently "cannot be repaired until the manufacturer has developed a new chip." Grounds to reject the car within the...

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The Dacia Logan MCV five-seater estate was launched in Europe in March 2012 but it took more than a year to arrive on the UK market. However it has managed to make a significant impact, being able to lay claim that in its most basic Access form, it's the cheapest estate car money can buy.

Okay, your Access comes in one colour - white with contrasting black bumpers and wears austerity chic steel wheels, but what do you expect for £7295?

The MCV (for Maximum Capacity Vehicle) is a more conventional estate than its predecessor. That car sat on a long-wheelbase and could double as a seven seater. This one, which sits on the same platform as the Sandero, can't quite do that, but it's still a commodious estate, with a 573-litre load bay with the rear seats up - and 1518 litres with them down. You're looking at Focus/Astra levels of room at sub-Fiesta money.

And that makes it a compelling buy. Even in its most loaded Laureate form, which costs £10,795, it undercuts all of its rivals by a significant margin. You're not buying a stylish, or prestigious car, but it's an honest package that chimes nicely with these times of austerity-led belt-tightening. For that reason, it's a significant new arrival on the market. Don't let that low price put you off adding it to your shopping list.:

Dacia Logan MCV 2017 Road Test

Dacia Logan MCV 1.5 dCi Long Term Test

Owners' reviews

An excellent car, despite what some "professional" reviewers think.
Well worth the money. A strong contender for estate of the year
Fantastic Value for Money
Drives well carries a lot of goods
Super car, excellent value for money
Great car for the money
List Price from £8,495
Buy new from £8,456
Contract hire from £136.97 per month

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