Citroen C6 (2005–2012)

What's good

It looks and drives like a big Citroen should - idiomatic, smooth and very hushed.

Plenty of high-tech gadgets.

Excellent crash safety ratings.

What to watch out for

As expected, didn't sell in the UK. Big French cars never do.

On Lignage models the three cigar lighter sockets in the cabin are too deep to be used as accessory sockets.

The difference between what Citroen and its dealers want for the cars and what a desperate seller will let one go for.

Can suffer wishbone bush wear at just over 3 years old and cost of replacement with new wishbones is £660 a pair.

13-9-2014: C6 is extremely vulnerable to abrasion of the inner shoulders of their tyres by straddling 'speed cushions'. To prevent this, drive one wheel over, one on the flat.

14-9-2014: Tyreland of Salisbury seems to be one of the few places in the UK that can align Citroen C6 successfully.

7-1-2017: If dash lights go off, the ‘problem’ might be that the DARK button has been pushed. This switches off all the displays apart from the lights telltales and the speedo – but all the lights will illuminate when first switching on and then they will switch off.

For routine (i.e. mechanical/electrical) servicing work, any Citroen or Peugeot specialist should be able to cope. For the more arcane (hydraulics) stuff, a C6 specialist is essential.


Citroen Recalls Website . Register to receive recall/TSB information direct from Citroen.

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