Review: Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (2007 – 2013)

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Good value seven-seat people carrier. Immensely versatile. Easy to drive, good view out for all passengers. Three Isofix fittings across the centre seats.

Bumpers easily damaged. EGS gearbox requires getting used to otherwise lurches. Serious problems developing with EGS gearbox.

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (2007 – 2013): At A Glance

This is the car that would have surprised no one by becoming European Car of the Year 2007.

Without taking anything away from the Ford S-Max that secured the title (by managing to be both a drivers car and an MPV), the feature-packed C4 Picasso pushes the concept of compact MPV further than it has ever gone before.

Unfortunately it was a latecomer to CoTY and some of the judges did not get enough time to fully appreciate quite how much it offers.

Looking for a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (2007 - 2013)?
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What does a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (2007 – 2013) cost?

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (2007 – 2013): What's It Like Inside?

Length 4590 mm
Width 1830 mm
Height 1680–1710 mm
Wheelbase 2728 mm

Full specifications

I'll start with the seats. There are seven of them. The rearmost two each pop out of the boot floor with a single tug. The centre three are each full-size separately sliding and folding with ISOFIX tethers on all of them. They also fold flat with one tug, but very usefully the squabs on the outer two fold up so they can be slid forwards individually to give generous access to the rearmost pair. Unlike the Zafira, two centre row passengers can stay in their seats while two more get into the rear pair. At 5' 9" I can happily sit behind myself in all three rows. All five-rear seats can be folded or erected in 30 seconds. And the flaps that give a flat load area are much neater, tidier and stronger looking than those in the S-Max.

Up front, the passenger seat also has ISOFIX fittings and the airbag can be de-activated by keyswitch. Unless you specify an optional DVD player, the cab is ‘walk through' with a flat floor enabling the driver to easily slide across and get out passenger side. All the dashboard functions, including a big digital speedometer, satnav screen (if specified) and now a digital rev counter are in the centre. The electric parking brake switch is bang in the middle. And most of the other controls are on the steering wheel itself. On ‘Electronic Gearbox System' (autoclutch) versions the Reverse-Neutral-Auto-Manual selector is a lever, and manual selection of the six gears is by paddle.

Interior lighting received a lot of attention. On Exclusive models you can change the colour as well as the brightness of the instrument display. Put your hand into a door pocket and it illuminates. There is soft LED lighting everywhere. And even a rechargeable torch in the boot. That LED lighting does not extend to the unusually tall taillights, though. They are lit by projector bulbs.

The view from the driver's seat is extraordinary. The car has the deepest screen on any car anywhere. So deep it requires double sunvisors that first slide down before opening. In the summer you'll be able to spot C4 Picasso drivers by their suntans. The screen is also panoramic. Citroen has managed to eliminate the traditional MPV screen pillar blindspots by thinner A pillars and large front quarter windows. And at no sacrifice in front-end safety as the C4 Picasso has gained the highest NCAP score of any vehicle ever for adult occupant protection.

Other goodies, some of which are model dependent or optional, include self-levelling rear suspension, a parking space measurement system, Citroen's lane departure warning system, cruise control with speed limiter, hill start brake assist, single plug automatic fuel flap (no separate fuel cap), individual climate controls, an air quality sensor and a fragrance diffuser. There's even a separate smaller mirror to watch the kids in the back seats.

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What's the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (2007 – 2013) like to drive?

Engine range kicks off with a 127PS 1.8 petrol from £14,995 and with a 110PS 1.6 HDI from £16,495. Top models are a 143PS 2.0 petrol Exclusive 6-speed EGS at £19,845 and a 138PS 2.0 HDI 6 speed EGS at £21,695. Emphasis is on the EGS which is the only transmission with the 2.0 litre engines and optional with the 1.6HDI.

So that's what we tried.

An electronic clutch can never give you the perfect shift every time. But because it's an automated process it does give you the same shift every time, eliminating ‘driver error' and achieving a lower CO2 output. Though a little bit slow, this box was the best of its type I have ever tried and was easy to get used to either in manual or in fully automated mode. It did a very good job of eliminating the torque reaction jerk between 1st and 2nd, which is always the biggest challenge.

The standard C4 range speed limiter is a useful feature, enabling you to programme in 30mph, then if you try to go faster your right foot feels like it's pressing on a jelly. The slight danger of this is understeer on wet leaves on a tight bend. You obviously can't set it at 30, keep it there and simply steer.

However, handling is generally all right. Better than the Xsara Picasso. But nothing like as sharp as an S-Max. If you want a Sports MPV you know where to go. But if you want the most up to date compact MPV with the most surprise and delight features, and an autobox, then it has to be the C4 Picasso.

Meanwhile, if you want a really cheap five full seat MPV, the Xsara Picasso soldiers on into the fairly distant future. A replacement is waiting in the wings, but Citroen says it won't be for years.

Engine MPG 0-62 CO2
1.6 16V THP Automatic 33 mpg 11.7 s 197 g/km
1.6 16V THP EGS 40 mpg 9.8 s 162 g/km
1.6 e-HDi Airdream EGS 57–58 mpg 13.5 s 120–132 g/km
1.6 e-HDi EGS 53–54 mpg 13.5 s 136–139 g/km
1.6 HDi 48–54 mpg 12.7–13.1 s 135–145 g/km
1.6 HDi 6 Speed 50–55 mpg 13.4 s 135–140 g/km
1.6 THP 16V 39 mpg 10.2 s 173 g/km
1.6 VTi 38–41 mpg 12.3–12.4 s 159–174 g/km
1.8 16V 35 mpg 11.9 s 190 g/km
2.0 16V 35 mpg 11.5 s 190 g/km
2.0 HDi 42–50 mpg 10.2–10.7 s 137–140 g/km
2.0 HDi Automatic 42 mpg 10.7 s 177 g/km
2.0 HDi EGS 42 mpg 10.7 s 137 g/km

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Ask HJ

The ULEZ means I will no longer be able to go the 500 metres to my local supermarkets for my elderly mum - are Blue Badge holders exempt from the £12.50 charge?

I drive a 2009 diesel C4 Grand Picasso. I live in a postcode just outside the A406. TFL is proposing to bring in an Ultra Low Emissions Zone next year and it would seem that I will no longer be able to go the 500 metres to my local supermarkets for heavy shopping, which I do for both for my 92-year-old mother-in-law (she has a disabled badge) and my household without paying a daily 'penalty' of £12.50. Do you know if there will be any exemptions for folk such as us and, if not, any advice on what replacement car I should purchase (used, as we have very limited funds).
As far as I’m aware, Blue Badge holders will need to pay the charge from 8 April 2019 unless their vehicle meets the new ULEZ emission standards or is registered with the DVLA as a 'disabled' or 'disabled passenger vehicle'. If you want to replace your Citroen and only cover short distances, I’d recommend choosing a petrol. Something like the Honda Jazz 1.2: Or Ford Fiesta 1.25 should suit your needs:
Answered by Dan Powell
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