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Citroen C4 (2011–)

Last updated 24 September 2017

What's good

Huge improvement in quality on previous C4.

Comfortable and quiet on the move.

Large and useful boot.

Good HDi diesel engines.

Awarded the maximum 5 star safety rating by Euro NCAP.

What to watch out for

Not as good to drive as a Focus.

25-8-2015: On a Citroen C4 1.2 EAT6 the radio/navigation system switches itself off and then re-boots every 3 - 4 minutes, time lag approx. 30 seconds in all. "It is doing it practically every day at the moment. Citroen dealer says it is now a known problem and the Italian manufacturer (Magneti Marelli) is working on a software fix. The system also switches itself off in radio only mode (i.e. the engine not running) but doesn't come back on. This suggests to me that it's potentially electrical in nature and not a software problem.

9-1-2016: Report of clutch slip on 2013 Citroen C4 1.6 EGS at 40,000 miles. Citroen dealer merely quoted for replacement clutch at £1,459 when a good Citroen dealer or good specialist can electronically adjust the actuator software to take up clutch wear.

2-6-2016: Intermittent heaviness felt in electric power steering of 2016 Citroen C4 BlueHDi 100. Might be an earth fault.

6-5-2017: Problems reported with 2012 Citroen DS4 D style Airdream E-HDI diesel EGS automated manual. Right from beginning, issues with a 'flat spot' when it changes down on acceleration. This is particularly worrying, even dangerous, when approaching say a roundabout, seeing a more than safe enough gap in the traffic coming from the right and accelerating, only to find oneself entering the traffic with delayed response from the engine that renders the manoeuvre unsafe. Owner reported this to the dealer on every service and MOT visit. Initially was advised to maintain higher revs whilst driving. Then was told it was normal for this car and was just the engine is slow in deciding which gear was appropriate. Owner have now been told the car requires a 'gearbox download and re-learn' which the dealer can perform for £200+.

23-5-2017: Report of TSB on December 2016 Citroen C4 to remedy a potential water ingress fault, check the seal near the passenger footwell.

18-8-2017: Report of high temp and low coolant warning on dash of 17k miles 2011 Citroen C4. Needed a new temp sensor/sender switch for the fan. But dealer also found "Oil Electro valve leaking oil onto wiring" and that cost £815 to replace.

24-9-2017: Report of Citroen C4 1.6HDI losing power and car shudders. Probably the injectors.


Citroen Recalls Website . Register to receive recall/TSB information direct from Citroen.

14-7-2016 R/2016/159: Citroen C4, C4 Cactus and DS4: FUEL MAY LEAK. The fuel injectors supply rail could develop a leak over a period of time leading to a drop in fuel pressure in the injector supply rail which can affect the operation of the stop start system. In some extreme cases the engine might not restart and a spray of petrol under the bonnet may occur which is a fire risk. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check the fuel injector supply rail. Where necessary replace the fuel injector supply rail. VINS: VF7******EY545942 to VF7******EY549114 and VF7******EY545942 to VF7******EY549114. Build dates: 15-5-2014 to 23-5-2014.

06-07-2017: R/2017/208: STARTER SUPPLY WIRE MAY CHAFE. The positioning of the starter motor supply terminal may not conform to specification. Contact with a neighbouring component could cause a short circuit. Fix: On affected vehicles, check the position of the terminal and where necessary reposition. Replace damaged components if necessary. VIN: VF3******FS512279 to VF3******FL510640; VF3******FS512279 to VF3******FL510640; VF3******FS512279 to VF3******FL510640; VF3******FS512279 to VF3******FL510640. Build dates: 15-05-2013 to 02-04-2017.


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