Chrysler Grand Voyager (2008 – 2015) Review

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Chrysler Grand Voyager (2008 – 2015) At A Glance


+Large and comfortable with generous space for seven passengers. Excellent Stow & Go seats that fold flat into the floor. Well equipped as standard.

-Nearly 17 feet long so can be tricky to park and manouevre. Some of the interior feels a little cheap considering the price tag. Better in the back than behind the wheel.

Insurance Groups are between 11–34
On average it achieves 83% of the official MPG figure

Proper, full-sized people carriers are becoming a rare thing, but the Chrysler Grand Voyager retains the old-school theory of MPVs - it's large, comfortable and immensely spacious. Of course, focussing on those strengths has its downsides, not least in terms of looks and handling, but the Chrysler Grand Voyager isn't designed to be thrown around corners - instead it's the perfect car for larger families.

The seven-seat Grand Voyager now sits in a small but definite market niche for plush, big people carriers. It's the sort of thing well-heeled families might buy instead of a 4x4 or a big estate. It's also aimed at chauffeur and private hire companies who employ cars like this use to flog around town or ferry business types from airports to hotels and conferences.

This version is much squarer and sharper than the previous model, but there are the familiar Chrysler styling touches including a large grill but while it's big, it manages not to look too bulky. Inside there's acres of space and you can easily fit in seven adults with decent room for all. Most models come with the 2.8 CRD diesel which is strong, if not especially refined.

But the Chrysler Grand Voyager really excels in terms of praticality. All the rear seats can be individually folded away into the floor and don't have to be removed like other MPVs such as the Renault Espace. This allows you to maximise either luggage or passenger space - or have a mix of both.

It's a shame that some of the interior looks a little low-rent, especially noticeable from behind the wheel where there are some rather flimsy switches - you'd expect more given the not inconsiderable price tag. But for the rear seating system alone, the Chrysler Grand Voyager is one of the best large MPVs around.

Chrysler Grand Voyager 2009 Road Test and Video

Looking for a Chrysler Grand Voyager (2008 - 2015)?
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Seven seater advice?
"My mother-in-law needs a reliable 7 seater to cart the kids around in. She has just had to scrap her 1993 Pajero and is in the market for a replacement. She will need to take the kids plus enough luggage for a weeks camping holiday, which to my mind rules out Touran sized MPV's. Her budget is £11k. Diesel auto is preferred, and fuel consumption should be sensible. It is also likely to be used for towing occasionally. Any recommendations?"
That pushes her into a Chrysler Voyager diesel auto or a Kia Sedona diesel auto or a Hyundai i800 diesel auto if she can find one. I wouldn't want to tow with a a Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life 2.0TDI DSG because I don't think the box will stand it.
Answered by Honest John
Is the cam chain about to fail on my Chrysler Grand Voyager?
"My Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.8 CRD with 55,000 miles on the clock has just started making a tingling type noise at the cam end of engine. It's like a high pitched metallic rattle, best described phonetically as a tinny ringing sound. Is this the cam chain tensioner or can you give me best guess before I approach the Chrysler garage?"
Difficult to say what the noise could be. As for changing the cam belt ,we would suggest that the belt should be changed at 60k miles and or (five years) and also the idler changed at the same time. It may be best to look for a "good garage" Get them to look at the noise as well as giving you a quote for cam belt replacement. Normal replacement labour time would be approx three hours.
Answered by Alan Ross
Deposit paid, but car damaged by dealer - should I walk away?
"We are in the process of buying a 2014 Chrysler Grand Voyager. The car is an ex-demonstrator, advertised at 321 miles, at £29,990 from our local Chrysler dealer. We need this car for my disabled daughter. We test drove the car, took lots of pictures, but noted that the mileage was already higher than advertised, at 945 miles. We were told that the salesman had been allowed to use it for family trips. We paid a deposit of £500 because we were told they could not release the car until three weeks later (when they would have had it for three months). They assured us the car would be taken off the road and no more miles would be added. Just before the collection date, a wheelchair hoist was fitted to the car and we asked to check the installation to ensure it fitted our daughter’s wheelchair. However, upon inspection, we noticed the car was dirty and had 1600 miles on the clock. The interior was also stained and the upholstery marked. The dealer can give us no explanation as to who has been driving the car and the paintwork has been damaged too. We have written to the dealer, asking for explanation and enclosing "before and after" photos, but have not had a response. What are our rights?"
Either demand a substantial reduction (£2000), or demand the refund of your £500 deposit and walk away. If your deposit is not readily returned, sue for it using
Answered by Honest John
I've bought the wrong car - can I get a refund?
"Last week I bought what I believed to be a Chrysler Grand Voyager from a dealer in Newcastle. I live in a remote area of Scotland so had to do my research and shopping online - with the proviso that I could decline the car if not as described. I travelled to Newcastle last weekend, inspected the car and bought it. At the time I did think that the boot looked smaller than the photos I had seen, but thought that this was as the seats were right back. All the paperwork - V5, service history, warranty etc stated the model was a Grand Voyager, so I paid my money and went back to Scotland with the car. However five days after bringing it home I was talking to a friend whose wife owns a Grand Voyager and he told me he was sure that my car was much smaller. He got her to bring her car up and sure enough - there's about a foot of difference. I called DVLA - my car is definitely registered as a Grand Voyager. I contacted Chrysler with the number plate and VIN details and the rep confirmed over the phone that it is indeed a Voyager but not a Grand, she thinks there has been a mix up during initial registration. The dealership have been great and have offered to either take the car back or source me the model I've paid for but I'm waiting to hear back from the finance company who were unsure where I stood and wanted more clarification that the car is wrong. I took it to a Chrysler garage yesterday who confirmed the model is incorrect but wouldn't put that on paper for me. They did offer to speak directly to the finance company though. As the money has already been paid by them they are not giving me any clear direction on whether I can change the car or not. I would have thought that as I have signed for something which is not what it claims to be that it wouldn't be a problem? Any thoughts? "
It seems to have been an honest mistake due to incorrect documentation. Nevertheless, you have every right to either be supplied with a Grand Voyager to your satisfaction, or to be refunded your money in full. The dealer and the finance company are collectively responsible for this. Law here:
Answered by Honest John

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