BMW Z4 Coupe (2006–2008)

Model History

Great styling. Better looking than roadster. Offered as 3.0i Sport or SE at £23,900 or £31,375 and Z4M at £41,240. 3.0 has 256bhp and 325Nm torque. 0-60 5.7, top speed 155 limited and 31.7mpg combined. Z4M has 343bhp and 365NM torque. 0-60 in 5.0, top speed 155 limited, 23.3mpg combined.

3 year UNLIMITED MILEAGE warranty.

What does a BMW Z4 Coupe (2006 – 2008) cost?

List Price from £37,115
Buy new from £32,515
Contract hire from £406.94 per month
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