BMW Z4 (2009–2016)

Model History

May 2009

BMW Z4 revealed

New BMW Z4 with retractable hardtop, on sale in UK from May 2009. Three six-cylinder engines offered along with Double Clutch Transmission Adaptive M Suspension and Drive Dynamic Control debut on a BMW Z model

Two-piece, electro-hydraulically operated Retractable Hard-Top roof that can be raised or lowered in 20 seconds. New Z4 also the first vehicle to be offered with Adaptive M Suspension. Electronically controlled dampers offer three different configurations and lower the ride height by up to 10mm for a more dynamic drive. By way of comparison, the Sport+ setting of the new car is comparable to the outgoing Z4’s standard ride comfort level.

The standard Drive Dynamic Control function is another first and allows the driver to alter, depending on model specification, the throttle and steering response, level of ride comfort, Dynamic Stability Control response and, on automatic or Double Clutch Transmission cars, gear change times.

BMW Z4 sDrive23i manual (auto) 204PS, 250Nm, 0-60 6.3 (7.0), top speed 151 (149), 33.2 (34.4) mpg com, 199 (192) g/km CO2

BMW Z4 sDrive30i manual (auto) 258PS, 310Nm, 0-60 5.5 (5.8), top speed 155 (155) limited, 33.2 (34.0) mpg com, 199 (195) g/km CO2

BMW Z4 sDrive35i manual (auto) 306PS, 400Nm, 0-60 4.9 (4.8), top speed 155 (155) limited, 30.1 (31.4) mpg com, 219 (210) g/km CO2

Z4 sDrive23i 6-speed manual £28,645
Z4 sDrive23i 6-speed auto £30,410 £1,765.00
Z4 sDrive30i 6-speed manual £32,660
Z4 sDrive30i 6-speed auto £34,425
Z4 sDrive35i 6-speed manual £37,060
Z4 sDrive35i 7-speed DCT auto £38,870

December 2009

New BMW Z4 sDrive35is gains extra 34hp over standard car, taking output to 340hp. 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine with its twin turbochargers and High Precision Direct Injection increases maximum torque to 450Nm with an extra 50Nm of torque available in the upper gears for extra power when overtaking. This is achieved by an extra short-time boost in turbo pressure.

BMW Z4 sDrive35i 306PS, 400Nm, 155mph, 31.4mpg, 210g/km £40,590

BMW Z4 sDrive35is 340PS, 450-500Nm, 155mph, 31.4mpg, 210g/km, £43,885

0 to 60mph 4.8 seconds, down 0.3 seconds from the previous Z4 sDrive35i, top speed is electronically-limited to 155mph. EfficientDynamics technologies, such as Brake Energy Regeneration, newly revised Electric Power Steering and on-demand use of ancillary systems, has meant consumption and emissions figures have remained unchanged, from the current twin turbo model, at 31.4mpg and 210g/km CO2.

April 2011

Z4 sDrive28i launched

BMW unveiled a new four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol Z4, due in showrooms late 2011. The Z4 sDrive 28i motor produces 236bhp and BMW claims it offers more torque and better performance than the six-cylinder BMW Z4 sDrive30 together with greater fuel economy and reduced emissions over the larger six-cylinder engine, thanks to new high-precision fuel injectors and a revised turbocharger design.

July 2011

The BMW Z4 gained new four-cylinder engines. A new all-aluminium 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit, featuring BMW’s acclaimed twin-turbo technology arrived in two guises.

The new engines appear in sDrive20i and sDrive28i versions of the Z4, replacing the former sDrive23i and sDrive30i models. For the sDrive20i, the new engine develops 184hp at 4800rpm and 270Nm of torque from only 1250rpm. Corresponding figures for the sDrive28i are 245hp from 5000rpm and 350Nm from 1250rpm. Both engines use BMW’s EfficientDynamics technologies to increase driver enjoyment while simultaneously lowering fuel consumption and emissions.

The BMW Z4 sDrive20i and BMW Z4 sDrive28i employ the twin-scroll turbocharger technology, high-precision direct fuel injection, VALVETRONIC variable valve control and double-VANOS camshaft control previously only seen in six-cylinder BMWs. This gives greater turbo boost pressure and improved operation of the fuel injection system.

Both are characterised by instant throttle response, linear power delivery and supreme flexibility across almost the entire rev range. Improved performance is therefore achieved with 20 per cent reductions in fuel consumption andemissions. A six-speed manual gearbox is standard with both engines, but an eight-speed automatic is optionally available.

Model Power (hp) Torque (Nm) 0-62mph (seconds) Top Speed
CO 2 emissions (g/km) Combined mpg
BMW Z4 sDrive20i 184 270 6.9 142 159 41.5
BMW Z4 sDive28i 245 350 5.6 155* 159 41.5

* Electronically limited

In addition to these revised engines, standard equipment will be enhanced across the entire Z4 range, with all models now receiving Bluetooth and USB audio interface. The new sDrive20i also benefits from Kansas leather upholstery and a rain sensor with automatic headlight activation as standard.

A new equipment package called Design Pure Balance, featuring extended Merino leather in Cohiba Brown and Black, Lotus White contrast stitching, anthracite wood and standard sports seats, becomes available with the revised Z4. Mineral White metallic paint is offered exclusively with this package, or buyers can choose from other colours within the Z4 range.

BMW’s ConnectedDrive system has been enhanced for 2011 for even more intelligent networking between the driver and the outside world. Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) is a superior system for warning drivers of hold-ups and calculating alternative routes to help avoid them. It is far quicker and more efficient than the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) currently used, transmitting data faster, and updating more frequently, via the SIM card integrated in the vehicle.

Courtesy of BMW Live, the driver’s mobile phone can serve as a modem to feed information to the car’s Control Display via Bluetooth. The system offers free RSS news feeds, weather information, Google Local Search, Google Panoramic and Street View. The RSS news feeds are read inside the car via BMW’s Text to Speech function. The facility will be available on the new BMW 1 Series in September, before being rolled out to other models.

The same camera system can also provide the driver more information through the new full-colour Head-up Display or the instrument panel. The Lane Departure Warning system can detect lane markings and sends a mild vibration through the steering wheel should the vehicle deviate from its lane without indicating. The Speed Limit Display reads both permanent and temporary speed limit signs and displays the current maximum permissible speed limit to the driver.

April 2012

Entry Z4 sDrive18i introduced

From April 2013 the BMW Z4 range started with a new entry-level sDrive18i, while at the same time the Pure Traction Design package boasts a level of sophistication and high specification not seen on a Z4 before.


Price from


Torque Nm

Zero – 62mph Seconds

0 - 62

Top Speed Mph


CO2 Emissions g/km

BMW Z4sDrive18i




7.9 (8.1)




BMW Z4 sDrive20i





146 (144)



BMW Z4 sDrive28i




5.7 (5.5)




BMW Z4 sDrive35i




5.2 (5.1)


30.1 (31.4)

219 (210)

BMW Z4 sDrive35is








* Electronically-limited. Figures in brackets denote car with automatic gearbox or Double Clutch Transmission.

The new BMW Z4 sDrive18i is priced from £27,610 OTR. It has a de-tuned version of the 2.0-litre four-cylinder twin-scroll turbocharged engine, producing 156hp at 5,000rpm and taking the car to 62mph in 7.9 seconds before going on to a top speed of 137mph. It recording 41.5mpg on the EC cycle with emissions of 159g/km.

The BMW Z4 sDrive20i comes with a 184hp engine that achieves 41.5mpg and 159g/km CO2.

The four-cylinder twin-scroll turbocharged sDrive28i, and the six-cylinder twin-turbocharged sDrive35i and the sDrive35is offer customers greater performance courtesy of their respective 245hp, 306hp and 340hp power outputs. All cars are rated at an electronically-limited 155mph top speed.

Transmitting the power to the road is a six-speed manual gearbox as standard. Customers can also specify an eight-speed automatic with gear shift paddles located on the steering wheel, while buyers of the BMW Z4 sDrive35is have a seven-speed Double Clutch Transmission, again with gear shift paddles, as standard.

Design wise the winning formula of the BMW Z4 styling has only had minor enhancements mid-life. The headlights now include white LED corona rings and a white ‘eyebrow’ with additional chrome detailing, while in profile the side gill features chrome detailing and LED side repeater lights.

Building on the striking looks of the BMW Z4 is the introduction of the Pure Traction Design package. Available exclusively in Valencia Orange with an optional black contrast roof the model also comes with Sport seats in Alcantara and leather with contrast stitching, Anthracite headlining and a unique metal weave interior trim. Should a customer wish to have another exterior colour this can be offered though. The Pure Traction Design package costs from £550 up to £2,240 depending on the model within the Z4 range it is order on. SE and M Sport derivatives will continue to be offered.

Standard equipment across all models now includes DAB radio, Xenon headlights, Bluetooth, USB connectivity and Sport multi-function steering wheel. All models apart from the new entry-level sDrive18i SE come with Kansas leather upholstery as standard. Three new colours of Mineral Grey, Glacier Silver and Valencia Orange are offered while two new styles of alloy wheel, 17-inch and an 18-inch V-spoke styling wheel are available.

These enhancements build on an already strong offering. The BMW Z4 was the first roadster in BMW’s history to come with a two-piece, electro-hydraulically operated Retractable Hard-Top roof that can be raised or lowered in 20 seconds at speeds of up to 20mph. The new roadster was also the first vehicle to be offered with Adaptive M Suspension. Electronically controlled dampers offer three different configurations while the ride height is lowered by 10mm for a more dynamic drive.

What does a BMW Z4 (2009 – 2016) cost?

Contract hire from £442.98 per month