BMW M3 (2007–2013)

What's good

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What to watch out for

How to get the car's Bluetooth hands free system to take your mobile phone directory. First ensure that your car and handset are paired with one another, and then send your address/contacts to the car by Bluetooth as Business Cards. Don't send the whole address book in one lump as this usually fails, but send contacts/address's from ABC&D first, once this is done, turn the car off and let the Bluetooth connection be lost between car and phone, then turn the car back on, let the Bluetooth connection be made between car and phone, then next addresses EFGH, etc, etc remember to turn to car on/off between each address "chunk" then go to the contacts address's on the I-Drive and hey presto and if by magic, your contacts will appear and you can call them from the I-Drive and also when receiving a call you will see who's calling you as long as they have been previously added to the car by the above. Apparently, this also works with Audis and Mercedes Benz.

If the car has Bluetooth and the owner has their Mobile phone synched to the car then if the car is not locked / all electrics shut down the car will keep trying to search for the phone and drain the battery.

3-10-2013: Spate of rear coil spring failures. Apparently BMW changed supplier.

27-3-2017: Report of two front spring failures on 2008 M3 in rapid sucession (the 2nd failed while the car was waiting to be transported to a repairer). Both springs speared the inner walls of the front tyres. Both fractured where the epoxy coating had come off.

17-12-2018: Report of near disastrous misdiagnosis by BMW dealer of engine fault in 50,000 mile 2009/59 BMW M3. Started misfiring and black smoke shot out of the exhausts. AA came, did some quick diagnostics and said it was an electrical fault and unburnt fuel was on the rear of the car. Car was towed to local BMW dealership. They did a diagnosis that found zero compression on cylinder one. They tried new spark plugs that didn’t fix the problem, then new coils that didn't help either, then advised they believed there was a serious engine failure and they would have to start stripping it down to find out what was wrong, which could cost around £6-£7k with no guarantee the engine would be fixable. Alternative: a new engine at £19k, which was the value of the car. Owner took it off the road, then met a mechanic who specialises in M cars. He said he could put in a recon engine for roughly £7k. When he finally inspected the engine this honest guy found nothing nothing wrong with it: just a £200 fuel injector, replaced it and car is now back on the road.

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