BMW 3 Series Coupe (2006–2012)

Model History

September 2006

6 cylinder engine range in UK from September 2006. Four cylinder cars from Spring 2007.

Model/Power (hp)/Torque (Nm)/0–60 mph/Top Speed/Combined mpg/gkm CO2

335i Coupe/306hp/400Nm/0-60 5.3/top speed 155/29.4mpg/231g/km

335d Coupé//286hp/580Nm/0-50 5.8/top speed 155/37.7mpg/200g/km

July 2008

Seven-speed double clutch transmission slots into 3 Series. The BMW 3 Series Coupé and Convertible are now available with a seven-speed double clutch transmission for enhanced performance and economy. The new gearbox, which applies similar technology to that used in an M3 equipped with M DCT, is now offered on the 335i Coupé and Convertible models. It improves performance and economy by splitting the gearbox into the two assemblies, each with their own clutch. This way as the revs build or decrease in the current gear another one is already selected. A near seamless transition in gears and power is thus achieved benefitting both acceleration and consumption. The DCT gearbox is offered as a £1,640 option.

News of the new gearbox comes as the new six-cylinder 2,993cc diesel engine announced for the new 3 Series Saloon and Touring models is offered in the Coupé range. Now the BMW 330d Coupé is powered by a 245hp powerplant, 14hp more than the previous engine, and 520Nm of torque, 20Nm more than before. The upgrade in performance means the 330d Coupé achieves zero to 62mph in 6.0 seconds compared to 6.6 seconds previously, while also being capable of 49.6mpg on the combined cycle (vs 46.3mpg) and emissions of 152g/km (vs 160g/km).

November 2009

Superchips announced the launch of a new, warranted performance ECU upgrade for the BMW 320D 175bhp turbo diesel. The ECU remap adds an extra 44bhp and 103Nm to the E90-E93 320D, increasing the maximum outputs to 220bhp and 444Nm respectively. Driveability is also greatly improved, producing a car that’s both faster and easier to drive.

Fuel economy is unaffected. Available in two formats. Visit one of approximately 100 Superchips dealerships in the UK who will install the upgrade. Secondly purchase and self upload in minutes by plugging the Bluefin handset to the BMW’s ECU OBDII diagnostics port, follow on screen instructions and in a few minutes the Superchips program upload is complete. As part of this process the original factory BMW 320D ECU map is stored on the Bluefin handset for future use and converting the car back to standard is a swift and simple ‘plug and go’ task. Suitable for E90-E93 variants of the 320D produced between 2007 and June 2009, the 320D remap is available now directly from Superchips and its UK dealer network, priced at £435.00 including VAT. More at

January 2010

Revised Coupé and Convertible feature new front and rear lights, a revised kidney grille, a new front air dam, rear valance and side rocker panels. Grille restyled by adding a twisted chrome band around the kidneys, new lights with bright white LED corona rings, indicators and side repeaters and an illuminated ‘eyebrow’. A new front air dam with a single large air intake is embellished with matt aluminium fins to give the car a wider and lower frontal appearance and, thus, a more dynamic look.

At the rear all red light clusters feature LED light bars and the re-styled rear bumper visually reduces the perception of height, again giving a more dynamic stance. In profile the cars are slightly longer than the former model due to the new front and rear valances – by 29mm at the front and 3mm at the rear. Contrasting character lines on the side valances and rear bumper enhance the sporting stance of both cars, while new standard wheel designs (and a new optional 18-inch alloy) and three new exterior colours, Vermillion Red, Deep Sea Blue and Mineral White, put the finishing touches to the exterior. Inside, Dakota Leather is now standard on all Coupé and Convertible models while new Anthracite Bamboo trim offers a fresh, modern feel.

M Sport variants have been revised to reflect the refreshed models. They consist of a revised front spoiler design, a new 19-inch M Sport wheel and the new colour of Mineral White. Prices for the new BMW 3 Series Coupé start at £27,845 OTR for a 320i SE and £30,200 OTR for a 320d SE. This rises to £52,730 OTR for a BMW M3 Coupé. Entry into the BMW 3 Series Convertible club starts at £32,905 OTR for a 320i SE and £35,115 OTR for a 320d SE rising to £56,740 OTR for an M3 Convertible.

The BMW 320d Coupé and Convertible models now feature a new version of the familiar and parsimonious four-cylinder diesel engine – a unit that was already class-leading before this update. It now delivers 184hp (up 7hp) and 380Nm of torque (up 30Nm). In the case of the Coupé this has shortened the zero to 62mph sprint by 0.4 seconds to 7.5 seconds, while at the same time reducing consumption by 1.2mpg to 60.1mpg and lowering emissions by 3g/km to 125g/km. The values for the Convertible are zero to 62mph in 8.3 seconds, consumption is 55.4mpg and emissions 135g/km. The BMW Coupé is capable of reaching a top speed of 147mph with the Convertible attaining 142mph.

The six-cylinder 325d versions of both cars reveal similar all round improvements. Engine output is 7hp higher at 204hp, and torque is up from 400 to 430Nm enabling the Coupé to shave 0.4 seconds off its 2009 zero to 62 time, with it now arriving in just 6.9 seconds. While fuel consumption remains the same at 49.6mpg, CO2 emissions are lower by 2g/km at 151g/km. The equivalent Convertible values are zero to 62mph in 7.5 seconds, 46.3mpg and 160g/km.

Nor has the flagship N54 335i derivative been ignored: although power and torque remain the same at a hearty 306hp and 400Nm, consumption and emissions have been significantly reduced. This has been made possible on this award-winning engine (now designated N55) by combining a single turbocharger with VALVETRONIC variable valve management and High Precision Direct Injection for the first time. For example, the Coupé’s fuel consumption is eight per cent lower at 33.6mpg while CO2 output drops by over ten per cent to 196g/km. Owners will also pay less tax each year since the 335i drops down a VED band to J. The BMW 335i Convertible also drops a VED band from L to K.

The BMW 335d Coupé has been refreshed resulting in an improved fuel consumption figure and lower CO2 emissions. It now records 42.8mpg on the combined cycle, an improvement of 0.6mpg, and 174g/km. The latter point means the car now qualifies for VED band H, a tier below its previous position.

January 2011

On sale from March 2010, BMW is pleased to announce the addition of the new 318i to the popular 3 Series Coupé range. This new entry level 3 Series Coupé is powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine producing 143hp, resulting in a zero to 62mph time of 9.1 seconds. This performance is produced whilst emitting just 146g/km CO2 and returning 44.8mpg on the combined cycle.

The new BMW 318i Coupé qualifies for VED band F, just £125 a year. It will also further appeal to company car drivers with just 19 per cent BIK while its sub-160g/km CO2 means that it attracts a 20 per cent write down allowance. Available in both SE and M Sport trim, the BMW 318i Coupé SE is available from £26,995 OTR.

July 2011

The new BMW 3 Series Coupé and Convertible Sport Plus Editions. A new special edition offering enhanced standard equipment, alloy wheels and unique upholstery will be available on the BMW 3 Series Coupé and Convertible. Building on the existing M Sport trim level, this new edition features a package of styling and functional enhancements designed to highlight the dynamic qualities of the BMW 3 Series.

All models gain 19-inch double-spoke light alloy wheels, along with a new rear bumper with integrated body-coloured diffuser and Jet Black mirror casings. The Coupé also receives the rear lip spoiler, previously only available on the M3 Coupé.

Inside, the standard Sport seats in Black Dakota leather now feature M-piping and Royal Blue stitching, other leather colours remain available, matching the edging on the floor mats, whilst aluminium ‘Edition’ door sills distinguish these models from their regular M Sport counterparts.

BMW Business Advanced navigation, Bluetooth and USB audio interface are also included as standard, providing access to BMW ConnectedDrive, free-of-charge for three years. The BMW 3 Series Sport Plus Editions are priced at £1000 more than the standard 3 Series Coupé and Convertible M Sport models.

For an additional £750, an optional upgrade package is also available for the new Sport Plus Edition models, featuring an upgrade to BMW Professional Multimedia Navigation and an upgraded Harman Kardon speaker system.

BMW’s ConnectedDrive system has been enhanced for 2011 for even more intelligent networking between the driver and the outside world. Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) is a superior system for warning drivers of hold-ups and calculating alternative routes to help avoid them. It is far quicker and more efficient than the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) currently used, transmitting data faster, and updating more frequently, via the SIM card integrated in the vehicle.

Courtesy of BMW Live, the driver’s mobile phone can serve as a modem to feed information to the car’s Control Display via Bluetooth. The system offers free RSS news feeds, weather information, Google Local Search, Google Panoramic and Street View. The RSS news feeds are read inside the car via BMW’s Text to Speech function. The facility will be available on the new BMW 1 Series in September, before being rolled out to other models.

The same camera system can also provide the driver more information through the new full-colour Head-up Display or the instrument panel. The Lane Departure Warning system can detect lane markings and sends a mild vibration through the steering wheel should the vehicle deviate from its lane without indicating. The Speed Limit Display reads both permanent and temporary speed limit signs and displays the current maximum permissible speed limit to the driver.

July 2014

2006-2013 BMW 3 Series Coupe most reliable new sports car in 2014 Which? Car Survey with reliability rating of 96.6%.

What does a BMW 3 Series Coupe (2006 – 2012) cost?

List Price from £36,300
Buy new from £30,112
Contract hire from £313.20 per month